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Chapter 1211: 1211

“No lock cylinder?” Gu Nianzhi didn’t quite understand the relationship between keyholes and lock cylinders . Because of her nature as an academic genius, she wiggled her fingers a few times, wanting nothing more than to take out her phone to search for information about the structure of a lock…

Of course, in that sixth-floor basement, there was no time to search for something online .

Zhao Liangze nodded and carefully pulled out the small piece of iron wire . “There should be various grooves and perforations in the lock cylinder . After the key is inserted, it can be aligned with the grooves to unlock the lock . Normally, all locks are like this . ”

Then this was definitely not an ordinary lock .

Inside a small room on the first floor of the basement, Li Dexi was also feeling a little nervous .

He leaned forward slightly, and his eyes were nearly glued to the monitor .

He was eager to know if Gu Nianzhi could open the lock .

Did she really not have the key?!

Gu Xiangwen didn’t leave the key to his only daughter?!

This didn’t make any sense .

Bai Shuang’s expression was a bit conflicted as she asked, “Is there really no way to unlock it? What should we do?”

Zhao Liangze took a step back and patted the safety deposit box with his hand .

The box sounded hollow .

“…It’s empty . Are you sure that there is something inside?” he asked .

Gu Nianzhi crossed her arms and turned around to lean against the row of tall black iron cabinets .

The icy cabinet surface pressed against her back, and a chill suddenly overcame her .

Her anxious mind gradually calmed down .

If this was not a normal lock, then she must carefully think about what kind of lock it was .

Gu Nianzhi looked at Zhao Liangze and asked thoughtfully, “Brother Ze, why do you think my father put such an important thing here? Wouldn’t it be better to keep it at home?”

Zhao Liangze mused, “If it were me, I would probably do the same thing, too . ”


“To spread out the risk . ” Zhao Liangze glanced at Bai Shuang before saying, “People who invest in venture capital generally abide by one principle – all their eggs cannot be placed in the same basket . ”

“I see! In order to spread out the risk, we must store things separately, so we do not lose it all in one go!” Gu Nianzhi replied .

Gu Nianzhi’s eyes lit up and she turned to face the keyhole, her heart beating wildly .

Since these people had used Bai Shuang to set a trap and bring them here, it meant that they should have also known that Gu Xiangwen had placed the data there .

But why didn’t they take the data out themselves since they already knew it was there?

Why did they have to put in all this effort to design a trap and invite them in to open the safety deposit box?

Gu Nianzhi blinked .

All these clues probably pointed to a certain reason .

Those people couldn’t open the safe that Gu Xiangwen had rented .

“…There are many people who can open safety deposit boxes in the world . If even the most professional locksmiths could open this safe without brute force, it means that…”

Gu Nianzhi mumbled to herself, and a vague conclusion formed inside her mind .

That meant that a particular person was required to open the lock, not a specific key .

Who was this particular person?

Gu Nianzhi looked up at the safe .

The answer was already calling out to her .

“This lock should be… tailor-made for me,” she said . Gu Nianzhi thought to herself silently for a moment and then put her hand on the round, protruding keyhole .

The keyhole was icy cold, so her finger twitched by reflex .

There were probably only three ways that a lock could be tailored for someone .

That would require a fingerprint, retina scan, or DNA .

Gu Nianzhi’s fingers gently rubbed the keyhole .

If it was a fingerprint reader, then this long keyhole, as flat as a piece of paper, was obviously not wide enough to read fingerprints .

So, this probably wasn’t a fingerprint lock .

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Gu Nianzhi squatted slightly and looked directly at the keyhole .

If there was a small camera inside, then it should be able to scan her retina .

She waited for a while, but the keyhole remained unchanged .

So, it wasn’t a retina scanner?

There was only one last possibility; DNA .

But would this small keyhole test DNA?!

Was this a joke?

Although Gu Nianzhi had considered the possibility of DNA, she never actually thought that would be the reality .

But now they had no other solution . They had to try anything they could at a desperate time like this .

After confirming that it was most likely DNA, Gu Nianzhi looked at the long keyhole shaped like a piece of paper and suddenly realized something .

Wasn’t this long, strip shape similar to the shape of the test papers commonly used in chemistry and biology?!

Her eyes suddenly brightened as she looked at Zhao Liangze standing next to her and said, “Almighty Doraemon, can you give me a strip of chemical testing paper?”

