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Chapter 1204: Chapter 1204 - Safety Deposit Box No. 365

Perhaps it was because this bank located on the African continent was influenced by the arrogance of European colonists that it clearly looked down on the IQ of the locals . As a result, the bank system’s security was perfunctory and just barely better than nothing at all . Gu Nianzhi and Zhao Liangze had planned to act together and concentrate their superior forces to attack one port together . By doing this, they could achieve their goals within a fixed time .

However, they did not even have a chance to work together . Gu Nianzhi quickly tried on her own and found that the port was only protected by a very simple password consisting of four random letters .

After some trial and error, she realized that the password composition here was relatively backward . It could only be composed of letters, but numbers and other arbitrary symbols could not be used .

The total possible combinations of four random letters would be 26*26*26*26, a total of 456,976 combinations .

Of course, it was very cumbersome to test over 400,000 combinations by hand . But if she used the proof of exhaustion mini-program, it would take less than a second to find out .

Gu Nianzhi looked at the password . ‘ABCD’ appeared on her phone, and she shook her head in shock .

How careless would they have to be to use such a stupid password combination on the external port of a major bank?

She sent a text message to Zhao Liangze saying she had found the password .

Zhao Liangze was not surprised to see that the password was ABCD .

He had been living in that place for several months now and was all too familiar with the quality of work and attitude of the people there .

This was indeed something that the local IT network managers would have done .

First of all, this was because it was very difficult for them to recruit truly capable programmers to work as a database admin .

After finding the password to enter the intranet port, Gu Nianzhi and Zhao Liangze were able to access the system .

After entering, they went in different directions .

Zhao Liangze was more professional . He focused on checking the overall system, figuring out the bank’s software and hardware, and planting a Trojan horse backdoor program inside .

Gu Nianzhi mainly searched for information related to the safety deposit box .

That information should be inside the operation module or business partition .

Gu Nianzhi’s finger quickly tapped on the phone, and within a few minutes, she was able to find the bank’s branch system for handling safety deposit boxes .

This was a very simple SQL database .

The detailed information of each safety deposit box was recorded inside .

The number of the safety deposit box also served as the primary key of the database . Each one was unique .

After Gu Nianzhi figured out the SQL primary key, she immediately searched for number 365 and immediately found the safety deposit box they were looking for .

The feeling of happiness came on so fast that Gu Nianzhi couldn’t even believe her eyes .

Glancing at their watches, they saw that it had taken them less than five minutes from when they sat down on the sofa and took out their phones to find the information .

“Isn’t this way too easy?” Gu Nianzhi muttered as she worried that it was a trap . She then used her robot . exe program to go inside and stroll around .

This was a simple program she had written for fun . Like a mine-detecting robot, it would first troll around the system . If there was a prospecting program within the other party’s system, her robot . exe program would be regarded as an intrusion and treated as an intruding hacker .

By doing this, she was able to understand the other party’s security measures and emergency strategies against hackers through the information transmitted by the robot . exe .

Her robot . exe was invisible inside the banking system and quickly wandered around without triggering any alarms .

This proved one of two things . It was possible that the other party’s system security was too weak, so it didn’t detect any foreign invasion .

Or it could mean that the other party had not set up any system security at all because they assumed that the system’s intranet would not be compromised .

Gu Nianzhi tried for a long time and was convinced that the other party was truly unaware before she safely entered the banking system’s internal structure .

After looking around for a while, she understood why the security system was so weak .

This bank only treated its computer network system as additional content related to their business work .

This was unlike other places, where the Internet had become an inseparable part of everyone’s work .

Within this banking system, it was impossible for you to transfer funds directly over the Internet .

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So, they don’t care how strong the system’s security was since these systems were not mainly used for work but are used to store historical data like hard drives .

This kind of performance was exactly what Gu Nianzhi hoped for .

What she needed to find was historical data .

