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Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – Suixin Yuan

The preparation of the gourmet classes of Suixin Yuan went smoothly with everyone’s hard work .   Gao Yu Lan and Yin Ning were very happy and they became more motivated to work .

Guo Qiu Chen went to Suixin Yuan every two to three days and found a variety of reasonable excuses to help around .   During the times when Yin Ning was busy, he would take the initiative and offered to pick up Niu Niu from her preschool activities .   He even took on the task of enquiring and looking around to find a good elementary school for Niu Niu .

Although Gao Yu Lan was dumb, she also realized there was something amiss .   For a normal man who is showing friendship and warm-heartedness, he would not have done all this .

When she told Yin Ze about this matter, he smiled .   “You are really insensitive .   You only notice it now?”

“Ah?  You already know about this?”

“Of course .   Otherwise, how can I tolerate him circling around you all day?”

Gao Yu Lan snorted and asked again .   “What about Sister Yin Ning, does she know?”

“She should know…… . . right?”

“Why is the pause between ‘She should know’ and ‘right’ so long?  Are you also not sure?”

“Whenever I ask my sister she will change the subject as if she doesn’t care .   But I think she is seriously considering this . ”

Instantly Gao Yu Lan brightened up .   Her gossipy heart was stimulated .   “How seriously is she considering this?”

“Then you should go and ask her . ”  Yin Ze saw the expression on Gao Yu Lan’s face and wanted to laugh .   Her expression was really adorable .

Gao Yu Lan scowled fiercely and gave him a hard slap .   “Are you going to tell me?”

“Okay, okay……you’re indeed getting fiercer by the day . ”  Yin Ze was smiling broadly without showing the slightest fear .   “Because my sister is very serious this time .   As you know, once a woman is faced with a relationship, she will become serious .   So I think she is aware but she doesn’t want to talk about it and maybe she still wants to think more about this . ”

“Or maybe Mr . Xiao Guo did not say it very clearly and Sister Yin Ning also feels it’s not nice to ask him to clarify?”

“I’m sure he didn’t say it clear enough or else my sister won’t be acting like a fool right now pretending she doesn’t know .   Actually, she doesn’t have confidence in her feelings .   She had once said she won’t look for another man and will carry on with Niu Niu by her side .   But until now she hasn’t driven Mr . Xiao Guo away, so maybe she has a good impression of him . ”

“This is so complicated . ”  Gao Yu Lan sighed .   “Actually Mr . Xiao Guo is a good man .   I think Sister Yin Ning can consider him .   She is still so young and shouldn’t let that rotten man ruin her lifetime of happiness . ”

“Oh yes, I almost forgot . ”  Yin Ze suddenly thought of someone’s reminder .   “Meng Gu that guy told me to tell you to pass a message to Chen Ruo Yu – – Tell her that if she’s not going to be honest, let her wait and see . ”

Gao Yu Lan did not understand .   “What is the meaning?”

“I also don’t know .   Those were the original words…… . if she’s not going to be honest, let her wait and see…… . ”

“Chen Ruo Yu had already said she won’t go to look for him .   What else does he want?”  Gao Yu Lan thought of the words that Chen Ruo Yu had once said…… . something like ‘stick a hot face to a cold-ass’ .   It seemed she had suffered grievances from Dr . Meng Gu and she had already said she will not go to look for him again but now that Dr . Meng Gu actually dares to give her trouble .

The more Gao Yu Lan thought, the unhappier she became and she said to Yin Ze .   “You tell that disgusting brother of yours that I won’t pass on his message .   It’s better not to bully Ruo Yu or else he can just wait and see!”

“Aiyo……my family’s little Bao Zi has recently improved tremendously and her manners had become more imposing . ”  Yin Ze was acting indulgent towards her .   “Come, come, tell your husband, how will you deal with Dr . Meng Gu?  Let me tell you, that guy’s mouth is cheap, he is crafty, the skin on his face is thick and he is not easy to handle . ”

Gao Yu Lan glared fiercely at him .   If these adjectives were used to describe Yin Ze himself, it would not be wrong as well .   He really had the nerve to talk about other people .   “I don’t care whether he is easy to handle or not since I don’t have to do it myself .   Naturally, there will be someone to help me do it . ”

“Who will help you?”

“You, ah……”

“No, no……one is my brother and the other is my wife .   That is a predicament for me .    I can’t help you .   I’ll just watch the show on the side . ”

Gao Yu Lan did not want to argue with him and said casually .   “Anyway, if he bullies Chen Ruo Yu, I will deal with you .   You can try not to help me……”

Yin Ze’s mind went blank for a moment……deal with him?  The way she can deal with him… . . well… . . is something he extremely dislikes .

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“Wife, wife . ”  Immediately Yin Ze’s face displayed a flattering expression .   “I was just teasing you .   A brother can never be more important than my wife .   I’ll do whatever you say .   Don’t worry, if Dr . Meng Gu makes you unhappy, I will deal with him . ”

“Didn’t you say he has a cheap mouth, crafty, thick-skinned, and not easy to deal with?”

“Wife, you must have confidence in your husband .   No matter what, I am better than him .   Just leave it to me, don’t worry . ”

Gao Yu Lan smiled with satisfaction .

On the other hand, Dr . Meng Gu who was on duty in the hospital let out a powerful sneeze .


That night, Yin Ze called Meng Gu to tell him that hisYin Family’s daughter-in-law refused to help Meng Gu relay the message .   He also stated that he was standing on his wife’s side and told Meng Gu not to make Chen Ruo Yu unhappy .   Otherwise, in case this matter annoyed his wife then the two brothers would have to draw swords when they meet……it would be unpleasant .

