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Chapter 1257: 1257
Chapter 1257 Much Self-Assurance Vladimir wasn’t entirely sure which mafia had done it, but it was definitely related to the Tomahawk Gang, the largest mafia in Russia . Even if the Tomahawk Gang hadn’t done it directly, they were at least somewhat involved .

The reason was very simple . As Huo Shaoheng had said, other mafia organizations probably didn’t have as much power .

Even if they were lucky enough to come across such a lucrative task, it was impossible for them to complete the task on their own .

They had to find help . Usually, they would find the Tomahawk Gang, the largest mafia in Russia, to work together .

The KGB had their own spies in all the major mafias in Russia, but this time, considering that the level of involvement should be relatively high, Vladimir contacted one of their sleeper agents who had been undercover in the Tomahawk mafia for many years .

After the news was sent, Vladimir looked at his watch again .

Fifteen minutes had passed, and he had given his team a deadline of two hours .

In less than two hours, his team would all be disbanded .

Because this proved that these people were either incompetent or moles that had become double agents .

No matter which scenario it was, he wouldn’t use these useless people anymore .

Vladimir’s action team was a temporary team made up of internet experts, snipers, observers, explosives experts, and mechanical experts . They also had a medical staff . It was a configuration that could be used on the battlefield .

Mechanical experts were also experts in operating and repairing various machines, such as various cars, planes, ships, and even tanks .

Once they started racing on the road, even Formula One’s first-class drivers were no match against them .

At this moment, the three Hummer SUVs modified by their action team were blocked by two large trucks with 18 overturned wheels on the road . There were also about a dozen police cars with flashing lights blocking the road .

There was also a large crane that was trying to lift the overturned 18-wheeled SUV up and straighten it so that it could drive away .

The three people driving the KGB action team were secretly all mechanical experts .

There was once a person who used a false identity to participate in a European Formula 1 race and won a world championship .

Looking at the two “roadblocks” in front of them with blank expressions, They propped their heads with their hands and leaned against the open window .

“What should we do? Our boss has given us a death order . He wants us to catch up to them within two hours ” This time, the leader of the operation team was Peter, was a man in his thirties . He wasn’t tall, nor was he very burly . As if he had not woken up yet, he kept squinting his eyes .

However, only his companions knew that his actions when he drew his gun were shockingly fast .

The fastest person in terms of the speed of drawing a gun on the entire blue planet, and from drawing a gun to aiming to shooting, took 0 . 21 seconds .

However, their team leader could do it in 0 . 18 seconds, 0 . 03 seconds faster than the world record . It was already beyond the limits of human movement .

Of course, even though the KGB agents had unique skills, they wouldn’t publicize it .

“Two hours shouldn’t be a problem . ” Their deputy team leader, Lina, was a woman . She appeared to be between 25 and 35 years old, so it was difficult to tell her exact age .

She had an ordinary appearance . Her face was sallow, and her cheekbones were high . She had short hair and wore a pair of large black-rimmed glasses .

Her hair and eyes were black . She had the typical appearance of a Asian .

A young woman who could be the second-in-command of the KGB operation team was undoubtedly extremely capable .

She could participate in this operation because Vladimir had specially chosen her .

Other than her, all the other members of the operation team were men .

“No problem? The road ahead is blocked . We have to take a long detour . Even if we race at the speed of a Formula 1 car, we won’t be able to arrive in two hours!”

A middle-aged man in his forties grumbled unhappily .

He was extremely dissatisfied with Lina, a woman, being the deputy team leader of the operation team . Moreover, she was much younger than him . .

“What do you think? ” The team leader Peter looked at Lina . “You always have some ideas . ”

Lina didn’t smile . She adjusted the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose and said seriously, “Drive straight over . ”

Everyone: ” … ”

This was a joke, right?!

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There were two overturned 18-wheelers in front of them!

However, on second thought, they had the best robot hands, and they were no worse than any first-rate racers in the European continent!

And the most important thing for a racer, besides speed, was the ability to control their own cars . Simply put, they could also perform the actions that a stunt driver could do!

The drivers of the three cars snapped back to reality, and their faces were full of excitement .

“Get in the car! Let’s give it a try . If it doesn’t work, we will disband on the spot!”

Most of the people got in the car with laughter, then sat in their own seats, and fastened their seat belts .

A few of them stayed behind and slowly blended into the crowd .

They all knew that this car accident was definitely not a coincidence, but someone’s meddling .

To have the audacity to meddle in front of the KGB, seems like the mastermind behind the scenes have much self-assurance…

When had the KGB ever suffered such a loss in their own country?

Naturally, they had to return the favor .

