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Chapter 1259
Chapter 1259 The Tiger Flaunts Its Power As Huo Shaoheng spoke, he had already reached behind the seat and brought over his suitcase . He took out a box of N95 masks from inside and tore open the packaging to put them on Gu Nianzhi . Gu Nianzhi did not say anything . She took out another mask and put it on Huo Shaoheng . She then took out two more masks and handed them to Vladimir and the driver in the front row, she smiled and said, “This is a specialty mask from the Huaxia Empire . It’s a necessity for domestic travel . ”

Vladimir: ” … ”

The driver happily received them and put them on . He even turned around and smiled at Gu Nianzhi . “Thank you!”

“Why do you guys carry masks around?” Vladimir asked suspiciously .

Huo Shaoheng replied calmly, “Cereus is allergic to pollen . This is for her . ”

Of course not . .

Gu Nianzhi thought to herself: When did I become allergic to pollen?

However, since Huo Shaoheng was pretending to be telling the truth, she wouldn’t expose him, because she believed that Huo Shaoheng must have a reason .

Gu Nianzhi sneezed at the right time and said ambivalently, ” … What a coincidence . ”

A lot of foreigners were allergic to pollen, so the two KGB officers would believe this reason .

However, this mask wasn’t designed to protect against highly toxic pesticides in the air . It could only withstand them for a while .

However, highly toxic pesticides that were sprayed into the air without being diluted would still be poisonous if they stuck to the skin .

Their jeep had been riddled with holes from the agricultural airplanes . They were already full of holes .

Although the holes weren’t big enough for bullets to enter, the air could still seep in!

“How despicable! How vicious! ” Gu Nianzhi clenched her fists . “Is there no way to deal with them?!”

If the enemy had only been shooting, they could have just shot down the agricultural plane .

But the enemy was spraying highly toxic pesticides now . If the plane was shot down, the entire area land would definitely be in trouble…

Vladimir said fiercely, “Of course there’s a way . Do you really think we have no way to deal with these petty people?!”

He picked up his phone and sent a message to his action team . “Agricultural airplanes are spraying highly toxic pesticides . Do you guys have your RPG-7 Bazookas? ”

This was a relatively large weapon . When the KGB went on missions, they usually didn’t bring heavy weapons .

But this time, the situation called for an exception .

After receiving the message, the head of the action team, Peter, silently replied, “Yes, we have them . We’ll be there right away . ”

Raising their speed to the highest gear, the three of them drove faster and faster . They were almost flying on the road .

Not long after, they could vaguely see the yellow and white agricultural aircraft in the sky!

“RPG-7, get ready ” As if he had not woken up, the leader of the action team, Peter, narrowed his eyes and calmly gave the order .

The roof of the three Hummer hybrid vehicles suddenly opened . Wearing gas masks and bulletproof helmets, all of them were fully armed . The members of the action team wearing bulletproof vests carried the most sophisticated RPG-7 rocket launchers from Russia and stood out from the roof open skylight .

“Fox-1, target, three o’clock, vertical altitude 700 feet, straight line distance 1,100 feet, fire . ”

The rocket launchers who stood up from the skylight of the first car aimed at the agricultural aircraft at the lowest altitude in front .

Their RPG-7 shoulder-mounted rocket launchers could be equipped with a variety of warheads, but for the agricultural plane that was spraying highly toxic pesticides in the sky, they chose to use high explosive incendiary bombs that were propelled by small rockets . These incendiary bombs had fast firepower and burned very well, they would not leave any pesticide residue to pollute the land .

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“Fox-1, ready, clear, Shoot!”

The person carrying the RPG-7 rocket launcher on the shoulder of the first car was actually the only woman in their action team, Lina .

Although she looked frail, she had much physical strength . She can even operate this type of shoulder-carried rocket launcher .

With a whoosh, the dark RPG-7 rocket launcher on her shoulder spewed out a powerful flame!

The first-stage ammunition tube quickly exploded . Heading straight for the target, the high explosive incendiary bomb shot out of the launch tube like an arrow leaving a bow!