Meng Gu listened quietly to Yin Ze and then replied .   “Get lost, your head is full of women, this Yin-Zei!  You are not my brother!”   After speaking, he hung up the call .

Yin Ze glared at the phone in his hand and yelled .   “Who said my brain is full of women!  I am only true to one person!  My brain is only filled with my family’s Lan Lan!”  When he finished, he thought to himself…… . anyway, my family’s Lan Lan is indeed a woman and it is not wrong to say my brain is filled with the woman .

He decided to ignore this brother who had hung up on him .   It was simply a waste of his emotions .   He decided he needed to deal with a more serious matter and went to look for his wife to get intimate .



Gao Yu Lan expected that Yin Ning and Chen Ruo Yu, these two people would have something going on .   However, in the end, nothing happened .

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed .   Preparations for Suixin Yuan’s class activities were almost ready and after the New Year, classes would officially start .   Coincidentally, everything was completed just before the New Year and it was a waste not to make use of this time to hold some publicity .  So Gao Yu Lan decided to start ahead of schedule, taking advantage to do a sales promotion to sell a batch of course cards and also held a free class just before the New Year .   Sister Yin Ning and Yin Ze, both sister and brother each taught the class a lesson on cooking a Chinese dish and baking a cake .

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The event was a great success .   The whole shop was filled to the brim and although the number of people who could work hands-on was limited, those who were watching by the side also made the effort to seriously record the whole cooking processes with their cameras .

Yin Ning who was not used to being surrounded by so many people felt very nervous .   Fortunately, Yin Ze was there to support the class with his humorous chatter .   His movements were confident, his explanations on the cooking process were clear-cut and he was adept at dealing with questions from everyone .   It could be seen, the atmosphere was very lively .

The course cards were sold out on the spot and even the ingredients and seasonings used for the lesson were nearly wiped out .

Gao Yu Lan knew that this event was a success .

This is not the biggest activity she had done nor the most influential but it is the most exciting activity she had ever organized .

When Chen Ruo Yu saw the warmth and enthusiasm of the customers, she praised Gao Yu Lan for her awesome ability .   Guo Qiu Chen, Lei Feng and Meng Gu also extended their congratulations to her .

After the event was completed, Gao Yu Lan noted that the courses for the first season of the year were already sold out . The supply of ingredients and utensils needed to be discussed again .   The sales of courses were even better than she had expected and the preparation for additional staff was now more urgent than she had estimated .   Although the classes in the future would not be as packed, their fees were not low and therefore their services must be better .   From the event, it could be seen that customers needed a lot of on the spot assistance and reminders .   Problems were a lot and staff were needed to respond immediately .

Gao Yu Lan was seriously doing her calculations as she carefully noted down the points and did not notice Yin Ze was staring at her with an expression of an abandoned husband .   By the time she raised her head, she found that everyone had left .

“The shop is closed and everyone had left . ”  Yin Ze said .   “Niu Niu was unhappy that everyone was busy and neglected her, so she threw a tantrum .   Mr . Xiao Guo coaxed her by taking her to the amusement park and my sister followed them .   Lei Feng had gone home to accompany his wife .   Chen Ruo Yu quarreled with Meng Gu and both of them had left .   Only I remain loyal to you and did not leave you .   Do you feel touched?”

Gao Yu Lan was dumbstruck .   She had only immersed herself in her work for a little while, how could everyone be so dramatic?  With a blink of an eye, everyone had gone?

“Are you done with your calculations?”  Yin Ze knocked her head .

“Um…… . ”  She nodded her head .   “Yin Ze, I will ensure this shop makes a profit next year . ”

“Good . ”  Yin Ze placed both hands over his heart .   “I’m so touched .   How did I get to pick up such a good wife?  If this wife is willing to marry and not let me be an abandoned husband, it will be perfect . ”

Gao Yu Lan smacked him hard .   “Stop acting . ”

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“Then tell me, when will you marry me?”  He had already proposed multiple times .   What does she intend to do?

She tilted her head sideways and thought .   “When I want to marry, I will naturally marry . ”

“Then when do you want to marry?”

“Well, that depends on you . ”

Yin Ze squinted his eyes .   “Is this a challenge?”

“No, no . ”  Gao Yu Lan waved her hands frantically .   He must be joking .   She could not fight him and she did not want to provoke him .   She just feels that she needs a little motivation, a motivation to marry .

“Then what is it?”

“I want a very touching and very perfect marriage proposal . ”

“Very touching…… . very perfect?”

“I am a girl and I am also vain .   You just can’t talk about getting married and I’ll marry you .   After getting married, I will become a yellow-faced woman* .   Before that, I want to be awesome for once…… . . ”

(Yellow-faced woman refers to the appearance of a woman who has lost her good looks due to failure to maintain herself after marriage and it does not necessarily refer to a middle-aged woman . )

“Awesome?”  Yin Ze raised his eyebrows high .   “If I make you awesome, you will marry me?”

“It is not that kind of awesomeness . ”  Gao Yu Lan pouted .   Anyway, she is not violent .

“I understand . ”  Yin Ze nodded his head vigorously .   Gao Yu Lan looked at him and was not sure whether he really ‘understand’…… . because she was not even sure .

In a blink of an eye, it was going to be the Spring Festival .   Yin Ze and Gao Yu Lan together with Yin Ning and Niu Niu as well as cute little friend Mantou, all went back to C-city for the reunion .

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