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Chapter 1277: 1277
Chapter 1277: Must Add your Friends back

Vladimir’s forehead was already covered in cold sweat .

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and tried his best to remain calm . He nodded in response to Huo Shaoheng’s words . “Major General Huo is right . I’ll go back and find out which idiot… has made the decision . ”

“You’ll go back and find out? Now? Right now? ” Huo Shaoheng raised an eyebrow . “Don’t you know who made the decision? Will no one notify you before your subordinates are evaluated? Vladimir, you’re not lying as the second-in-command of the KGB, are you? ”

These words thoroughly infuriated Vladimir and touched his sore spot .

Vasily’s self-assertion, his guilt and uneasiness towards Lina, and the anger he had been forced by Huo Shaoheng had combined and broken through his restraint .

He raised his head sharply . His calmness and composure just now had completely disappeared . He glared fiercely at Huo Shaoheng . “I’m a fake second-in-command? ! I’ll show you what a real second-in-command is! ”

Vladimir took out his phone and dialed a number and gabbled a bunch of Russian to the operator on the other end of the line .

Vladimir was so angry that he forget that Huo Shaoheng also understood Russian .

“Is there the headquarters supervision department? As the second-in-command of the KGB, I order you to immediately investigate the head of the headquarters political department, Comrade Vassili . Not only does he have a questionable style of work, but he also has the potential to collude with the enemy in his work… ”

“Which enemy did he colluded wit? If I knew, would I need you to investigate?! Investigate now! Yes, lock him up! If any of you dares to inform him, he will be the next person to be investigated! ”

Vladimir roared, the resentment in his heart finally vented out .

Vasily had always been cautious, and he had evidence against a lot of people . Ordinary people would not dare to touch him, nor would they be able to touch him .

However, Vladimir had provided an important clue, which was working style issue . And it had opened up a gap .

There were too many people who had been framed by Vasily . Without the protection of the upper, he would be fixed by others at any moment .

Vladimir hung up the phone and said coldly to Huo Shaoheng, “Major General Huo, are you satisfied now? I’ll find out the truth and find out who’s behind this . ”

He also felt something was wrong now .

Even if they wanted to find out if Lina was a spy for the Huaxia Empire, there was no need to take advantage of Song jinning and Gu Nianzhi!

Everyone in the KGB knew that Gu Nianzhi was Huo Shaoheng’s fiancée and Song Jinning was Huo Shaoheng’s mother!

Even if it was a joke, it was too much to play such a trick in front of her .

No one would laugh it off after experiencing something like this .

It was quite understandable that Huo Shaoheng was so anger . Acutually it would be unreasonable if he wasn’t angry .

Vladimir calmed down and said with sincerity, “Major General Huo, I understand how you feel . I will apologize to Ms . Song and Cereus . ”

Huo Shaoheng nodded and softened his tone, but his attitude was still a little stiff, he said, “I’ll wait and see . You have a good subordinate who has tried to intercede for you . If it wasn’t for Ivan’s guarantee that you wouldn’t do such a stupid thing, I will never let you go!” Then he turned and left .

After Huo Shaoheng left, Vladimir stood under the tree for a long time .

The gentle breeze blew, and the Birch Forest sang . Vladimir’s eyes were filled with green mountains and clear waters, while his heart was cold and warm .

He had not expected that Ivan, that unreliable fellow, would actually stand on his side at such a critical moment and plead for him .

And Lina . .

For the first time, he had the idea of starting a family .

He wanted a family and a parter who would never leave his side . When he was lonely, when he was framed and attacked, even when he was in pain, someone would always stand by his side .

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Could this person be Lina?

Vladimir had a good impression of Lina, but it would take time for this good impression to develop into love .

In the midst of these whimsical fancies, someone patted him heavily on the shoulder .

“Boss? What are you doing? ”

He raised his head and saw the driver Ivan’s enlarged face .

