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Pan Hongsen looked in Mark’s direction and asked, “So, I’m no longer the male lead of You Are My Love, right?”

“I’m sorry, Hongsen. What you did made it impossible for the production team to use you to act as the affectionate male lead.” Brother Mark smiled. “You can go back. You have nothing else to do here.”

Pan Hongsen sneered. ‘You can go back. You have nothing else to do here.’

That was not what he and Yali had said back then.

At that time, Yali was suspected of having an affair with her boss by the boss’ wife. After announcing her relationship with Pan Hongsen, she calmed the wife’s heart. From then on, their romance was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, bringing countless benefits to the company.

Now that it was useless, she could leave.

Pan Hongsen tried his best to steady himself. He pushed the reporters away and walked out.

As soon as he walked out, he saw Xu Zhiqin and Su Bei walking in. Xu Zhiqin had an event held here tonight.

She was no longer dressed as a manager. She had changed out of her usual jeans and put on a beautiful dress. Her makeup was exquisite, and her figure was tall. She walked over with Su Bei while chatting and laughing.

When she saw Pan Hongsen, Xu Zhiqin stopped in her tracks and looked at the unfamiliar and disheveled man in front of her. He looked so unfamiliar.

She smiled and said, “So, it’s you, Pan Hongsen. What a coincidence, Senior.”

“Zhiqin.” Pan Hongsen felt that his voice was stuck in his heart. He felt a little uncomfortable.

He had a lot to tell her, but he couldn’t bring himself to say a word.

“Let’s go, Zhiqin,” Su Bei said.

“Zhiqin, I have something to tell you,” Pan Hongsen said.

Xu Zhiqin smiled. “I’m sorry, but I still have an event to attend. I can’t accompany you here anymore.”

After saying that, she walked past him and walked in side by side with Su Bei.

The expression on her face did not change at all. It was an expression of indifference. She no longer loved or hated him. She treated him as an unfamiliar person.

This stung Pan Hongsen’s heart.

Yali’s final blow made the fans feel sorry for her and hate Pan Hongsen.

In particular, his two-timing behavior of hurting two women made many fans extremely disgusted with him.

Overnight, Pan Hongsen lost countless fans.

The label ‘scumbag’ was stuck on him.

[To think that I used to like you and think you were responsible. In the end, you’re a liar.]

[Xu Zhiqin did so much for you, but you kept slandering her. Yali loved you so much, but you lied to her. There’s really no one else like you!]

[“When I watched his video, I thought he could really make Yali happy! Now, it seems that the scumbag was just relying on his big mouth!]

[Go to hell! I’ll just take it as though I’ve never loved you! From today onward, I’m no longer a fan!]

[Minus one fan.]

The fans shed tears and cut off their love for him. They would never do anything for him again or pay attention to him.

The company also distributed Pan Hongsen’s various resources to others. Brother Mark called. “Hongsen, you should rest for a few months. You’ve worked hard for so many years. It’s time to rest and recuperate.”

What sounded like concern was actually just a hint.

Once he was useless, he would be a cripple to the company.

“Alright, I’ll have a good rest,” Pan Hongsen said coldly.

Brother Mark didn’t take him seriously at all and hung up the phone.

Xu Zhiqin’s event was bustling with activity.

This was a fashion show for a jewelry brand. After the dirt on Xu Zhiqin’s name was washed away, she became very popular. She was a very popular guest that night.

There were also Ji Rufeng and the others, as well as artistes from other companies.

As soon as she and Su Bei sat down, they heard someone say, “Look, it’s Director He!”

“Director He doesn’t like such occasions, right? Why is he here tonight?”

“That’s right. Has Director He been provoked recently? He has always hated crowded places and doesn’t like to participate in any activities. Why has he been appearing so frequently recently?”

“Is Director He short of money? I heard that his new movie hasn’t started filming yet. I wonder what he’s waiting for.”

When Xu Zhiqin heard these discussions, the tips of her ears turned red. She subconsciously looked in the direction everyone was looking. He Xuyan was seen with his arms crossed as he sat on the chair with a cold expression. His long legs were casually straightened, and he looked distant and unruly.

“It’s really Director He,” Su Bei said.

“Really?” Xu Zhiqin pursed her lips. She hadn’t heard that he was coming over during their dinner together.

“Let’s welcome the male and female guests on stage tonight,” the host said with a smile.

Xu Zhiqin said to Su Bei, “President Su, I’ll go up first.”

“Go ahead.” Su Bei nodded.

On the stage stood several guests, including Xu Zhiqin, Ji Rufeng, Lin Tong, He Xuyan, Mu Kai, and the others.

Su Bei received a WeChat message from Lu Heting. [When will you be done?]

[I’ll end it early after watching someone else’s sweet love.]

Lu Heting sent a question mark.

[Come, I’ll stream it for you.] She opened the video recording app on her phone.

Lu Heting shook his head with a smile and watched her live broadcast patiently.

The host said, “Now, let’s invite a male guest to put on the pearl necklace that we’re promoting tonight on a female guest. It’s the necklace that symbolizes a lifetime of love. So who should we invite? Why don’t we invite…”

The host’s gaze swept across the male guests, and he immediately looked away from He Xuyan. They all knew that He Xuyan did not like crowds. If the host invited him but he rejected him, wouldn’t it embarrass the brand?

Ji Rufeng and Mu Kai were more amiable.

However, before the host could speak, He Xuyan said, “Why don’t we play a game of rock paper scissors to determine it?”

Seeing that He Xuyan was so cooperative, the host finally heaved a sigh of relief. Everyone felt that this was a good idea, and the male guests were eager to give it a try.

Especially Ji Rufeng. He was an artiste trained by Xu Zhiqin and had an inexplicable good impression of Xu Zhiqin. If he won the right to put the necklace on someone, he would definitely choose Xu Zhiqin.

He looked at Xu Zhiqin and winked at her.

He Xuyan said, “Actually, now that I think about it, playing rock paper scissors is more like a game primary school students play. Why don’t we arm wrestle?”

“Arm wrestling is good! I want to try!” Ji Rufeng had been practicing boxing recently and immediately responded.

Mu Kai had been working out and practicing boxing, so he thought it was a good idea too.

The other male guests did not have any objections either. They all agreed to switch from rock paper scissors to arm wrestling so that they could show off their manly skills!

The host couldn’t wait for the venue to be more lively. Seeing He Xuyan take the initiative twice in a row was a pleasant surprise.

However, the person who looked the weakest at the scene seemed to be Director He. The other male guests seemed to have started working out recently. Arm wrestling was not the best choice for He Xuyan.

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