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Chapter 1276: 1276
Chapter 1276: Teach them a Lesson

Since Vladimir had asked him to leave, Ivan took the opportunity and left quickly .

He walked out the door of the resort and saw Huo Shaoheng smoking under a large tree on the front lawn of the resort .

The curling smoke obscured his expression .

Ivan thought for a moment and walked over to greet Huo Shaoheng . “Major General Huo, are you still waiting for the results? ”

Huo Shaoheng: ” … ”

It seemed that what he and Vladimir had said in the conference room had been overheard by the guy standing guard at the door .

However, Huo Shaoheng didn’t mind it . He casually threw the cigarette butt in his hand into a round barrel of logs near the tree and said calmly, “Yes, how is it going? You must give us an explanation on this matter . ”

Ivan scratched his head, feeling very troubled . “But we didn’t get anything out of it… they are all planned by those idiots from the political department . Anyway, we’ll do whatever they can to disgust us… ”

Huo Shaoheng’s eyes narrowed, and he still looked displeased as he waved his hand . “Don’t make excuses . My mother and my fiancée were almost killed by you guys . Why should I understand you guys . ”

“But it’s really not our boss’s fault…” Ivan blinked, feeling wronged for Vladimir .

Huo Shaoheng looked up at the sky with a disapproving expression . “You’re still defending your boss on the occasion . Looks like Cereus’s red packet was all for naught… ”

Ivan immediately became righteous and waved his hand, ” How could it be possible? Cereus was almost killed by an explosion . It’s all the fault of those idiots from the political department at Headquarters . I even don’t understand why did they wanted to test Lina . They always give us difficults trying their best to stop Major Lina from getting promoted, and even make such a trouble… Fortunately, she acted quickly and saved Cereus… ”

Huo Shaoheng became even angrier . He sniffed, “Do you think Lina can still get promoted after hurting my families? Tell them to stop dreaming . If they don’t get to the bottom of the matter and give me an explanation, I’m really not done with you! ”

Ivan glared at Huo Shaoheng . “What else do you want? Egg in your beer? No matter how powerful you are, you’re just a major general of the Huaxia Empire . It has nothing to do with us! ”

“What else do I want? Found out who were responsible for the issue and hold them accountable . No one want to play games with me . ” Huo Shaoheng had made up his mind to torture the Russian KGB this time .

Ivan shivered and raised his hands . “Just punish them, it has nothing to do with me! Don’t speak ill of me in front of Cereus! ”

Huo Shaoheng folded his arms and said expressionlessly, “That depends on your performance, Mr . Ivan . Let’s see if you’re willing to stand on the side of the light or continue down the path to the dark side . ”

“I have long been in the light . ” Ivan laughed loudly . “I’m the KGB . Is there anyone more aboveboard than me?” He waved his hand and left .

Huo Shaoheng smiled bitterly in his heart . With such a subordinate, it was no wonder Vladimir was so upset .

However, even though Ivan often contradicted his boss to his face, behind his boss’s back, he was still quite righteous . At least he was willing to speak up for Vladimir instead of adding insult to injury .

Huo Shaoheng took out another cigarette from his pocket . When he was about to smoke, he saw Lina walk out of the resort with red eyes .

Vladimir was by her side, looking at her carefully . Even his smile was very flattering .

Huo Shaoheng put on a stern expression, standing under the tree with his hands behind his back . He was tall and handsome, and his features were as exquisite as a painting . However, his expression was solemn and inviolable .

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In front of Vladimir, Huo Shaoheng rarely put on airs, but this time, he had to .

The KGB had gone too far .

No matter what the reason was, it was clear that they did not pay any more attention to him or even the Huaxia Empire .

More importantly, their actions showed that they had no regard for the lives of the citizens of the Huaxia Empire’s citizens in their eyes, which was the main reason for Huo Shaoheng’s anger .

Huo Shaoheng must teach them a lesson . Otherwise, the safety of Huaxia citizens overseas would not be guaranteed to the greatest extent .

Lina rolled her eyes and bowed her head . She hadn’t noticed Huo Shaoheng at first, but Huo Shaoheng’s aura was so powerful that she still looked up subconsciously, even she didn’t see him .

Huo Shaoheng looked at her coldly and said, “Please forgive me for not being able to thank Major Lina for her behavior today . Although your quick action saved my mother and my fiancée’s lives, the dangerous situation was caused by KGB . I deeply abhor the kind of the fake heroic action . ”

Lina nodded with a straight face and said coldly, “I was carrying out my superior’s orders . I didn’t mean to save your mother and your fiancée . It is no need to thank me, Major General Huo . ”

Vladimir was so relieved by Lina’s words that he felt that all the depression of the past two days and the anger he had suffered from Huo Shaoheng today had suddenly disappeared .

Every whisker on his face seemed to be smiling .

Huo Shaoheng felt the scene was more obtrusive . His gazed on Vladimir coldly and he raised his chin . “Lieutenant General Vladimir, is there a conclusion to this matter? What exactly is going on? ”

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Vladimir extended his hand towards him with a smile, “Major General Huo, it’s a just a misunderstanding! Actually, it’s only a small test for Major Lina’s promotion from our headquarters . It is all right now . Hahahahaha… ”

Why are you f*cking laughing?

Huo Shaoheng refused to shake Vladimir’s hand . He continued to put his hands behind his back and looked down at him coldly .

Vladimir’s smile became awkward . He pouted at Lina awkwardly . “You go back first and continue to protect Ms . Song . ”

“Don’t brother . ” Huo Shaoheng interrupted him . “We’ll protect our scientists . If we still let you protect them, they won’t even know how to die . ”

Lina said expressionlessly, “I only listen to Lieutenant General Vladimir’s orders . Major General Huo, you have no right to order me . ”

“Lina, how can you talk to Major General Huo like that? ! ” Vladimir pretended to be angry and gently hit her .

Lina: ” … ”

“Alright, you go back and rest first . Don’t worry about anything for now . ” Vladimir patted her shoulder . “I’ll make the arrangements after I consult the headquarters . ”

Lina nodded and turned to leave .

When Lina was far away, Huo Shaoheng said to Vladimir, ” Who came up with the stupid idea for the assessment? How dare you gamble with the lives of our country’s people to assess your personnel? Have you asked me? Have you asked the millions of soldiers of the Huaxia Empire? ”

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His words were a bit harsh . Vladimir quickly said, “How can that be? It’s just a coincidence . And you know, that ‘Electric spark’ is just a toy . It’s not lethal… ”

Huo Shaoheng flipped his wrist, and a fruit knife appeared in his hand . He pushed it forward and placed it in front of Vladimir’s throat rapidly .

Huo Shaoheng said casually, “It is also a toy knife, but it can still take your life . ”

Vladimir stood rooted to the ground with fear .

Huo Shaoheng was f*cking fast in action!

He didn’t even have time to draw his gun, and the knife had already reached his neck…

Vladimir slowly raised his hand and pushed Huo Shaoheng’s hand away from the small fruit knife . “Major General Huo, don’t play such a joke . ”

“Do you even know there is no joking about such matters? Don’t pretend to be ignorant, we’re all in this business . even if a toy-type instrument like ‘electric spark’, it can become a real time bomb at any moment as long as we want it to . Don’t tell me that the KGB doesn’t know how to modify it . ”

Vladimir was forced into a corner . He opened his mouth and he opened his mouth, almost saying that they did that for a reason .

However, in front of Huo Shaoheng, the biggest intelligence chief of the Huaxia Empire, how could he say that Lina was a spy from the Huaxia Empire?

Da*n it!

He must be out of mind!

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