Zhao Liangze, “…”

“Doraemon?” Bai Shuang looked at Zhao Liangze curiously, then looked at Gu Nianzhi and said, “Are you talking about something that I don’t understand?”

Zhao Liangze glared at Gu Nianzhi because he knew that she was talking about the equipment that Special Operations Forces personnel carried with them when out in the field .

He flipped through his pockets and found a sticky note and a pair of scissors . Of course, this was not a chemical testing strip .

He quickly cut out a long strip of chemical test paper from the sticky note with nimble fingers and handed it to Gu Nianzhi .

Gu Nianzhi compared it to the keyhole, then took small scissors from Zhao Liangze’s hand and cut another side off the paper .

Looking at the appearance of the makeshift chemical testing strip, it looked about the same length and width as the keyhole .

Gu Nianzhi let out a sigh of relief and said, “This is the last resort . If this still doesn’t work, then I give up . ”

She didn’t need to open this safety deposit box .

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If it couldn’t be opened this time, she intended to set it aside temporarily .

Holding on to one last glimmer of hope, Gu Nianzhi put the makeshift chemical testing strip into her mouth to moisten it with saliva, then slowly inserted it into the long keyhole .

The test paper was a little soft after she wet it with her saliva, so it was not easy to get in .

Gu Nianzhi patiently pushed it in little by little .

Bai Shuang, Zhao Liangze, and even Li Dexi, who was sitting far away on the first floor of the basement, couldn’t dare look away or breathe too loudly .

Finally, the entire strip of paper had been pushed in .

Gu Nianzhi snickered and said, “If this actually works, I will kneel down and say ‘Daddy’…”

Before she finished her sentence, there was a sudden clicking sound from the round and raised keyhole .

Afterward, there seemed to be something rumbling and turning inside .

Gu Nianzhi shut her mouth immediately .

D*mn it . Her own father had slapped her in the face .

She really wanted to kneel down and say ‘Daddy’…

After a while, the sound of rumbling inside the safety deposit box stopped, and the round, raised keyhole separated into two pieces with a click . It revealed a black camera!

The camera was not very big and was only about the size of a penny . It silently aimed towards them .

This… This was going to scan her retina?

Gu Nianzhi squatted down again with trembling legs and positioned her eyes in front of the camera .

A little red light flashed inside the camera, and then the keyhole closed tightly once again .

This time, even the long keyhole has disappeared and was replaced by a smooth, oval plane .

Looking at the multiple curved lines drawn on it, Gu Nianzhi immediately realized that this was a fingerprint reader .

She pressed all ten of her fingers onto it, one by one like she was dreaming .

After another short wait – in their shock, they were unsure if it was only one minute or ten – they were all still dumbfounded as the door of the safety deposit box automatically opened with a whoosh .

If it hadn’t been for Zhao Liangze’s keen eyesight and quick reflexes to support her, Gu Nianzhi would have really fallen to her knees because of how wobbly she was .

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It turned out that this safe was indeed tailor-made for her!

Her DNA, retina, and fingerprints were the three factors required to determine her identity and open the safety deposit box – not a single one could be missing!

In the small room on the first floor of the basement, Li Dexi’s eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets as he watched this all unfold .

He had lost his previous calm and composure, so his hands were shaking with excitement .

Smart, smart, she was so smart!

She was almost as smart as Gu Haoze was, as written in his predecessors’ memoirs!

Li Dexi had never dealt with Gu Xiangwen . By the time he took over the Gestapo, Gu Xiangwen had already disappeared .

They could not find any trace of him until they had finally learned about his plane crash seven years ago…

As a result, he had a better understanding of Gu Xiangwen’s father and Gu Nianzhi’s grandfather, Gu Haoze .

Watching Gu Nianzhi now, the excitement in his heart couldn’t be suppressed as he intuitively experienced her eclectic intelligence for himself .

By now, he realized that Reinitz must have hidden many things from him .

At that moment, he even suspected that Gu Nianzhi was the famous hacker, the Pink Piggy, who had breached the Gestapo’s entire intranet!

When Li Dexi considered how the genius hacker the Pink Piggy might have been Gu Nianzhi, he was not only furious but also extremely excited .

Such a perfect person and such perfect genes were gifts from God to the Germans!

If she could reproduce with Reinitz, who possessed the most perfect genes amongst the Germans, just what amazing offspring could she give birth to?!

The lowly Huaxia people don’t deserve to have such good genes .

It should be said that, aside from the noble Germans, no other races were worthy of possessing such perfect genes!

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