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Chapter 1221: 1221

In Europe and America, there were many people who could fly airplanes . Generally, a typical middle-class family could afford to attend pilot school and learn how to fly airplanes . Even if someone didn’t have money but had good potential, they could go take a loan and go to pilot school on a loan as long as they wanted to learn .

As long as they graduated, earning money in the future would not be a problem .

Of course, the proportion of wealthy people who can fly planes was even greater and many had their own pilot licenses .

However, most people flew small private jets which were fundamentally different from such large passenger jets .

The female flight attendant came to first class to ask if there were any passengers who could pilot the airplane, because this was a normal operation and response .

Because most of the first-class passengers were rich people, the proportion of people who could fly planes was also higher .

Huo Shaoheng also picked up Gu Nianzhi, who was sitting next to him . He wanted to go to the cockpit together . The female flight attendant didn’t think much about it, since she thought that Gu Nianzhi might also know how to fly a plane, or at least assisted the male passenger fly a plane in the past . Without saying anything else, she agreed and took them to the cockpit .

Gu Nianzhi was stunned by Huo Shaoheng as he dragged her over there . After a while, she whispered, “What can I even do?!”

“You just sit next to me and not do anything . ” Huo Shaoheng replied calmly and looked around the cabin as he walked up .

Because the plane was a closed space, ordinary criminals would not choose to commit crimes on the plane mid-flight unless they wanted to hijack it .

Huo Shaoheng was just being habitually vigilant, even in a closed space .

Gu Nianzhi thought it was a good idea to go see as well . She cheered up again when she realized that could go see Huo Shaoheng fly the plane . She raised her head high and walked into the cockpit with him .

The cockpit was relatively large and there was a simple camp bed in one corner . The person lying on it must be the captain who fainted .

The person sitting in the captain’s position now must be the co-pilot .

The female flight attendant invited Huo Shaoheng over to serve as the co-pilot .

Large passenger planes were completely different from small private planes, so they cannot be piloted by one person .

Huo Shaoheng unceremoniously sat down in the co-pilot seat and gave Gu Nianzhi one of the spare co-pilot sunglasses . Then he put on the captain’s flying sunglasses, fastened his seat belt, put on headphones and looked at the dashboard .

The pilot next to him hurriedly said, “There are some problems here . One of the engines seems to be blocked and shut down . I am thinking about restarting . ”

Huo Shaoheng pursed his lips and looked at the data on the dashboard .

There were dense rows of flight instruments flashing with various lights in front of them .

The mode control panel was responsible for setting the route, altitude and speed, the main flight display was responsible for displaying flight data, the navigation display was responsible for displaying the navigation direction, and there was also the engine management system and the backup instrument panel .

Standing behind Huo Shaoheng, Gu Nianzhi looked at the front row of dashboards that resembled science fiction movies . She then looked at the black clouds rolling outside the front window and felt a sense of unreal absurdity .

“…Alex, what’s the matter with those clouds?” Gu Nianzhi couldn’t help asking .

Although Huo Shaoheng was wearing headphones, he still heard Gu Nianzhi’s questions .

Without looking back, he said, “Turbulence . All kinds of turbulence are possible in the air and such turbulence is likely to be thunder clouds . ”

As soon as his voice sounded, the thick black cloud was suddenly torn apart by a lightning bolt that pierced the sky for as far as he could see!

Then there was a shrill sound and the entire airplane quaked uncontrollably .

The plane had been struck by lightning!

“Holy Shit!” The co-pilot sitting in the captain’s seat began to fume, “How dare you strike my plane?! You son of bitch! I’ll knock you out and show you who’s the Daddy!”

Gu Nianzhi, “…”

Huo Shaoheng was not surprised at all . He turned around and quickly replied, “Sit down and fasten your seat belt . ”

Gu Nianzhi hurriedly went back to the two stationary seats in the corner with the female flight attendant from earlier, and fastened the seat belt with a snap .

The co-pilot took a wrench and struck the dashboard desperately as he screamed, “I’m your Daddy! I’m your Daddy!”

The corners of Gu Nianzhi’s lips twitched, as she was speechless and turned to look at the female flight attendant .

The female flight attendant looked at her with a smile and said, “He is always like this . He is very manly, isn’t he?”

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Gu Nianzhi did not answer, but thought to herself, your understanding of man is completely different from mine…

Gu Nianzhi retracted his gaze and suddenly felt a wave of inertia hit her as the plane suddenly accelerated and sped forward!

“Hahahaha! I have repaired the engine!” The co-pilot nearly started to dance .

Gu Nianzhi was even more speechless, so she covered forehead with her hand and started to feel a headache .

How could there be a pilot like this?

How could he slam his wrench on the dashboard to restart the engine without any warning?

Gu Nianzhi felt that she never wanted to take an Aeroflot flight again…

“Nianzhi, put on the sunglasses . ” Huo Shaoheng said as he steered his left hand with his powerful arm . He slowly lifted the several hundred ton airliner upwards .

Ten meters, twenty meters, one hundred meters, two hundred meters, and when they reached 500 meters–their eyes lit up . They finally escaped from the black cloud!

