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Chapter 1332: No Turning Back
Chapter 1332: No Turning Back

Huo Shaoheng held Gu Nianzhi’s hand and accompanied Xie Shenxing out the door .

Xie Shenxing’s two staff members followed behind them while keeping an eye on their surroundings .

Cai Shengnan and Luo Jialan exchanged glances when they saw the commotion in the ward . They wanted to take advantage of the chaos and leave .

However, the three staff members of the special operations forces weren’t to be underestimated .

Luo Jialan had just walked to the door when a staff member blocked her way and showed her an arrest warrant . “Luo Jialan, please come with us . ”

Luo Jialan looked at Cai Shengnan in panic . “Lawyer Cai, save me!”

“Your lawyer will naturally save you when you go to court,” said the staff member of the Special Operations forces . His hands moved quickly and he had already handcuffed Luo Jialan .

Cai Shengnan quickly said, “My client is not a criminal suspect . How can you use handcuffs?”

The Special Operations Forces Staff member politely said, “What we got from the police station was an arrest warrant issued by the court . You can go and ask the imperial police station whether she is a criminal suspect or not . ” As he said that, the other two staff members also came over, then one on the left and one on the right, they stood behind Luo Jialan and blocked off Cai Shengnan .

Cai Shengnan could only helplessly watch as Luo Jialan was taken away .

After walking out of the ward’s door, Luo Jialan saw Gu Nianzhi being tightly protected by Huo Shaoheng’s tall body . She felt as if her heart had been soaked in poison .

She quickly lowered her eyes to conceal the savage look in them .


Gu Nianzhi was an orphan just like her . Why did she get to have both the man and the welath?

Gu Nianzhi’s attention was no longer on Luo Jialan .

She looked at the door of the ward with worry . The emergency signal for “surgery” had already lit up on the door .

” … will Grandfather Huo be okay? ” She murmured with ambivalence inside .

Had they been too aggressive?

If something happened to Huo Xuenong, would it be detrimental to Major General Huo?

If they had known, she should’ve been the one to confront grandfather Huo just now…

Gu Nianzhi’s thoughts ran wild . Huo Shaoheng seemed to understand what she was thinking . He put one hand in his trouser pocket and held her right hand with the other . He squeezed it gently to prevent her from overthinking things .

Xie Shenxing stood beside them with his hands behind his back as he said calmly, “Huo Xuenong will be fine . ”

Gu Nianzhi: ” … ”

” … A scourge can live for a thousand years . He won’t die so easily . ”

Gu Nianzhi: ” ! ! ! ”

Why didn’t she feel consoled?

Huo Shaoheng’s bluetooth headset rang with the voice of the members of the operation team .

“Sir, Luo Jialan has been escorted back to the car . We’ll be leaving first . ”

Huo Shaoheng replied .

On the other side, the Zhang family members looked very uneasy .

Feeling very indignant, Zhang Baochen kept looking at them .

Zhang Wenjie wanted to sneak a peek at Gu Nianzhi, but Huo Shaoheng’s indiscernible gaze swept over him a few times, so he dared not act rashly again .

Zhang Wenna lowered her head to think about something while hidden behind Zhang Baochen and Zhang Wenjie .

Outside Huo Xuenong’s ward, everyone had different thoughts on their minds as they waited for the doctor to save Huo Xuenong .

Not long after, the elevator door at the end of the corridor opened again, and Huo Guanchen hurried out .

“What happened? I just received a call saying that your grandfather… ” When Huo Guanchen saw Xie Shenxing beside Huo Shaoheng, his voice stopped abruptly .

He saw the Zhang family standing on the other side, and his brows furrowed almost imperceptibly . “What’s going on? Why are there so many people? Is there going to be a trial or something?”

Although Gu Nianzhi was worried, she still felt like laughing when she heard Huo Guanchen’s words .

Isn’t there indeed going to be a trial?

They finally figured out what had happened to Uncle Huo’s will .

She breathhed a sigh of relief .

Huo Shaoheng nodded at Huo Guanchen . “You’re here . Grandfather was a little agitated just now . The doctors are giving him first aid . ”

“Sgitated? Why would he be agitated? How did you provoke him?” Huo Guanchen furrowed his brows even more . “The old man is sick . Can’t you understand?”

“It’s not that we don’t understand,” Huo Shaoheng said calmly . “We were also put in a difficult position when grandfather hid uncle’s will from us . ”

” … so many years have passed…” Huo Guanchen muttered, but he also knew how unfair it was for his brother, who had already sacrificed himself .

Huo Guanchen could guess what his father wanted to do by hiding his brother’s will .

He had indeed gone too far .

He had not only let Shaoheng down, he had also let his mother down .

How could his uncle stand by and watch his father act so recklessly?

Fortunately, Xie Shenxing was here, so Huo Guanchen didn’t blame Huo Shaoheng too much .

Gu Nianzhi said softly, ” … Justice might have come late, but it won’t be absent . ”

Huo Guanchen: ” … ”

Xie Shenxing said coldly, “Guanchen, you don’t have to worry about this . We found the backup of your brother’s will, and your father was simply so humiliated that he flew into a fit of rage . ”

Huo Guanchen was shocked . “Backup of his will? There’s a backup of my brother’s will?!”

“Yes, your brother was such a cautious person, so would he not have a backup plan?” Xie Shenxing shook his head lightly . “Let me tell you the truth . Your brother left almost all of his assets to his nephew . Your father thinks that since the guy over there is also your brother’s nephew, he wants to give half of your mother’s trust fund to him . ”

Huo Guanchen immeditely felt his face burn . He hadn’t expected his father to be so biased towards the Zhang family .

