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Chapter 1213: 1213

Before Gu Nianzhi could even read all the names on the fourth page, tears already blurred her eyes . She wiped her face with the back of her hand again and again, but she couldn’t stop her sobbing .

Zhao Liangze clenched his jaw and clasped Gu Nianzhi’s shoulders gently in an attempt to comfort her . But when he opened his mouth, he found that he could not speak .

His eyes were red, but he held himself together instead of crying like a little girl .

Bai Shuang hadn’t expected it to be such a letter . She looked away expressionlessly, so her trembling lower lip was the only indicator of her agitated mood .

When Gu Nianzhi flipped past the fourth page of the letter to see the fifth and final page, she was immediately stunned .

On the fifth page, Gu Haoze had used a fine charcoal pencil to draw five double helix DNA molecular structures!

There were not many figures, but there were detailed data explanations below each diagram .

Gu Nianzhi didn’t know much about biological sciences, so she took a quick glance and read what Gu Haoze wrote at the end of the graphs, which said, “…There are a total of nine drawings for this set of data, outlining the major weakness in the DNA structure of the main ethnic group in the Huaxia Empire . By attacking the weakest link, it would require little effort to destroy our race .

“These nine drawings have fallen into my hands . In consideration for the sake of the Huaxia Empire, I have destroyed the four most crucial molecular structure diagrams . There are five DNA molecular structure diagrams remaining for future generations to study .

“Chance exists in the world – there are dangers and opportunities . These five molecular diagrams of DNA structure can support the research on repairing genetic defects within our race . I hope that future generations will cherish it… . ”

Gu Nianzhi sighed deeply .

Yes, these were the five diagrams that Reinitz and the Gestapo had been pursuing for half a century in order to find opportunities to repair genetic defects…

Her grandfather was so amazing, but from the looks of this letter, it seemed that he had passed away very early on .

Gu Nianzhi soon thought about his aunt Gu Tian, who died shortly after giving birth to his daughter Xie Qingying because of a genetic defect .

Then she recalled how Gu Yanran and Gu Yanran’s mother, Gu Jing, were able to exist as special bone marrow donors . They must be related to the research of those Yamato scientists…

She snickered and stuffed the five pages of the letter back into the envelope . Just as she was about to put it in her pocket, the door to the sixth floor of the basement was kicked open with a bang .

Gu Nianzhi was shocked . Had the people working behind the scenes with Bai Shuang finally appeared?

She subconsciously stood in front of Zhao Liangze to protect him .

Li Dexi and his men rushed in from the door to the sixth floor of the basement .

At the same moment, the snipers that Li Dexi positioned on the ceiling leaped down to grab the letter from Gu Nianzhi . They ran to the door to respectfully hand it to Li Dexi .

Bai Shuang suddenly jerked her head up and saw Li Dexi and the others rush in, but her expression was unreadable .

Li Dexi accepted the letter with a smile . The first thing he saw when he looked up was Bai Shuang, who was standing at the very front . Because she was wearing a red dress, she was much more eye-catching than Zhao Liangze’s indoor camouflage suit and Gu Nianzhi’s gray suit .

“Agent Bai, well done!”

Li Dexi raised his hands and applauded her .

Zhao Liangze glared at Bai Shuang and said coldly, “Bai Shuang, I never thought that you would really commit treason!”

Before Bai Shuang could speak, Li Dexi had already raised his hand and calmly gave the order, “…Kill him . ”

He was referring to Zhao Liangze .

He was facing three people – Bai Shuang was his agent, and Gu Nianzhi was the target he wanted, so Zhao Liangze was the only obstacle .

Since Zhao Liangze was an obstacle, Li Dexi had to get rid of him quickly .

The sniper beside Li Dexi immediately raised his gun and aimed at Zhao Liangze .

Gu Nianzhi had been standing in front of Zhao Liangze the entire time . At that moment, she panicked and lunged to cover Zhao Liangze’s face without a second thought .

She was betting that Li Dexi had invested so much time and effort to set up such a huge trap to get both the letter and her!

Since she was the one that Li Dexi wanted, he definitely would not allow his men to hurt her .

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Gu Nianzhi was indeed a very lucky gambler – in other words, she was able to analyze Li Dexi’s motivation and purpose thoroughly .

Li Dexi really didn’t want to hurt her .

Seeing Gu Nianzhi’s entire body lunge over to embrace Zhao Liangze, Li Dexi quickly reached out and raised the VSK-94 suppressed sniper rifle that the sniper was holding by a few centimeters .

When the shot was fired, it actually missed them by a hair .

Li Dexi merely lifted the barrel, and the bullet flew into the ceiling .