The sunlight spilled in from thousands of miles above . Thanks to Huo Shaoheng’s reminder, Gu Nianzhi had put on sunglasses and was not blinded by the powerful sunlight .

The female flight attendant next to her reacted a moment slower and only had time to close her eyes, but her eyes still throbbed instantly and tears escaped from her eyes .

Gu Nianzhi took out a pack of tissue and handed it to her .

The flight attendant thanked her and wiped the tears from her face with a tissue .

The plane emerged from the dark clouds . After calibrating its direction, it reset its flight mode to the intended destination .

Huo Shaoheng breathed a sigh of relief and said, “You have really bad luck . How can you encounter high-altitude lightning at a time like this?”

“Haha, do you think it was a natural phenomenon?” The co-pilot sneered and turned his head to glance at Huo Shaoheng . He looked at him up and down, “Your pilot quite well? Are you a fighter jet pilot?”

Huo Shaoheng, “…”

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“Your movements are very steady, especially when pulling up . I have never seen civil aviation pilots with your movements and techniques at lift up, but I know that fighter pilots often practice this skill . ”

Huo Shaoheng still played dumb, “Is it? It was an instinctive reaction at the moment, just coincidence . ”

“You still won’t admit?” The man raised an eyebrow, his face completely covered by a beard . His eyebrows and hair were thick, so he was very hairy .

He shook his fist at Huo Shaoheng, “I was a fighter pilot instructor!”

They once heard that most Aeroflot pilots started out as fighter pilots, and now it seems that it was all true .

Gu Nianzhi muttered internally as she watched Huo Shaoheng keep silent . She knew that he was trying to play stupid, so she interrupted him and said with a smile, “Mister, you are very amazing . You restarted the engine with a wrench . Oh, what did you mean when you said that the black cloud was not a natural phenomenon?”

She had a sweet smile and a crisp voice, and the question she asked was what the co-pilot wanted to talk about . This seemed to divert his attention immediately .

The man turned around and smiled at Gu Nianzhi, “Little girl, have you ever heard the concept of a ‘weather warfare?’”

“weather warfare?” Gu Nianzhi shook her head, “No, but it sounds like it’s very advanced!”

“Yes, it’s very advanced, it’s sci-fi!” The co-pilot laughed, But most of it is actually sci-fi—Sci-fi, so it’s not yet realized . ”


Gu Nianzhi couldn’t help laughing, “So what is weather warfare?”

“Weather warfare, in simple terms refers to man-made means to create natural disasters to achieve the combative goal of eliminating the enemy . This includes earthquakes, tsunamis, heavy rains, mountain torrents, heavy snow, and lightning . ”

Gu Nianzhi immediately understood and said, “Oh, so artificial rainfall is almost the same thing . Tight?”

“Yes! Artificial rainfall was the primary method of weather warfare . Of course, artificial rainfall can also be a great benefit to help arid areas–but if you use artificial rainfall to cause landslides or collapsing soil when fighting an enemy, it is weather warfare . ”

Gu Nianzhi knew that there were such things as weather warfare, but she didn’t believe that the black cloud just now was a weather weapon at all . She still applauded the co-pilot and said,”That’s great! Mister, you’re really amazing!”

Complimented by a beautiful oriental girl, the hairy co-pilot’s eyes squinted as he smiled and were so hidden in his thick eyelashes and beard that they were barely visible .

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“However, there must be an enemy if it is weather warfare . Do you have any idea who wanted to do such a thing to your aircraft?” Gu Nianzhi peppered him with questions .

“Who else?! There is only one country that targets our Great Russia!” The co-pilot gritted his teeth, “It’s that damned America!”

Gu Nianzhi, “…”

“Do you have any evidence?” Gu Nianzhi asked cautiously .

“No . But I just know it, it must be them . ” The co-pilot replied confidently .

“There are only two countries in the world that have the ability to manipulate weather weapons of this scale . One is our previous Soviet Union and the other is Great America . Even Russia in present times cannot do it . ”

Gu Nianzhi pouted and wanted to say that her Huaxia Empire was also capable!

But looking at Huo Shaoheng sitting next to her, she still didn’t dare to run her mouth . She merely said, “But I don’t think the weather warfare just now was very large scale?”

Because they were quickly able to escape from the dark clouds to leave behind the thunder clouds .

“Hmph, how can they have the technology to carry out large-scale weather warfare now? Why not go straight to heaven?” The co-pilot sneered without noticing that he already revealed too much . “The lightning cloud just now was the largest that America could create . They don’t have the energy to create anything bigger than that . . ”

Gu Nianzhi could tell something was amiss . She was silent for a while, then asked quietly, “Sir, are you not a pilot? How do you know about the American accomplishments and resources in the field of weather warfare? Are you just making things up?”

“I’m making things up? Do I need to make things up?!” The man slapped the dashboard in front of him making it shake so hard that the wrench jumped up and clattered to the ground .

Gu Nianzhi shrunk her neck back and muttered, “I believe that you’re not making things up, but you need to pilot the plane properly! What if you mess up your engine control program again by slamming on it?”

Huo Shaoheng finally spoke then, and used Russian this time .

“How can it be messed up? Mr . Vladimir, the current second-in-command of the great KGB, is actually piloting the flight for us personally . It is an honor to be here . ”

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