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"Oh yeah, you started shooting today, how did it go?" Jiang Muye casually asked.

Ning Xi pouted. "It went quite well I guess. There's a prick, but it's all settled."

"Prick...could it be Chen Hanchen, that punk?"

"You know him too?" Ning Xi was a little surprised.

"Fashion Media keeps talking about trying to cultivate the next Jiang Muye or something. How could I not know?" Jiang Muye sneered, then he asked, "Have you shot any scenes with him today?"

"I did!"

"How did it go?"

"He did bad takes about ten times, I think."

"Were you that kind and lenient on him?" When Jiang Muye heard this, he was instantly dissatisfied as he wondered why had she tortured him so cruelly back then.

"That was only because he's such a weak actor. Plus, it wouldn't be fun to torture him, he's far from your standards!" Ning Xi replied.

Jiang Muye choked.

These words...

Should he thank her for the compliment then?

"However, he does have pretty good potential. If you don't work harder, be careful, your junior might end up better than you!" Ning Xi said.

"Huh, that's groundless worries! He can try to be better!" Jiang Muye said in the utmost arrogant tone.

Ning Xi laughed while she shook her head.

However, even though Jiang Muye was brassy, he did have the qualities to behave so. That innate rampant ego of his was not easy to be copied by just anyone.

If Chen Hanchen only followed Jiang Muye's path and not unearth his own unique character, even if he became popular, he would only forever be but a faint shadow of Jiang Muye.

"Oh, what time will your shoot roughly be tomorrow?" Jiang Muye asked.

"I don't have any shooting in the morning. I start in the afternoon. What do you have in mind?"

"As your senior from the same company, of course, I'd want to visit the set of your new show to support you!"

Ning Xi had no words to reply him with. He obviously had ulterior motives...


The next morning, because Ning Xi's shoot was in the afternoon, she dropped by the studio. If she had more time, she wanted to think of a way to meet the person-in-charge at SF.

Before this, she failed to meet him after contacting him quite a few times, and when they had made an appointment, he had inconveniently gone out of the country for work. When she had finally waited for them to be back in the country, they were all sorts of busy again.

Ning Xi was ready to think of a way to find out what the other person's schedule was, then go and look for them. With the proposal she had prepared so long for, she had to, at least, let that person go through it once no matter what.

When she rushed to the studio, Ning Xi immediately called Han Momo over, "Momo, have you found out about the thing I asked you to check from the day before?"

"Yes, yes, in the morning, Director Wang will be at the western suburbs golf course..."

"Okay, got it." Ning Xi turned on her laptop and adjusted the proposal again.

Gong Shangze frowned at this sight. He put the draft in his hand down and walked over. "Boss, how about I go this time? Don't you have a shoot this afternoon? If you rush to the west now and rush back to the set, you'd be too tired..."

"No worries, I already said you don't have to care about all of this. Just focus on your designs." Ning Xi pat him on the shoulder, then prepared to leave.

She picked up her bag and was about to walk out when a calm voice said from the cubicle beside her, "It's just a waste of energy."

The person who had spoken was Qiao Weilan.

Han Momo was upset when she heard this. This was their effort of preserving the studio and they had not asked for any of her help, but she did not have to dampen their enthusiasm, did she?

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