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Chapter 1240: Huge Gifts
Chapter 1240 Huge Gifts “Zhichu! Zhichu! Wake up! Zhichu!”He Chengjian, who had always been imposing, dignified, and reserved, suddenly had tears in his eyes .

Watching his son collapse to the ground unconscious was a nightmare for every father that cared about his child .

He watched him like he had watched his mother collapse to the ground the same way that year . .

If he had returned home earlier, if he had called him earlier, perhaps everything would have been different .

He Chengjian’s life experience could be could be made into a history textbook . He had persevered through every imaginable hardship .

He was strong-willed and resilient . He was iron-fisted and ruthless . Moreover, he was also shrewd and calculating . He always planned meticulously before he acted .

He rarely ever made a move . Once he made a move, he had to kill his opponent .

After all these years, everyone who knew him came to an understanding — if you weren’t prepared to die with him, then don’t make yourself an enemy of Old He .

But at that moment, seeing his son lying on the ground, he felt completely helpless .

All years of wielding tremendous power, he still couldn’t save his wife or son . It was such a joke .

He Chengjian clenched his jaw . He finally picked up another phone and found Gu Nianzhi’s number . He called her .

At this time, Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng were attending a banquet specially held for them by President Pushin .

In the Kremlin’s main hall, crystal chandeliers appeared crystal clear and gave off a soft glow .

The men and women were all dressed in formal evening gowns and holding wine glasses . They stood in groups of two or three in the main hall as they spoke .

In a corner of the hall, there was an orchestra band playing musical instruments, and a jazz singer singing in a low voice .

Gu Nianzhi didn’t have a chance to drink, so Huo Shaoheng gave her a glass of grape juice to fake as red wine to brush off those who came to toast .

After a while, Vladimir walked over and said to Huo Shaoheng, “Major General Huo, our president has invited you over to talk . ”

Huo Shaoheng glanced at Gu Nianzhi . “You stay here and don’t wander around . ”

“I know, you can go . ” Gu Nianzhi nodded with a smile and winked at him as she raised the glass of grape juice .

Huo Shaoheng smiled . “Good girl . ”

He patted her head and turned to leave .

Vladimir clicked his tongue and asked, “What were you guys talking about?”

Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng were speaking in Mandarin .

Gu Nianzhi swirled the glass of grape juice in her hand and said with a smile, “He told me to be obedient and not to do anything mischievous . ”

“You know how to do mischievous things?” Vladimir snickered . He looked around and said in a low voice, “Little Dimi wants to talk to you . Can you come with me to the side hall over there?”

He then promised, “It’s not a shady place, it’s just the Side Hall with the curtains hanging over it . Little Dimi and his mother aren’t allowed to attend such an occasion . ”

Gu Nianzhi immediatly felt sympathy for little Dimi, but Huo Shaoheng had instructed her not to wander around here .

Just as she was hesitating, from the corner of her eye, she saw that a corner of the side hall’s curtain had lifted up to reveal little Dimi’s rosy cheeked face . He beamed at her and waved at her desperately .

He was just too adorable .

Gu Nianzhi thought that since they were in the main hall anyway, if someone wanted to harm her, why would they have to do it now?

She couldn’t be too paranoid .

She nodded and said, “Vladimir, I trust you . ” She then followed him to the side hall .

Vladimir suddenly turned around halfway and said with a blank expression, “Cereus, I’m not that trustworthy . Don’t trust others too easily . ”

Gu Nianzhi: ” … ”

“But you can trust me right now . I’m not lying to you . ” Vladimir winked again, then laughed and soon returned to his old self .

Gu Nianzhi suddenly missed the middle-aged driver who always gave Vladimir a headache .

She said with a smile, “Then from now on, I’ll have to verify everything you say with the driver, and then I’ll have a good idea of whether or not I can trust you . ”

No, no, no, no

Nice come back . .

That subordinate of his is the bane of his existence .

