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Chapter 1262: 1262
Chapter 1262 Unexpected Gains No one answered the phone for a long time . Huo Shaoheng looked at his watch . He couldn’t figure out where the Xie family’s uncle was at the moment, or if it was inconvenient for him to pick up the phone due to the time difference .

He knew that even though the Xie family had settled down in Europe, the Xie family had a large business . All members from Xie family had their own businesses and often traveled all over Bluestar on business .

So he sent a text message: “This is Shaoheng . Call me when you are available . I need your advice . “ .

Putting his phone away, Huo Shaoheng heard that Gu Nianzhi was still arguing with Vladimir about the control of the trust fund . He calmly stopped Gu Nianzhi, “Nianzhi, Vladimir is professional . You have to be modest . ”

Gu Nianzhi snapped out of her daze and stopped arguing with Vladimir .

She saw that Vladimir was so angry at her that he was puffing out his chest . She was also amused .

She lowered her head and thought for a moment . She took out the polaroid that she had just put away and sweetly said to Vladimir, “Mr . Vladimir, let me take a picture of you . Can you give me your autograph? ”

Only then did Vladimir turn around . Although his face was still expressionless, his heart was already bursting with joy .

My dear! You finally remembered to ask for my autographed photo!

She had even asked for Ivan’s autographed photo before, but didn’t ask for his!

Gu Nianzhi used the polaroid to take a few photos of Vladimir . She then printed them out and picked the one with the best angle to let him sign .

After signing, Gu Nianzhi put away the polaroid and gifted them another red packet . She then looked at Lina, who was sitting beside her and asked with a big smile, “Lina, what’s your phone number? Do you have a WeChat accout? Add me as a friend and I’ll give you a red packet . ”

Lina looked at her calmly and shook her head . “I don’t have a wechat account . According to the rules, we can’t have such social media accounts . ”

Gu Nianzhi was surprised and glanced at Vladimir and Ivan .

Both of them lowered their heads, as if they hadn’t heard what Lina had said .

Gu Nianzhi asked curiously, “Is that so? All the KGB can’t have social media accounts? They must have phone numbers, right? ”

Lina lowered her eyes and gave a phone number, she added, “This is the bureau’s number . It’s monitored 24 hours a day . Not everyone in the KGB can’t have social media accounts . High-ranking officials and insignificant people who don’t hold positions in the key operations group can have their own private social media accounts . ”

Ivan felt stifled .

He was one of those “Insignificant people who don’t hold positions in the key operations group” . .

Vladimir was, of course, a “high-ranking member” of the KGB . The corners of his lips curled up, and he was in a good mood .

Gu Nianzhi replied with an “Oh, ” but did not say anything else .

The jeep fell silent for a moment, and the KGB motorcade ran wildly on the sparsely populated highway .

They were only two hours away from their destination, Tunguska, Siberia .

Not long after, Huo Shaoheng’s phone vibrated .

He took it out to take a look . It was a text message from Uncle Xie .

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It seemed that it was inconvenient to call .

Huo Shaoheng used the text message to exchange information with him .

When learning that the Xie family’s trust fund had paid for the murder of Huo Shaoheng from the Russian mafia, Uncle Xie was shocked and sent a lot of exclamation marks .

He finally couldn’t help but find a place to call Huo Shaoheng .

“Shaoheng, it is absolutely impossible . Why would we hire the Russian mafia to kill you? Even if we want to deal with you, do we need to hire the Russian mafia? ” Uncle Xie’s voice was clear and bright, just from his voice, it was impossible to imagine that he was almost 50 .

Huo Shaoheng nodded . “I know . I just want to know what’s going on with this trust fund . ”

He sent Uncle Xie the bank account number of the trust fund .

“Wait a moment, I’ll let someone to check it out . ”

The call ended . Huo Shaoheng fiddled with his phone, thinkinng about possible candidates .

Without a doubt, Luo Jialan’s name entered his field of vision once again .

Huo Shaoheng sent another text to Yin Shixiong: [ Big Xiong, how did you go with the background check on Luo Jialan? ]

Yin Shixiong replied instantly: There’s something odd about Luo Jialan’s experience in Europe last year . She’s still investigating .

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That would be the time when Luo jialan would accompany grandfather huo to the Xie family in Europe to “relax” .

Was there something else going on at that time?

Huo Shaoheng pursed his lips and continued to ask: [ Is there anything strange? ]

Yin Shixiong replied: [ She had transferred money to a Swiss bank account . That account was the bank account of a police chief in the Lothlaw region . The police chief’s name Was York, and his stepson was seth . ]

He didn’t expect to see this name here .

Huo Shaoheng remained calm . His fingers rubbed against the phone’s screen as he typed a reply: “Continue to investigate . Don’t miss a single clue . At the same time, put Luo Jialan under 24-hour surveillance . Find a court warrant and search all her assets . ”

The police chief in the Lothlau area, York, was almost directly related to Gu Nianzhi’s accident in Germany .

Seth had already been killed . Although York had been removed from his post, he was immediately transferred to be the principal of the police academy in Rossella . He had only been removed from his post after he had been exposed for taking bribes .

Only after He Zhichu and Gu Nianzhi jointly filed a lawsuit against him was he finally sent to the detention center .

However, before he could be sentenced, he was killed in the detainment center .

It turned out that from that moment on, Luo Jialan had been involved in the scheme against Gu Nianzhi .

After York’s Swiss bank account balance was exposed, the astronomical number left a deep impression on many people .

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There was actually money from the Xie family’s trust fund?!

Although he knew that it wasn’t the Xie family’s fault, Huo Shaoheng still felt a chill rise from the depths of his heart .

How much did the person who had targeted Gu Nianzhi hate her?

All these conspiracies against Gu Nianzhi not only had the goal of physically destroying her, but also psychologically destroying her .

After all, Huo Shaoheng was Gu Nianzhi’s pillar of support . If the conspiracy had succeeded, that person would definitely let Gu Nianzhi know that the “Xie Family’s Trust Fund” had also contributed money and manpower . This way, she would inevitably think of Huo Shaoheng .

This was so that she wouldn’t be at peace even if she died .

What sort of outrageous thing had Gu Nianzhi done for someone to have such a huge grudge against her?

She had been with Huo Shaoheng since she was 12 years old . Huo Shaoheng could guarantee that Gu Nianzhi hadn’t done anything unspeakable in the past seven or eight years .

Perhaps something happened before she was 12 years old?

But before she was 12 years old, Gu Nianzhi was only a child . And judging from her personality, she wasn’t the kind of mischievous child that was born to be a troublemaker .

What could such an upright and decent little girl do to cause someone to hold a grudge for seven to eight years, or perhaps even more than ten years?

Huo Shaoheng didn’t believe that it was Gu Nianzhi’s problem at all .

He only came to one conclusion: someone was envious of Gu Nianzhi and had become so envious that he or she had lost his or her mind and gone insane .

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