It was one thing for him to be biased towards his brother . He couldn’t compare to his brother in this lifetime, but in his father’s eyes, even his own son Huo Shaoheng couldn’t compare to that piece of trash, Zhang Wenjie . What right did he have?!

Huo Guanchen also looked over indignantly . His gaze met Zhang Baochen’s, and Huo Guanchen’s intimidating vibe gained the upper hand .

Not daring to look at them again, Zhang Baochen shrank back .

The vibe outside the ward was a little tense . After a while, the red light on the door of the ward “during surgery” went off .

The door of the ward opened, and doctors in white robes walked out one after another .

The doctor in the front walked up to Huo Guanchen and Huo Shaoheng . He said with apprehension, “Thank goodness the rescue was timely . The old man is out of danger, but he can’t be agitated anymore . ”

Huo Guanchen quickly said, “Thank you, doctor . Can we go in and take a look?”

“You may go in . If the situation changes, we’ll have to carry out a major operation . ” The doctor nodded lightly and left with his team .

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Xie Shenxing went into the ward first . Huo Shaoheng walked in while holding Gu Nianzhi’s hand . Huo Guanchen followed them into the room .

Zhang Baochen also wanted to go in, but Huo Guanchen closed the door of the ward in front of him, so he couldn’t go in .

Inside the ward, Huo Xuenong’s complexion had improved, but he was still fuming . As soon as he saw that Huo Guanchen had also come, he quickly said, “Guanchen! Listen to me, find a woman who can give birth to children and get married right away! Give me eight or ten grandsons, then ask Shaoheng for the trust fund your big brother left behind!”

He didn’t want to see all the benefits go to Huo Shaoheng alone . He still had a grandson, so how could Huo Shaoheng get all the inheritance to himself?

Huo Guanchen wfelt extremely awkward, but he still said calmly, “Dad, don’t be so agitated . Rest well . ”

“Do you want to get married or not?!” Huo Xuenong glared at Huo Guanchen . “Even you won’t listen to me?!”

” … If you’re right, then I’ll listen . If you’re wrong, then don’t say it . ” Huo Guanchen tucked Huo Xuenong in . “Besides, I don’t want to marry any other woman for the rest of my life . ”

Unless Song Jinning was willing to remarry him .

Gu Nianzhi almost laughed out loud when she heard this .

She knew it would end like this .

After having been married to someone like Song Jinning, how could he be interested in another woman?

Previously, Bai Jinyi had only used Huo Guanyuan’s feelings for Song Jinning to provoke Huo Guanchen . Out of jealousy and resentment, he had divorced Song Jinning in a fit of rage .

He was probably regretting his decision now…

Unfortunately, Miss Song wasn’t someone who turned back .

Huo Guanchen would never marry again in this lifetime .

Huo Xuenong also understood what Huo Guanchen meant, and was instantly enraged . “What’s so good about that woman?! You’re going to have her on your mind for the rest of your life?!”

Huo Shaoheng couldn’t be bothered to listen to his parents’ matters . He turned to look at Gu Nianzhi . “Want to go back?”

Gu Nianzhi nodded . “Yes, I’ll go with you . ”

Xie Shenxing also said, “I was going to take Nianzhi to my place to find the way . Shaoheng, shall we go together?”

Huo Shaoheng agreed . “You’re taking my car?”

Xie Shenxing shook his head . “You should come and take my car . We can talk together . ”

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The three of them discussed this as if no one else was around . They nodded at Huo Xuenong and said their goodbyes before leaving Huo Xuenong’s ward .

Huo Xuenong had indeed been angry just now, and he had done it on purpose . However, now that he was completely disregarded by the three of them, he was truly enraged . Even Huo Guanchen didn’t act on his accord .

“Are you getting married or not?!”

“No . ” Huo Guanchen was already quite old . How could he be forced by Huo Xuenong?

Huo Xuenong was exasperated, and slapped him .

Huo Guanchen reflexively stepped aside . Huo Xuenong didn’t react in time and fell forward .

The IV needle in his arm was immediately pulled out of place and began to draw back blood .

The alarm in the ward rang again .

Huo Shaoheng, Xie Shenxing, and Gu Nianzhi hadn’t even reached the elevator when they saw the group of doctors who had rushed out of the elevator heading towards Huo Xuenong’s ward .

What was going on?

The three of them looked at each other in bewilderment and walked back again .

Huo Guanchen walked out of the ward with a pale face .

Soon, the door to the ward opened again . Huo Xuenong was lying on a moving bed with an oxygen mask over his face . He was pushed out and headed to the regular large-scale operating theater .

It was late at night when the attending doctor finally came out of the operating room .

“Doctor, how is my father’s condition?” Huo Guanchen asked anxiously .

The attending doctor scolded, “I told you not to provoke the patient . How did you do it?”

However, a doctor beside him who had seen the ward’s monitor quickly whispered, “The patient was agitated, but they couldn’t do anything about it . I saw that the patient made the first move… ”

The attending doctor didn’t continue to blame them . He frowned and said, “The patient’s condition isn’t optimistic . He won’t wake up for the time being . You guys have to be prepared for him to become brain dead . ”

He was too old and had a bad temper . Even his bypass was useless . The blockage of the blood vessels was too serious . They couldn’t do anything about that even if he was reincarnated .

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