Li Dexi glared at the gunman and growled, “Did you forget what I told you?!”

His original words were, “You can kill anyone except Gu Nianzhi and Bai Shuang . ”

If necessary, even Bai Shuang could be killed, as Gu Nianzhi was the only exception .

Regardless of the circumstances, Li Dexi would not allow anyone to hurt Gu Nianzhi .

She was a perfect work of art that God had given them, and he would not allow anyone to tarnish it .

Zhao Liangze was thrown to the ground by Gu Nianzhi . He was very nervous, but his heart ached even more .

Knowing that the person he loved had truly done something insidious, he was so heartbroken that he didn’t even want to live anymore .

Zhao Liangze hugged Gu Nianzhi and rolled across the ground to hide in the shadows beside the black iron cabinets . Raising his gun, he fired several shots at Li Dexi and the group standing outside!

However, the group calmly stood under the huge lights on the sixth floor of the basement, seemingly unafraid of Zhao Liangze’s gunshots .

Gu Nianzhi examined them silently and found that Li Dexi’s people were wearing bulletproof vests . She couldn’t help but curl her lips and think that she should have also asked Huo Shaoheng for a bulletproof vest .

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Bai Shuang stood under the light; her face whiter than snow .

She stared blankly at Li Dexi and said, “…You came too early . I didn’t get my hands on the data yet . ”

Li Dexi chuckled heartily and held up the letter he had just received, saying, “Agent Bai, I don’t need your help . It’s safer for me to get the data myself . ”

With his typically suspicious personality, how could he ever let others handle such important data?

He had to come and pick it up in person to feel assured .

Bai Shuang’s face turned even paler as she stood motionless in front of the black iron cabinet where Gu Nianzhi and Zhao Liangze were hiding . She hesitated, then said, “Actually, that’s not the data…”

“No? Hehe . I have to read it for myself before I can draw a conclusion . ” Li Dexi kissed the envelope, waving his hand as he said, “Get out of the way . ”

Bai Shuang remained motionless and stood there as if her feet had taken root .

She gritted her teeth and said to Li Dexi, “Huo Shao hasn’t shown up yet . Isn’t it too early for you to come out? Aren’t you afraid of alerting him?”

“Huo Shaoheng? Hahahaha…” Li Dexi thought it was the funniest joke in the world . “He was killed by me! If I hadn’t killed him, why would I show up?”

Bai Shuang’s heart sank as she said, “You killed Huo Shaoheng?! That’s a lie!”

“That’s a lie?” Li Dexi sneered and pointed in the direction of the beams across the ceiling . “He is lying over the top of your head . Didn’t you know?”

As if in response to what he said, only a very quiet dripping sound could be heard . A drop of thick, bright red liquid fell from the beam, landing just between Bai Shuang and Li Dexi .

Bai Shuang took a step back in great surprise and asked, “You really killed Huo Shaoheng?!”

Li Dexi used one finger to smear the blood that had just dripped down as he said, “Look for yourself . Is he dead or not? Isn’t that just a ceiling beam? As if that could stop us? Do you want to see his body?”

When Gu Nianzhi heard this and saw the drops of blood falling from the ceiling, her heart felt empty, and she only saw red .

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She impulsively drew out the small pistol Huo Shaoheng had given her and pushed Zhao Liangze out of the way . She rushed out from behind the black iron cabinet to fire three shots at Li Dexi’s head!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The powerful air current caused by the gunshot passed by and missed Li Dexi by a hair . However, he instinctively stepped back and lost all composure .

“Gu Nianzhi, don’t force my hand!” Li Dexi shouted as he drew a gun and shot at Gu Nianzhi’s feet .

Clouds of dust were kicked up from the floor, and small pits appeared on the surface .

The bullets seemed to explode at Gu Nianzhi’s feet, but she was not afraid .

She was not certain of Huo Shaoheng’s survival, so she must not buckle!

“That’s my letter! I’ll kill you, you b*stard!”

Gu Nianzhi screamed at Li Dexi and fired several shots again that scraped past his body .

Seeing that the situation was not good, Zhao Liangze rushed out from behind the black iron cabinet and hugged Gu Nianzhi, saying, “Don’t be impulsive! This old man is not Huo Shao’s opponent! Don’t listen to his lies!”

Gu Nianzhi returned to her senses, looked up at the ceiling beam, and then back at the blood accumulating on the ground . “He took my letter! He is blocking our door! Even if he is lying and failed to kill Huo Shao, I can’t let him escape!” she spat .

Wait to die?

Oh, there was no such phrase in Gu Nianzhi’s dictionary!

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