Lina waited for everyone to get in the car . With a straight face, she found the police officers who were on duty and showed them their documents . With a deadpan expression, she said, “KGB . —— It’s up to you . ”

Then, leaving the police officers behind and looking at each other in dismay, she turned around and got in the car .

Some of the police officers secretly went to make phone calls . Not allowing them to do anything illegal, some of the police officers loudly berated them .

However, most of the policemen just stood by and ignored the three Hummer hybrid cars that were roaring .

The leader of the operations team, Peter, walked to the front of the car-carrying trailer, then climbed up the door like an ape, and kicked driver out of the trailer by threatening him with a gun . He then sat in the trailer .

While chewing gum, he maneuvered the trailer’s huge crane and smashed it into one of the eighteen-wheeled carriages that had overturned!

The crane was used for bearing heavy loads, and it weighed more than a thousand pounds .

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Now that it had smashed into the thin iron sheet of the eighteen-wheeled car, it immediately pressed the car into a slope .

He smashed it a few more times, tamping down the “slope” .

The people outside the car were dumbfounded . Even the eighteen-wheeled driver’s mouth was agape . Upon seeing this amusing yet scary scene, no one dared to protest . They were completely stunned by Peter’s nonchalance as he did the “smashing” .

After smashing the overturned 18-wheeler into a slope with the metal ring, the leader of the action team, Peter, jumped down from the crane and quickly got into his hybrid car . He ordered, “Go!”


A huge roar sounded .

The Hummer hybrid car at the back suddenly accelerated . Like a gust of wind, it flew past everyone’s eyes and rushed up the “slope” of the 18-wheeler car!

Using the momentum of the rush, it flew forward for a while before crashing to the ground with a bang .

The vehicle was unscathed . It only made a jarring noise before continuing to accelerate .

The two Hummer hybrid vehicles at the back followed suit . Very quickly, they “flipped” over the 18-wheeler that was blocking the road and rushed out .

The person who caused the accident felt a wave of panic inside . He quickly sent a message to someone, “The target has left! The target has left!”

Before the message was sent out, several KGB officers had already covered his mouth with one hand and strangled his neck with the other, then dragged the person who sent the message away from the crowd .

Before the police officer who had called to inform them had put down the phone, a smiling KGB officer who looked like a tiger had already walked over and showed him his ID, “Are you going by yourself, or are we going to have to take you away?”

The police officer’s expression changed abruptly, and he turned around to run .

“Why are you in such a hurry to leave by yourself… ” the KGB officer shook his head, took a quick step forward, and knocked the police officer unconscious before taking him away .

Vladimir and the others had just driven into the central Siberian highway .

Their surroundings were even more deserted . There was nothing besides tall birch trees standing upright . The branches had light green leaves all over, and the grass was green . There green scenery seemed to be boundless .

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There were large tracts of farms on both sides of the road, but most of them were abandoned . Only a few farms were still being cultivated .

The blue sky was filled with light white clouds . The sun rose very high, but it wasn’t hot . The temperature was moderate, and the breeze blew in through the hole in the car window . It was very comfortable and pleasant .

If she hadn’t been worried that the other party would continue to pursue her, Gu Nianzhi really felt that the journey could have been longer .

She simply laid in Huo Shaoheng’s arms lazily . She didn’t do anything, didn’t think about anything, and her mind was blank . It was as comfortable as when she had gone out with Huo Shaoheng and the members of the special forces to train in the wild when she was young .

Because at that time, it had been a spring outing for her, not a training session…

Huo Shaoheng’s attention, however, was extremely focused . He observed the movements around him from time to time .

The middle-aged driver stopped singing . Vladimir seemed to be playing a game and was occasionally punching his phone and cursing .

Just then, the sound of a propeller came from the sky .

Huo Shaoheng looked up and suddenly saw several small planes circling towards them .

“Why are there such small planes here? ” Huo Shaoheng asked in Russian .

Vladimir looked up and said, “it’s fine . It’s a pesticide-spraying agricultural plane . It can’t fly very high or very far . ”

This agricultural plane was called air tractor in English . It was literally a Tractor in the Air . One could see how useless it was .

It could only fly at 150 miles per hour and could fly up to 8,000 feet . Other than spraying pesticides, it really didn’t have any other uses .

There were so many farms on both sides of the road . Although it was already summer in the Huaxia Empire, the Siberian region had just entered spring . It was the season when all living things grew, so it was only right to use pesticides at this time .

Huo Shaoheng took a look . For the sake of caution, he turned on the small radar program on his phone .

His phone had already activated the emergency device . With the help of the Nandou navigation satellite communication system that covered the entire blue planet, a small radar screen appeared on the phone .

From the radar screen, he could see the situation in the air within a ten-mile radius .

At first glance, something was a little off .

If these planes were just random aerial tractors that were shooting pesticides, then why were they flying in an orderly formation in the air?

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