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Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 .   The Ultimate Swordsman (3)

I certainly did not stop .

Kwaaang!  Koooowoooong!

Let me finish it completely .   With such a determination, I called down the lightning of darkness without pause .   I applied every bit of magic power and darkness levels I had .

 “Let go!  Let go of me!”

 “Not until at least you are fallen, bitch!”

The protectors would barely fall even when they were relentlessly attacked .   Giving them any tiny opening would only invite their incredulous counter attacks .

Kwaang!  Kwaaang!

Thick dust rose .   Small stones roughly struck my cheek as they exploded in the air .   I squeezed out everything I had to the limit .


The final lightning rod struck down .

 “… . . Huh .   Huh . ”

I was gasping for air as I pushed myself .   Contrary to that, it was quiet all around .   Even Palke, who was screaming, could no longer be heard .

Pazzzzz .

Dark sparks were still bursting from the surface of the ground .   The area was a total mess .   The dry grass in the winter caught fire and burst into flames .   The dark thick smoke rose, and covered the sky .

Plop .

As I released the pressure in my arms, Palke fell to the ground like a falling leaf .   As so many lightning has exploded, her appearance was a complete mess .

 “Damn bitch . ”

She put me through so much trouble .   Gritting my teeth, I took out the long knife that was staked into me .


Blood spewed out of my abdomen .   It was certainly not a pleasant experience to have punctures in my body, let alone having the accompanying pain .   I have gone through a number of occasions where my internal organs had even gutted out of me .   The memory of recollecting the internal organs and putting them back in, on my own, was something that I did not ever want to recall .


After opening the healing potion, I poured some over the wound and drank the rest .   I, first, waited until the slow working potion started to heal the wound .

The pain was throbbing, all over my body, like a wild beast .   I barely endured it by biting my lips .   All the while, I became more irate .   It was because I was on my merry way after winning Tilly over, only to get nearly killed .


As soon as the punctured hole in my abdomen has disappeared, I kicked Palke who was lying down, dead .


With the powerful kick, Palke was sliding down the road for about 10 meters, and flew up into the air after hitting something .   Then she fell again, causing dust to rise .  

 “You stay right there, I won’t let you go in peace . ”

After picking up the fallen Rubleyana, I approached Palke .   And immediately, I cut off both of Palke’s arms . I, first, debilitated her by severing the arms which were considered to be the life of a swordsman .   Completely being at the verge of death, Palke did not even scream .

 “Hmm… . . ”

I was in a thought as I was going to kill her immediately .   It was a simple matter to kill a protector and gain strength, like this .   However, I had to think about the reactionary measures to it .

Their places were that special .   Therefore, as more protectors were to be killed, the higher the chances for problems to rise .

Should the seal get weakened, and the dark army shows up, there would be terrible incidence which will be beyond anyone’s imagination .   Rather than a happy ending, an end of the world scenario would play out .

Would it really be OK?

Of course, it was not without a merit .   It was because a note was attached to killing a protector, as below .

As of now, I wasn’t sure what it meant to be a transcendental being .   It was only a guess .  

 “Hm… . . ”

The internal debate has gotten deeper .   If it was up to me, I wanted to kill her .   However, I was also concerned about the possible outcome from that .   Having a balance in the world was important .   Especially, as the protectors were the best tools in terms of keeping the demon kings at bay .

 “Aaaa… . ”

As the battle was intense, every part of my body was aching .   Sitting on top of now fallen Palke, I started to weigh the pros and cons .

There was one more important thing, and that was, how did Palke know of the one who squatted at the grave .

Certainly, she seemed to have been receiving someone’s support .   It was because ultimate swordsmen did not have powers like foreseeing the future .

Who hired her?  What was the payment?  It was possible that money might have been given, or some naïve ambition or fame could have been used .

 “Certainly, to leave her as is… . ”

It was intolerable that Palke immediately sought my life, yet the power of darkness was a bigger problem .   It was possible to crush a visible enemy, but invisible enemy that was in hiding was much more difficult to deal with .

Especially, since I was right at the verge of the grand plan to advance towards the south western part of the empire .   I’ve decided to seek out that dark power and destroy it .   In order to that, I had to get information out of Palke, and there were two ways to do so .  

One way was to interrogate her while she was alive .   The other way was to kill her and ask her after making her an undead .  

Certainly, the latter was the overwhelmingly favored way, but there was a problem .   If there was a deity that Palke was serving, it would be a big zonk .   It was because no matter how high my master of command skill was, it would be impossible to take away the faith from a deity .   

 “Let me see… . ”

First, I looked all over Palke’s body .   Fortunately, there were not any symbols which might be representing her faith .

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Yet, that was not the complete solution to the problem .   Unlike Phillip who was killed from the get go, she was a protector who has risen to a certain level .   She would most likely resist against my master of command skill, so the issue was whether everything would work as I wished .  

If much time was to be wasted in that process, the concern was whether or not the clues which might lead to the hidden force behind it would be lost .  

 “Gosh… . This bitch is trouble to the end . ”

My concern was growing deeper .   It was said that prolonging a decision for a long time leads to bad maneuvers, so should I just go with my guts?  As I was thinking things over like this, Palke let out a moaning from underneath me .  

 “Ewwwhhh… . . ”

 “What is this?  Are you awake?”

As I looked at her after I stood up, I saw her eyes were trembling .   Gosh .   A protector was a protector after all .   She was still alive even with such conditions .   Suddenly, fear rushed over me .  

Certainly, I must kill her .  

Even before considering other things, it felt like there would be much bigger risks if I was unable to kill the protector, right here .   After all, a protector would do anything as long as a breath of life was in her .  

 “Are you awake?”