Immediately after, the second-stage solid rocket was ignited, and the high-explosive incendiary bomb instantly reached the maximum flying speed of 300 meters per second .

This firing method didn’t produce any recoil, nor did it withstand the bore pressure of conventional artillery which often exploded . Therefore, it was very light and thin, and could be carried by a single soldier .

However, the gunpowder gas that spewed out from the rear of the rocket barrel was very dangerous, and it couldn’t be used in an enclosed space .

Therefore, they needed to open the skylight and stand up from the car to launch .

This was also a very dangerous behavior in air-to-air combat .

Because a rocket launcher that stood up was the equivalent of a moving target .

Lina was quite brave to be the first to stand up .

Her arm was very steady, and her firing accuracy was also among the best .

Soon, the first high explosive incendiary bomb whistled and hit the agricultural plane that flew the lowest, the one closest to the front!

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With an earth-shattering boom!

The plane was instantly engulfed by a huge fireball . Highly toxic pesticides were originally flammable and explosive . Coupled with the power of the high-explosive incendiary bomb, in less than a minute, the plane whistled and fell into a field not that far away .

The fireball was still burning . The visual impact was too shocking . The pilots piloting the agricultural plane were all scared out of their wits . They could not even hold the joystick in front of them .

They wanted to turn back, but the KGB team that had caught up with them wouldn’t let them go .

In the three Hummer hybrid vehicles that were coming from behind, the rocket launchers were calm and composed . Almost every firebomb had hit a agricultural aircraft that was spraying pesticide!

The jeep driven by the middle-aged driver in front was also trying its best to speed up, and soon they were far away from the area where the highly toxic pesticide was being sprayed .

Gu Nianzhi turned to look at the dignified and composed KGB driver at the front of the Hummer . She was extremely envious and chuckled as she said, “She’s so cool!”

Huo Shaoheng: ” … ”

Vladimir’s face was full of pride . “She is my subordinate! Her name is Lina, and she’s only 29 years old . I was the one who promoted her to the rank of major!”

“And she’s a woman? ! ” Gu Nianzhi was even more surprised . She clapped her hands and said, “Oh my, that young lady is so impressive! I must get her autograph later!”

The KGB members were almost as strong as the regular Russian militia .

And no matter how brave the mafia was, they were no match against the regular militia .

In front of the KGB team, whose combat power was off the charts, they were practically beaten to a pulp!

More than 20 agricultural planes weren’t spared . They were all shot down with high-explosive incendiary bombs!

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More than a dozen fireballs were burning in the fields . It was a spectacular sight!

Gu Nianzhi hadn’t seen enough yet . A few more people in white chemical suits jumped out of the three Hummers and took fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire in the field .

The highly toxic pesticides had been burned clean, but the fire couldn’t be immediately extinguished . It would burn in the field . Depending on the wind , there was the possibility of a forest fire .

Fortunately, the KGB team had all the necessary equipment .

Since they had brought high-explosive incendiary bombs, they had to bring their own fire extinguishing devices .

They had to kill, Burn, bury, and extinguish the fire all in one go!

Vladimir’s jeep stopped not that far away . The smell of highly toxic pesticides was no longer in the air .

Bringing with it the smell of burnt flesh, a gust of wind blew .

Gu Nianzhi jumped out of the jeep . She was still wearing her mask, but her large dark pupils seemed to shine . She watched as the people in the Hummer behind them walked towards them step by step .

Vladimir stood beside her and said proudly, “Cereus, it’s impressive, isn’t it?!”

Huo Shaoheng also got out of the car . With his hands behind his back, he stood calmly beside Gu Nianzhi . His gaze was at times intense and at times aloof . His gaze swept past Lina, who was at the front, and landed on Peter, who was diagonally behind her .

Peter still looked as if he hadn’t woken up . Behind Lina, He walked towards Vladimir . Suddenly, he raised his right hand and saluted . “Mr . Vladimir, team one is reporting for duty! The time spent was one hour, 58 minutes, and 49 seconds!

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