Quickly browsing through the system history, Gu Nianzhi opened all the information related to the safety deposit box number 365 and sent it to her cloud mailbox for storage .

She worked quickly and discreetly . Before the other party noticed anything was amiss, Gu Nianzhi had already walked away and even secretly erased the login records for the port .

After logging out of the bank’s internal system network, Gu Nianzhi opened her cloud mailbox to check the content related to the safety deposit box number 365 .

She stared at it for a long time, but her eyes only saw one sentence within the bank’s record .

Safety deposit box number: No . 365 .

Rental date: XXXX, XX, XX .

Gu Nianzhi’s heart dropped .

That was the day she was born .

In other words, this safe had been rented for 19 years .

The annual rent was $50 US, and the prepayment amount was for one hundred years .

Gu Nianzhi snickered .

It was actually rented for so long .

From what Reinitz was saying, the data related to the genetic weakness of the Huaxia people was stored there .

They had been investigating for so long . Why hadn’t they discovered it yet?

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Gu Nianzhi frowned .

From the moment that Reinitz gave the letter to her, their goal must have always led up to this point .

What was the purpose of drawing her in, step by step?

Was everything here just a game?

Gu Nianzhi thought about it but finally ruled out that possibility .

The enemy worked step by step to draw her over, so it was definitely not for a simple game .

If this were only a game, it would have been their style to abduct her a long time ago, as they had done in the Alps .

But they hadn’t done anything until now, and they put in all this effort in hopes she would come to this bank . Gu Nianzhi was fairly certain that the safety deposit box was real when she looked at it .

The reality was the imaginary, the imaginary was the reality, true or false, and soldiers were never tired from deceit .

This was the way that Reinitz and Huo Shaoheng operated .

Gu Nianzhi thought for a moment and continued to look down .

Going to the tenant column, Gu Nianzhi saw the English name written in flourishing handwriting . Kevin Ku .

That was her father’s English name .

Gu Nianzhi’s tears poured out all at once .

She rubbed the high-resolution signature on the phone and had a more intuitive feeling for her father .

Reading the terms and conditions for opening the safe again, Gu Nianzhi shook her head in surprise .

The safe was located on the sixth floor of the bank’s underground warehouse, which was also the bottom floor . A complete proof of identification and other identifying documents were required to enter the basement room where the safe was located .

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A key was not required to open this safe .

Gu Nianzhi was helpless at that moment as she sat on the sofa with her face propped up in her hands . It seemed like the enemy really couldn’t go down to the sixth floor of the basement to approach the safe .

It would be great if they had Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak…

Gu Nianzhi tried to cheer herself up as she cocked her head to look at Zhao Liangze . “Brother Ze, everything is good on my side . How about you?” she asked .

Zhao Liangze didn’t look up as he said, “I’m almost done, too . The download will end immediately, and we will go home . ”

The two quickly packed their things and left the bank to return to their apartment-style hotel .

When she got out of the car at the hotel entrance, Gu Nianzhi saw a black Hummer SUV parked along the street by their suite .

A tall man wearing a black T-shirt and black jeans leaned against the tree in front of the door . He was waiting for them to return .

Sensing that she was coming over, the person raised his head and smiled at them .

He had a familiar hawk nose, full beard, large sunglasses, and a unique way of walking .

It was none other than Huo Shaoheng in disguise .

He had finally appeared again .

Zhao Liangze’s eyes lit up, and as he rushed up, exclaimed in surprise, “Huo Shao, you are finally here!”

Huo Shaoheng patted Zhao Liangze on the shoulder, his voice calm . “Yes, here I am . ”

In a small building close by, Li Dexi was observing the situation with a set of binoculars . He nodded and said with a smile, “It is Huo Shaoheng . This is what he looks like in disguise . He thought that no one knew, but Hong Kangquan had already revealed all of his information to us a long time ago .

“Order the men to go downstairs and follow these people . When they make a move, we will follow suit . ”

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