He had kicked him out of the department several times already, but he went around and ended up right back in his department .

Then Vladimir resigned himself to his fate .

The driver was a big mouth that liked to blabber nonsense and overly dramatic, but he had no other shortcomings .

It was better than having someone who looked obedient but would suddenly stab you in the back .

Gu Nianzhi thought about this to herself . Hoping to add the middle-aged driver and Vladimir into a small group, she immediately took out her phone and opened Wechat .

In the end, she found that there was no internet signal at all, not even a cell phone signal .

Gu Nianzhi frowned and walked around Vladimir with her phone in her hand as she looked for a signal .

She was very confused .

Her phone was connected to the Nandou satellite communication system developed by the Huaxia Empire . How could she not get a signal?

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Vladimir was speechless and said snappily, “Don’t even bother . All signals are blocked here, not to mention the wifi . If you want to make a call, you have to use a landline . ”

Gu Nianzhi pursed her lips and put her phone back into her pocket resentfully . “Do you guys have to be so cautious? Just install a wifi connection and you guys will know who uses the internet, okay ”

“That’s the rule . If there’s wifi at the banquet, everyone will look down at their phones . Who will be having conversations? ” Vladimir seemed to understand, but he moved his finger and admitted to Gu Nianzhi, “Actually, I want to use wifi too . ”

Gu Nianzhi: ” … ”

She followed Vladimir to the side hall and lifted the curtain to enter . Sure enough, she saw little Dimi and his mother inside .

His mother was wearing a wine-red dress with a fishtail hem . Her body figure was extremely voluptuous, and she appeared as alluring as a ripe peach .

Gu Nianzhi was a woman, and her own figure was also quite impressive . However, she couldn’t help glancing at little Dimi’s mother a few more times .

Little Dimi’s mother secretly enjoyed Gu Nianzhi’s envious gaze . She smiled and said in broken English, “Your name is Cereus, right? I haven’t specifically thanked you yet . ”

Gu Nianzhi quickly said, “It was nothing . You’re welcome . ”

“It wasn’t nothing . ” Little Dimi’s mother said seriously, “You saved my little Dimi by risking your own life . Don’t you know who those two people were? They could have killed you any second . ”

Gu Nianzhi didn’t know the true identities of those two people while she was rescuing him .

She thought they were “human traffickers” . .

However, she didn’t want to explain any further . She smiled and said, “All is well as long as little Dimi is fine . ”

When little Dimi heard his name mentioned, he smiled as he looked up at her . He tugged at the hem of her skirt .

Gu Nianzhi: ” … ”

She bent down and spoke slowly in English, “Little Dimi, do you have something to say?”

Little Dimi mumbled a few words in Russian before running behind the couch . He took out a small puppy and handed it to Gu Nianzhi from his hands .

Vladimir translated for him, “Little Dimi said thank you for rescuing him . He wants to give you this little Cogi . ” He added, “It’s his family’s Big Kogi’s newborn puppy . It’s only a week old . ”

Gu Nianzhi’s eyes widened before Vladimir even translated .


It was the famous Corgi . Even its five-centimeter-long short legs were so adorable .

It had a big head, a chubby little body, and a black and white color like a panda . With its four short legs, it could easily cosplay as a panda cub with dark circles under its eyes .

Gu Nianzhi received it endearingly and said, “Thank you! Thank you, little Dimi! I like it very much!”

She held the puppy in her arms and rubbed her face against its soft fur . Her affection for it was obvious .

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Little Dimi smiled when he saw how much Gu Nianzhi liked the present he had given her .

He tugged at the hem of Gu Nianzhi’s skirt and mumbled some words to her in Russian .

Vladimir stood on the side as he translated to her

So he was telling Gu Nianzhi how to raise the Corgi . .

Gu Nianzhi listened very carefully and would even ask some questions from time to time .

