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Chapter 1291
Chapter 1291: Overestimation and Underestimation

At that moment, Cai Shengnan’s face was as dark as her heartand even a little bit more hideous .

It was the kind of anger, unwillingness, and jealousy that her achievements of years of hard work had been taken away from others .

However, her face quickly calmed down . Although her emotions were still fluctuating, there was nothing unusual on the surface .

It seemed that the reserved private room belonged to Huo Shaoheng .

Cai Shengnan immediately made this judgment .

That was quite reasonable .

He Zhichu was indeed powerful in the United States . He was well-known in both the political and military circles as well as the legal circles . However, in Huaxia Empire, as far as Cai Shengnan knew, he did not extend his hand to the political and military circles .

It was impossible to get the platinum membership card for Luhuitou restaurant if someone did not have a high political status and rank .

Therefore, Cai Shengnan believed that Gu Nianzhi had requested the private room in Huo Shaoheng’s name .

Hmph, how dare she abused his power for her personal gains .

Cai Shengnan thought to herself, and took out his phone to attempt to take photos of the private room .

At this moment, a hand reached out from the side and took the phone from Cai Shengnan’s hand .

“Miss, we don’t allow photography here . Offenders will fine 100,000 yuan . ” A man in a security uniform said politely, but his actions were very quickly .

Cai Shengnan was stunned for a moment, and soon she went scarlet with embarrassment . She whispered, “Thank you for the reminder, I don’t know that . I just appreciate the decoration and furnishings of this private room, and I didn’t take any photos . Can you return my phone to me? ”

The security guard was very cautious . He said, “I have to check your photos . Please show me the photos you took in the last hour to make sure there are no photos of us in your phone . ”

Cai Shengnan took the phone, and she opened the photo album to show it to the security guard with a sulky expression . She said, “Look, I haven’t taken any photos in the last hour . ”

After the security gard confirmed that the latest photo had been taken three days ago, he nodded at her, “Thank you for your cooperation . ” He bowed to her and turned to leave .

Cai Shengnan glared at the back of the security guard and pouted her lips at him, cursing him for meddling in other people’s business . Just as she was about to turn and leave, the door of the private room in front of her opened .

Gu Nianzhi stood quietly at the door and looked at her with a half smile . “Miss Cai? What are you doing at the door of our private room? Were you taking photos? Puff, why were you secretly taking photos of me? ”

“Miss Gu, I haven’t congratulated you on your engagement with Major General Huo . The whole world was watching the grand engagement ceremony . You’re really lucky . ” Cai Shengnan immediately suppressed the impatience in his heart when he saw Gu Nianzhi and gave her his blessing with a wide smile .

As the saying goes, One will never hit a smiling person .

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Cai Shengnan believed that Gu Nianzhi would definitely not embarrass her since she had lowered herself so much .

Unfortunately, she was wrong . To Gu Nianzhi, For Gu Nianzhi, it is only a matter of whether she wanted to embarrass someone, not whether she could .

Gu Nianzhi smiled as she sized up Cai Shengnan from top to bottom .

She had to admited that Cai Shengnan was indeed in good shape . She wore a smoky gray Issey Miyake professional coverall, which accentuated her curvy figure . Although a bit stocky, she was already very slender compared with the Americans . But she was at least one-third wider than Gu Nianzhi, so it was still conspicuous when she blocked the door .

“Is it the way you congratulate me?” Gu Nianzhi looked up at the camera on the top of the door of her private room . “Standing in the crack of the door and secretly taking pictures of me, I have never heard the way of congratulation . ”

Cai Shengnan just found that there was a camera at the door of the private room!

No wonder the security guard had arrived so quickly . It turned out that everything here was under surveillance .

Cai Shengnan’s face grew now pale, now red . She had never seen someone like Gu Nianzhi that directly mocked her like this .

She had thought that Gu Nianzhi would not be so disrespectful in public .

But she had overestimated Gu Nianzhi’s upbringing and underestimated how shameless she was .

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“Be easy on people, Miss Gu . If you continue to be so aggressive, you’ll only bring shame to Major General Huo . ” Cai Shengnan seemed to have found the moral high ground, and the anger in his heart was completely restored, “Besides, you’re already going to marry Major General Huo . You won’t be so stpuid that let people know how you’ve used Major General Huo’s influence to misbehave outside, right?”

Cai Shengnan knew that the more powerful a person was, the more they cared about their reputation . They were also very strict with their families .

They were not like the family members of those superficial, low-level bureaucrats who wished they could engrave the words “My father is a high official” on their forehead .

“Miss Cai, you’re also a well-known figure in the legal world and a partner of the second largest law firm in the United States . I really didn’t expect you to say something like that . ” Gu Nianzhi shook her head, the disdain on her face was obvious .

Cai Shengnan sneered, “Miss Gu, I’m really sorry, but I always speak different words to different people . To people like you, I can only say what you can understand . If I say legal terms, can you really understand them? Did you really graduate from B University with a master’s degree in law at the age of 19? Don’t take me for granted!”

Cai Shengnan had always thought that she was a genius, but compared with Gu Nianzhi’s record, she was far behind .

Initially, she did not want to compete with Gu Nianzhi, but Gu Nianzhi was engaged to Huo Shaoheng, so she could not keep up .

“Haha, I don’t understand Miss Cai’s legal jargon . ” Gu Nianzhi emphasized the word “Miss Cai,I only understand legal jargon that everyone agrees with . ”

This was a mockery of Cai Shengnan’s “self-created” law .

“What’s the point of only having a sharp-tongue?” Cai Shengnan looked at Gu Nianzhi with pity in her eyes . “Since we’ve encountered each other here today, I’ll remind you in advance . As I’ve said before, you’re already Major General Huo’s fiancée, so if I were you, I’d quit while I’m ahead instead of being too merciless . After all, she’s no longer part of the Huo family and won’t affect you anymore . Why do you have to make things difficult for her?”

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Gu Nianzhi crossed her arms and her expression turned cold . “Miss Cai, who are you speaking for? I don’t understand . The matter between the Huo family and I is a family matter . It’s not up to you, an outsider, to tell us what to do . Who gave you the authority? Who gave you the audacity? ——Ignorance? Or lack of manners?”

Gu Nianzhi’s words successfully aroused Cai Shengnan’s anger and ambition .

She had been hesitant to become Luo Jialan’s legal representative, and was still in the process of weighing her options .

However, upon seeing that Gu Nianzhi was completely ungrateful and refused to compromise or give in, she immediately concluded that Gu Nianzhi wasn’t suitable for Huo Shaoheng and the upper class…

After getting engaged, she didn’t seem to know her rightful place anymore . How confident was she in herself?

Not to mention that they were only engaged, and even if they get married, it was still possible to get a divorce later .

Cai Shengnan almost laughed out loud at the thought of this .

“I’ve really underestimated you in the past, Miss Gu . You’re so eloquent, like an auntie bickering over grocery prices in a flea market . When compared with you, I feel humbled . ” Cai Shengnan reached out to stroke her curly hair . “Too bad that the court isn’t like the flea market . Your skills are destined to be of no use . ”

Cai Shengnan knew that Gu Nianzhi was pretty capable, but at this point, where else would she get the opportunity to rein in Gu Nianzhi’s arrogance and entirely infuriate her .

There were surveillance cameras there . Cai Shengnan determined that after Gu Nianzhi and the others left, she would retrieve the surveillance footage there .

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