Vladimir’s face immediately became expressionless . “Nothing . What’s wrong?”

“Nothing? The expression on your face just now was so disgusting, which seemed to be deeply touched . You must need a spanking . ” Ivan was always lacking in manners when talked to him .

“Bah! You deserve a beating! ” Vladimir gave him a kick, but still said, ” … I just ordered the KGB supervision department to investigate Vasily . ”

“Wow! You finally took an action!” Ivan became excited, and he grabbed Vladimir’s shoulder and shook it vigorously . “Boss! I’ve been with you for so long, and the thing you’ve done today is the thing that makes me the happiest! ”

It was Vladimir’s turn to be disgusted . He pushed Ivan’s hand away and said angrily, “Piss off! I wish I haven’t known you!”

He slid open his phone, intending to apologize to Gu Nianzhi and ask her if she needed to see a doctor .

However, after searching through his phone’s contact list, he couldn’t find her phone number .

He couldn’t remember Gu Nianzhi’s phone number at the moment, so he opened WeChat .

But when he sent a message over, the system displayed, “You’re not the other party’s friend yet… ”

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Vladimir: ” … ”

Unwilling to give up, he opened Awepay and attempted to send a message .

He found the dialog box where they had chatted the last time, entering the message, and sent it out, and it was still showed “You’re not the other party’s friend . Send a friend request to chat . ”

Vladimir was going crazy .

“Cereus deleted me?! ”

Ivan hurriedly opened his phone and looked at the discussion group of the three people who had been deducted . He said regretfully, “the KGB trio has become a two-person group . You are no longer in the discussion group . You’re done . You have offended Cereus . There will be no more red packets in the future . ”

Ivan opened his own exclusive red packet . He was very happy .

Vladimir gripped his phone and glared at Ivan . “Give me her phone number! ”

Although Ivan was unwilling, he still sent Gu Nianzhi’s number to Vladimir .

Vladimir dialed the number and found that Gu Nianzhi’s number was still in the middle of the call .

He patiently waited for five minutes, but her phone was still in the middle of the call .

What was going on?

Vladimir grabbed the driver’s cell phone and used it to call Gu Nianzhi .

This time, the call went through .

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It turned out that Gu Nianzhi had not only deleted his friend list, but had also blocked his phone number!

His heart was filled with anger, and the call went through .

Gu Nianzhi’s sweet and soft voice came through the phone .

“Hello, Uncle Ivan . What’s up? What can I do for you? ”

Vladimir composed himself and said, “Cereus, it’s Vladimir . ”

Before Gu Nianzhi could hang up, Vladimir quickly added, “We were wrong this morning . I apologize to you . I promise to punish those responsible . I’ve already arranged people to investigate him . I’ll definitely give you an explanation! ”

Since Vladimir had already said so, Gu Nianzhi couldn’t hang up the phone anymore .

She leaned against the four-poster bed in the resort villa suite and said reservedly, “Lieutenant General Vladimir, our lives are worthless, so I hope that you will be kind enough not to make us the first target of attack . ”

“It’s all a misunderstanding . I didn’t expect them to be so unreasonable . Don’t blacklist me . Without your red packet, how am I supposed to live?! ” Vladimir looked wronged and said as if he was completely “subservient” to the red packet .

“The thought of being blacklisted by you and no one giving me a big red packet in the future makes me feel even worse! ” Vladimir’s words were very flattering .

Ivan looked at him in shock, and gave his boss a thumbs up for his “flexible” attitude .

Vladimir gave him a fierce kick and turned to continue coaxing Gu Nianzhi .

As the second-in-command of the KGB, he had very few friends to make . Gu Nianzhi was one of the few friends he felt he could make . She was much better than her cunning fiancé, Huo Shaoheng .

Besides, Vladimir couldn’t directly add huo Shaoheng as a friend, so he had to keep relationship with Gu Nianzhi .

He clenched his fist! He must add your friends back!

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