The two of them chatted animatedly . Little Dimi grew happier and happier . In the end, he even hugged Gu Nianzhi before his mother led him away .

They couldn’t stay there for long .

As she watched the mother and son leave together, Gu Nianzhi suddenly asked Vladimir, ” … was tonight’s banquet held simply to give little Dimi a chance to give the Corgi to me?”

Vladimir raised his eyebrows . “Cereus, you’re too smart . If you keep getting smarter, I think I’ll feel reluctant to let you leave us . ”

“Hehe, sure . As long as you give me gifts every day, I’ll stay here forever . ” Gu Nianzhi’s mind raced, and she pretended that she wanted to stay .

Vladimir was actually just joking .

Upon seeing that Gu Nianzhi was so tactfully understanding, he smiled and didn’t pursue the matter any further .

At that moment, his walkie-talkie rang . Someone had called him over to deal with an emergency .

He was concerned about Gu Nianzhi, so he called over the middle-aged driver to accompany her specifically .

Gu Nianzhi: ” … ”

After Vladimir left, Gu Nianzhi asked the middle-aged driver in a somewhat troubled manner, “…Where were you just now? I wanted to talk to you, but I couldn’t find you anywhere . ”

The middle-aged driver held a bottle of vodka and a piece of bread smeared with caviar in his hand . He said cheerfully, “I was on duty outside . Did you miss me, my Cereus?”

“Yes, I missed you . I missed your gift . ” Gu Nianzhi said with a smile as she caressed the little Corgi in her arms .

The middle-aged driver grimaced . “Talking about gifts will hurt our relations . Let’s talk about relations .

“What do you mean talking about gifts will hurt our relations, I’m not falling for your tricks . ” Gu Nianzhi giggled and followed up with the chauffeur .

The two of them chatted and sat down in the side hall .

The chauffeur looked at the puppy in her arms and sized it up for a while before saying, “It’s a famous breed . Take good care of it . ”

Gu Nianzhi didn’t know what breed the puppy was, but the little Corgi was so adorable that she was willing to take good care of it whether it was a famous breed or not .

The puppy in her arms stayed quiet for a while before it began to bark softly . The furry paws on its short legs scratched Gu Nianzhi’s palm a few times before it looked up at her and barked softly again .

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“What’s wrong?” Gu Nianzhi cocked her head as she stared at the little Corgi . “What do you want?”

“It’s hungry . ” The middle-aged driver took a bite of the caviar bread . “There’s milk over there . I’ll go get it a few bottles of goat’s milk . ”

Gu Nianzhi: ” … ”

It wasn’t long after middle-aged driver had left .

Gu Nianzhi’s phone started to vibrate .

Her heart skipped a beat .

There was a call coming in .

Because she was attending the banquet, she had set her phone on vibrate so it wouldn’t be rude if her phone suddenly rang .

But she clearly remembered that her phone had no signal at all moments before . It was like being on a plane 10,000 meters in the air .

And Vladimir had also said that all signals were blocked here .

How was she receiving a call now?

Gu Nianzhi quickly pulled out her phone and swiped it open . It was as unfamiliar number .

She stared at it for a while, but picked up the call nonetheless .


The person on the other end paused for a moment, then standard dialect mandarin sounded from the phone .

“Excuse me, are you Gu Nianzhi?”

His voice sounded deep and dignified . He also sounded a little old .

Gu Nianzhi immediately grew serious, and quickly asked, “Yes, who is this?”

The person quickly replied, “I’m He Zhichu’s father . I need your help with an emergency . ”

Gu Nianzhi widened her eyes in surprise . “Who are you?!”

Professor He’s father?!

“You can turn on the video camera if you don’t believe me . ” The man on the other side seemed impatient . “I don’t have time to waste with you . He Zhichu has suddenly fallen ill and is in critical condition . Can you help save him this time?”

Gu Nianzhi stood up abruptly . “What did you say? Professor He has fallen ill? In critical condition? Where is he?!”

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