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Besides, the other purpose for what happened today was probably to lure Lu Tingxiao's rumored underground forces out.

Although they were just a small part of it, one could already estimate how powerful it could be. More importantly, it was no weaker than their organization...

"This cannot continue, I'm going to rescue Bro Xi! Only Bro Xi can stop this now!" Annie cried out.

Feng Xiaoxiao stopped Annie. "What can you do!? You're not a fighter, you can't even lift the door. Just stay here, I'll go!"

"But, if the Boss blames us..." Annie was worried.

"Both of you are directly under him. Of course, you two can't go. Even though I'm part of the Organization, I'm just sort of a part-timer here. I'd still have 'The Sins' behind me if I were to get in trouble! Don't worry! "Feng Xiaoxiao then swiftly went into the house.

The Sins was the largest assassin group internationally. While Feng Xiaoxiao worked with the Organization, she was also a core member of The Sins.

Tang Ye did not stop Feng Xiaoxiao and just acted as if he did not see what just happened.

In the creepiest master bedroom upstairs, as Feng Xiaoxiao went into the room using a metal key, Ning Xi was still battling with the glass window.

Ning Xi held a small, sharp bone in her hand and was trying to break the window with it when suddenly someone grabbed her by her shirt and pulled her away from the window.

A black boot flew across the room...


There was a loud sound and the window was broken...

Ning Xi was dumbfounded. The window she had been trying to break for so long was now shattered into pieces. She cried, "Oh! Third Senior Sister! You finally came!"

"Useless!" Feng Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at her as she took out a dagger and cut open the ropes that bound Ning Xi's hands. "I've already reminded you the last time! How are you getting weaker and weaker?"

Ning Xi pouted and mumbled, "It just shows how carefree and happy my life is now ..."

Feng Xiaoxiao was annoyed by her comment. "Are you flaunting your lovey-dovey experience in front of me? I'm going to kick you!"

"You wouldn't!" Ning Xi went up to her and gave her a big hug.

Feng Xiaoxiao closed her eyes when she saw this underaged-looking girl acting so innocently in this situation. "No wonder 16 looked defeated just now. Her wonderful image of you must've been shattered!"

Ning Xi blinked her eyes. "16? Who's number 16?"

"Her code name is 16! The woman who kidnapped you here!" Feng Xiaoxiao replied.

"Oh, that's who she is... She will probably experience some mental breakdown today..." Ning Xi started perspiring guiltily

"She seemed to have a crush on you before. She probably volunteered for Feng Jin's mission because she wanted to get closer to her idol but who knew..." Feng Xiaoxiao felt bad for 16.

Ning Xi mumbled, "So, it's my fault now? She's the one who tied me up and left me all alone here! It's karma!"

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