 “… . . You wicked bastard . ”

 “Do you have something to say?”

Even the executioner would allow the last words .   Compared to the callous executioner that severs convict’s heads without hesitation, I had a lot of heart .   Nothing would prevent me from listening to her last words .  

 “Don’t think this is the end of it…  One of us will definitely come after you… . ”

 “Hm, cliché .   It isn’t a worthy enough last word to remember . ”

Only that one inference was possible .   She said one of us .   Certainly, there was some kind of an organization .   It was still a mystery as to how they knew about the one who sat, squatting at the grave though .  

 “Palke, I have a proposal . ”

“…… . ”

 “Tell me who hired you, and how you know about the one who sits squatting at the grave .   If you do that, I’ll spare your life . ”

 “You…make me laugh .   I will not submit… . to someone who is getting… the help from the darkness . ”

I knew it .   This kind was tightly rolled into a ball of some kind of disturbed mindset .   Alright, I should just kill in a case like this .

That was that, but I had a feeling that this lady was being manipulated .   Such a naïve and stubborn kind was easily manipulated by a schemer, wearing a mask of goodness .   She might be thinking that she was fighting for the righteousness, but in fact, all that she was, was a pawn on the chess board .

So, people were entitled to have their own opinions .   Like me .

It was acceptable for me to use others as pawns, but I could never forgive others from using me as the pawn .  

 “By the way, do you have a deity that you believe in?”

I asked her one question before I moved to put the sword into her throat .  

 “No…Such things… You dare to bring up deity… Laughable . ”

 “Well, that’s welcoming news . ”

I aimed the sword with joy .

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 “Rest for a little bit .   I’ll call on you again . ”

 “What are you!”

As if she had understood me at that point, Palke opened her eyes widely .   It was obvious as to what it meant when a master of command said that he will summon her again .

 “Bastard!  Krrr!  You cursed one!  You are fooling with death!”

There was only one thing that a master of command could say to her in that irate condition .

 “In fact, life and death is one in the same . ”


The blade of the Rubleyana penetrated the neck of the ultimate swordswoman .   Trembling wildly, she raised her waist .   However, that did not last long .

 “You… Krrrr .   Wicked… . . ”

Losing the fighting spirit in her eyes, she closed them as they lost focus .  

That was that, but why did Palke thought that I was wicked?  She did not even have a sincere conversation with me, nor asked me about my belief .

She immediately told me to die since you used the power of darkness .   Would she know what I was fighting for?  It felt a bit unfair .   So, I have decided .  

 “I’ll raise you from death .   And, I will tell you, the cadaver, through the night .    That is, my big plan .   And, my dream . ”

I hoped that you would regret then .   That was, after learning that the world was not as simple as black or white, or good or evil .  

So many heroes and warriors have failed, so far .   In that case, wouldn’t there be a time when the evil might save the world .

Finally, the 2nd protector has died .   With the popping up of a message, experiences poured in .   As a result, I was immediately leveled up .

 [Monster hunter level 32]

 [4->5 level for the one without blood and tear]

 [Hero level 4]

Life force: 3,010 ->3,090 (Cursed birth +654, Mandrake +200, Rubleyana +310)

Magic power: 2,720->2,910 (Marble Karka’s magic bone staff +50)

Darkness: 1,130->1,240 (Cursed birth +122, Marble Karka’s magic bone staff +70)

Power: 511->522 (Cursed birth +32, Rubleyana +12)

Intelligence: 249->290

Agility: 312->319

Health: 550->565 (Mandrake +40, Rubleyana +120)

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Charisma: 475->532 (Marble Karka’s magic bone staff +13, Rubleyana +110)

Resistance to magic 11 . 2%

An interesting new skill was earned after becoming the one without blood and tear level 5 .

It was the S-level skill .

As it was described, it was the technique to capture an undead from the wild .   The world is filled with strange and rare undead, and it was now possible to capture any of them with this skill .

If proficiency level 5 was passed, the ability to submit undead with intelligence gets added .   It was a very useful skill, also a skill that could be called the king of the dead, which could be used when I would want to have an undead which was not one of my creations .

 “Excellent . ”

Feeling satisfied, I examined the new skill which I obtained after killing the ultimate swordswoman .

 “Truly what kind of SS-level skill… Hum?”

I couldn’t help, but freeze from smiling widely .

Kkkkkkrrrr .

Suddenly, the ground shook once .   Something passed by, making waves .

 “What the…!”

Was it an earthquake?  I perspired, perhaps as I was baffled .   As far as I knew, this game did not have any natural disaster effects, like earthquakes .

The timing was strange, but there was nothing that would prevent earthquakes from occurring… . .


Then the ground swayed .   This time around, it was a really big earthquake .


As a person that was balancing himself from high up above, I stretched both my arms out and bent my knees .   The ground shook wildly and I heard Philly cry from a distance .   Although the earthquake came to a stop after a moment, I did not have any time to calm my palpitating heart .  

It was because suddenly, a terrifying bellow burst from somewhere in the distance .

Krrrrraaaah- Woooong-!

From extremely far away, it came from somewhere that was too far to even estimate how far away it was coming from .

 “What, what the… . ”

As soon as I heard it, my body shivered wildly, and awesome fear overwhelmed me as I wasn’t even able to control my own body .   For crying out loud, it wasn’t possible to even guess as to what the identity behind this sound was .  

However, one thing that I knew intuitively was that this sound was coming from a being which I couldn’t even fathom .   And that it seemed to be laughing out loud very happily .

It was filled with sneering, jeering, and ridiculing .


There came a severe headache .   Although that bellowing has dissipated, the sound kept reverberating in my head .   And I wasn’t able to take my eyes off of the new message which has popped up .

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