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Chapter 986: Extra Chapter 2: Why Do You Choose to Do This?

When Lao Wu heard this, his suspicion was confirmed and he threw Jiang Yeqing a look.

Jiang Yeqing wasn’t sure what Lao Wu meant. He frowned and asked the man, “How did you know?”

“Oh, you don’t often go out with us, so you probably don’t know. Liu Yun had arranged to meet us on this trip to Kang City. He’s asked us out for a gathering and he’s arranged for girls to be around.” Lao Wu took out a cigarette box and lit a cigarette. Then, he leaned back in his chair and looked at Wenxin meaningfully. “Her phone was a little loud and I recognized Liu Yun’s voice.”

Their seats were not that big, and Lao Wu was sitting rather close to Wenxin.

It wasn’t surprising that he could hear the man on the other end, but how did he recognize it to be Liu Yun’s voice?

Jiang Yeqing knew Liu Yun.

He had worked with them for a period of time and they shared a cordial relationship. Furthermore, Liu Yun liked to have fun and was quite a spendthrift. Jiang Yeqing had been afraid that Bo Chengcheng would start imagining things, so he was especially unwilling to interact with such people and gradually became distant.

He really did not know about Liu Yun’s invitation.

Lao Wu seemed to have read Jiang Yeqing’s mind and said, “Liu Yun had organized a meeting today. He mentioned that he had arranged for a few top hostesses to be around and even sent me some photos.”

Jiang Yeqing’s expression darkened.

A few top hostesses?

Could it be that Wenxin was one of them?

He looked towards Wenxin and noticed that she had turned ashen.

Lao Wu took out his phone and opened his chat history with Liu Yun. He scrolled through it and found a picture. He looked at his phone and then at Wenxin. “I was wondering why you looked so familiar. So it’s really you.”

Jiang Yeqing’s scowled and felt a little embarrassed.

So it appears, Wenxin was in that line of work?

Lao Wu tossed his phone over to Jiang Yeqing. The man lowered his gaze and saw a very explicit photo.

The woman in the photo had exquisite facial features and a hot and seductive figure. She was wearing sexy lingerie that made her look overly voluptuous. The amount of flesh it displayed would easily arouse men.

She held a whip between her teeth and her eyes were fiery and dreamy at once.

However, her makeup was pure and clean. It was a completely different look from now.

Not only that, there was even a caption below: “Extra wet and unforgettable. Five figures upwards to spend the night.”

Jiang Yeqing turned ashen. He flipped his phone over and stood up abruptly to look at Wenxin. He shouted, “What the hell have you been doing all these years? As a girl, why do you choose to do this, of all things?”

He clenched his fists tightly, veins bulging. If it weren’t for his strong self-control, the man would have slapped her.

Frightened, Wenxin shrank back and looked at him with a pale face. At the same time, she felt the strange looks from the people around.

Lao Wu was shocked by Jiang Yeqing’s outburst and quickly sat him down. “Old Jiang, why are you so agitated? She’s already made a name for herself in this circle. She must have been around for a long time…”

“Shut the *uck up!” Jiang Yeqing grabbed his collar. “Damn it, that’s my godsister!”

Lao Wu felt himself suddenly lifted. Even the table shook for a moment.

More and more people were looking at them now, and Lao Wu chose to soothe the matter over. He comforted the other man. “I know, I know. But I’ve never seen her in Kang City though, so don’t worry, let go first. We’re out in the public, it doesn’t look good.”

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