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Chapter 1290
Chapter 1290: Looking down on others

Cai Shengnan stood at the entrance of Luhuitou restaurant awkwardly with her phone in her hand . She looked very upset .

Luo Jialan, who was dressed in Chanel’s new early summer fashion, said hurriedly, “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with the private room? ”

“The restaurant manager said that the owner of the private room is here, so we can only eat in the lobby . ” Cai Shengnan pursed his lips and put away his phone, “How about we go somewhere else for dinner?”

Luo Jialan and Cai Shengnan were both members here, but Cai Shengnan’s villa was in Little Tangshan to the north, while Luo Jialan’s villa was here, which was well located .

In terms of land prices, the villas in the West mountains were priceless because the houses here could not be bought with money . They were considered top-tier .

Little Tangshan was a medium-sized villa group, which could only be considered second-tier among the villas in the capital .

However, Cai Shengnan was different . She came back from the United States . The House in the capital was temporarily bought by her father, Cai susumin . As time was tight, her aunt, Cai Songyin, could not find a house to buy at the West Mountain Villa for the time being, moreover, at that time, they did not want to attract attention, so they specially bought a villa in Xiaotangshan, which had more miscellaneous personnel .

However, she was still willing to come to Luhuitou restaurant for dinner and business .

It was difficult for her to get a membership card if she didn’t stay here .

However, at that time, her aunt, Cai Songyin, was the wife of the prime minister, and her uncle Tan Dongbang was the prime minister . So with Songin Cai’s connections, she also get her own membership card at Luhuitou restaurant .

Of course, it was only the most common membership card, not the highest platinum membership card, which meant that they might not have a private room when they came here .

However, Luo Jialan didn’t want to go anywhere else .

It was a short walk from her villa, and she was really tired of driving out .

“It’s fine . Let’s eat in the lobby . Actually, the lobby here has a very chic design . ” Luo Jialan walked in first .

The restaurant manager asked the two foremen to invite them to two seats by the window . “What do you think of this seat? ”

Cai Shengnan looked at it carefully and asked the two foremen, “Which private room did we originally book?”

The two foremen pointed to the small private room in the middle and said, “It’s right there . Sorry, the owner is here . so we can’t arrange it casually . ”

“Never mind . I’m just out of curiosity . I haven’t been to the private room here before, ” Cai Shengnan said with a smile, but his eyes were fixed on the door of the private room .

The two foremen carried a screen to block the side of the small table .

Behind them was a huge basin of Dripping Guanyin . The water gurgled and the music flowed faintly, which was actually very comfortable and guaranteed enough privacy .

Luo Jialan and Cai Shengnan smiled in unison .

“Just here . ” The two of them nodded to the foreman . “Please order for us . ”

Just as the two of them were about to order, Cai Shengnan’s phone rang . She took it over to take a look and found it was from her father, Cai susumin .

At this time, it was midnight in the United States . Why was he calling at this time?

Cai Shengnan quickly picked up the phone . “Daddy, haven’t you gone to sleep?”

Cai susumin’s voice was very hoarse, but he was very energetic . “Shengnan, have you seen the Japanese news? ”

“… No, why? Is there anything I should see?” Cai Shengnan looked at the menu while chatting with her father .

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“Haven’t you paid any attention to the case of the ‘Angel in the Human World’ foundation? ” Cai susumin’s face darkened . “Shengnan, although you’ve returned to the counrty, you can’t abandon your profession . You must always maintain a strong thirst for knowledge in your profession . ”

“I know, Daddy . Why are you so serious? You should go to bed early . I’m going to watch the news . ” Cai Shengnan said as she searched the Internet for the ‘Angel in the Human World’ foundation case and clicked on it .

It turned out that the case was supposed to be closed for sentencing today .

However, the entire Japanese Internet was flooded with the news that the supreme judge presiding over the case had suddenly died at home!

He Zhichu and Gu Nianzhi sat in the private room of Luhuitou restaurant and chatted .

The dishes they had ordered were quickly delivered .

There were two steamed lobsters, a plate of steamed grouper, two pots of fine white cubilose, as well as shrimp with salt and pepper and steamed spareribs with black bean sauce .

For the vegetarian dishes, they ordered a bamboo shoot with mushroom mushroom and a spiced celery .

Gu Nianzhi ate the steamed lobsters first .

The lobster meat was sweet and juicy . It was no worse than the lobster they had eaten in Cape City in South Africa!

Seeing her eat happily, He zhichu smiled gentlely . He scooped a small bowl of fine white cubilose from the stewed pot and placed it in front of her .

Without lifting her head, Gu Nianzhi thanked him and focused on eating the lobster .

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He Zhichu had just taken a few bites of the steamed grouper when he felt his phone vibrate .

He took out his cellphone and found that it was a call from Smith .

Smith was his subordinate at the American law firm and was also a member of the main legal team representing Gu Nianzhi in the lawsuit in Japan .

The call at this time must have been the result of the case .

He Zhichu curled his lips, his fingers moving slightly as he slid open the phone .

The call had just been picked up when Smith’s mournful voice came through . “Mr . He, something has happened… ”

He Zhichu stood up and said calmly to Gu Nianzhi, “I’m going out to take a call . There is something to deal with . ”

Gu Nianzhi nodded, “Please help yourself, Professor He . ”

He Zhichu walked out of the private room with his phone in his hand .

Cai Shengnan and Luo Jialan had just finished ordering . Luo Jialan was sitting with her back to he zhichu’s private room, while Cai Shengnan was sitting diagonally across the room .

Cai Shengnan saw He Zhichu at a glance when he pushed open the door and walked out of the private room .

Isn’t the man He Zhichu? !

Cai Shengnan’s expression turned cold .

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Could this private room belong to He Zhichu?

That’s impossible . .

In this restaurant where people looked down on others, the person who could reserve a private room was definitely not an ordinary person . Not only did he have money, but he also had power .

Even her uncle and aunt, who were the former prime minister, were unable to help her father buy a villa in the West Mountains . What was he Zhichu capable of?

He Zhichu must have come to eat with a friend . This private room should have been reserved by his friend .

What kind of friends did a person like he Zhichu make?

Cai Shengnan was quite curious, so when He Zhichu walked through the corridor and walked toward the restaurant’s entrance, Cai Shengnan quietly stood up .

Under the cover of the giant dripping Guanyin beside her, Cai Shengnan quietly stood up and quickly walked toward the private room that he Zhichu came out of .

When she reached the door of the private room, she saw that the door was not locked and was only ajar .

Cai Shengnan looked through the crack in the door and saw the silhouette of a young woman with a ponytail . She was wearing a black t-shirt, light blue slim-legged jeans, and her two slender and straight legs were crossed together .

She saw the shoes on her feet . They were Isabel Marant’s, and the simple pair of white flat heeled singletons were worth at least three thousand dollars .

Cai Shengnan’s eyes were burning with envy . She looked up from the woman’s shoes inch by inch .

At that time, the woman inside suddenly turned her head, and Cai Shengnan clearly saw her face . It was Gu Nianzhi!

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