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Chapter 969: Driving Relation

In the underground secret chamber of the villa where Scott had infiltrated the previous night, Dr. Pym gazed at multiple monitoring screens with a confused expression on his face. 

After the ants on Scott’s body were mysteriously eliminated, Dr. Pym remotely activated the tracking system on the Antman suit. He then commanded the nearby colony of ants to hurry over, but their speed was still not fast enough and by the time they arrived, Scott’s conversation with Lin Rui had already ended.

Furthermore, due to the influence of Lin Rui’s psychic power, the ants and flying insects became disorganized and chaotic as they neared the alley. Dr. Pym controls these ants and insects through a specialized brainwave, which can be considered a form of psychic power for non-psychics. When confronting Lin Rui’s formidable psychic abilities, the ants would no longer respond to Dr. Pym’s commands.

“Who are those two individuals? Why did you discover the number 125 on Scott?” Dr. Pym studied the image on the monitor screen with confusion.

Dr. Pym had also located the ant that was supposed to be on Scott. It turned out that Lin Rui had used internal energy to knock it out of Scott’s body instead of crushing it to death. This made Dr. Pym even more perplexed. If the other party possessed such technology, why would they use it in this way?

“What is the connection between them and Scott? Why did they appear at this moment? What did they discuss with Scott?” Dr. Pym observed the surveillance footage as Scott returned to the apartment complex, unable to comprehend the current situation.

Dr. Pym is undoubtedly a genius with a super high IQ, but his ability to understand and make sense of events that require the keen instincts of a spy is not much different from that of an average person. Additionally, the sudden appearance of Lin Rui and Bucky was also unexpected, and even experienced agents would be unable to deduce anything without any prior information.

Ka Ka Ka ~

Just as Dr. Pym sat in the secret room, deep in thought and full of doubts, the door to the secret room suddenly opened and Hope, Dr. Pym’s daughter, walked in. She was supposed to be practicing with the police outside their villa at this time, but Scott did not break into their house again because of Lin Rui’s unexpected arrival. Thus, Hope had not gone to the police.

“Dad, what’s going on? You said that Scott would return the suit, didn’t you?” Hope asked with confusion as she walked to Dr. Pym’s side.

Da Da~

“See for yourself.” Upon hearing Hope’s voice, Dr. Pym pulled up two of the many monitoring screens in front of him and zoomed in for Hope to view.

The two enlarged surveillance images were of the scene in Luis’ apartment. At that moment, Scott was explaining something to Luis and the others. He had sent a request for help to Luis after his unexpected encounter with Lin Rui earlier but was unable to reach him and Luis was worried. 

After explaining to Luis and the others, Scott went to the bathroom with his bag on his back.

“Do you think he’s having second thoughts?” Hope had only heard Luis and the others say that Scott had abruptly left and sent a message for help, causing them concern, and she did not know why Scott had returned.

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“I don’t know, but he was indeed planning to return the suit before. But when he left, two people appeared. These two people are very strange, they know about the Antman suit. Scott and these two people disappeared together for a few minutes, and when they were found again, he was the only one left, and then he came back. I don’t know what happened in those few minutes.” Knowing that Hope must have many questions now, Dr. Pym explained simply. However, he himself was feeling puzzled as well.

“Two strange individuals? Were they sent by Darren Cross?” Hearing Dr. Pym’s words, Hope asked with a worried expression on her face.

“Probably not, the other party does not seem to have any ill intentions.” Dr. Pym shook his head as he watched Scott on the surveillance camera as he hid in the bathroom and took out the Antman suit from his bag once more.

If the opposing party was truly Darren Cross, he would not have let go of such an opportunity to obtain a fully functioning Antman suit. 

Despite Darren Cross’s experiments being in the final stage of in testing, if luck was not on his side, this stage could be prolonged for a long time. Therefore, if he had the chance to acquire Dr. Pym’s Antman suit, he would not hesitate to take it.

“Dad, look!” As soon as Dr. Pym finished speaking, Hope suddenly pointed to the front monitoring screen and alerted him.

As Dr. Pym returned his attention to the monitoring screen, he saw that Scott was once again wearing the Antman suit. He had been visibly frightened earlier, how could he put it on again now? Could it be that the appearance of those two individuals earlier had caused these changes in Scott?

As Dr. Pym and Hope watched through the mechanical spider monitoring screen, Scott quickly put on the Antman suit. He then stood in the bathtub and after taking two deep breaths, he spoke.

“Hey! The owner of this suit! Are you there?” After putting on the Antman suit, Scott knew that the person who had been communicating with him earlier must be able to hear his voice.

Scott’s voice came through the earpiece and Dr. Pym and Hope looked at each other in surprise. It appears that Scott has indeed changed.

“I’m here, have you changed your mind?” After a moment of silence, Dr. Pym responded when Scott was about to speak again.

“I heard that you designed all of this. The job Luis got was released by you on purpose, just to lure me to steal this special suit. What is your purpose? Is it to test me? Or to force me to do something?” After hearing Dr. Pym’s voice, Scott’s heart tightened and he quickly asked several questions.

Although Lin Rui had already explained some things, Scott would not blindly trust him, he wanted to get a confirmation here.

“It seems that those two people really know a lot. Yes, everything was arranged by me, and it was also a test for you. And you have passed the test.” Hearing Scott’s words, Dr. Pym’s eyes flickered and he replied honestly.

“I knew it, you’ve been monitoring me!” Hearing Dr. Pym mention those two people, Scott said in a low voice.

“That’s correct. So, are you willing to listen to me now and understand why I designed to test you?” Without hesitation, Dr. Pym admitted to monitoring Scott and continued to inquire.

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