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Chapter 1195: 1195

Bai Shuang’s eyes flashed as she cocked her head to look at it . “Which photo? Oh, this one? It was not taken in a museum,” she said . “I was thinking the same thing . How could this kind of wall appear in a museum?” Gu Nianzhi suppressed her excitement and, still not giving up pursuing the question, replied casually, “So Miss Bai, where did you take this picture? I think it looks so special… I might as well go there to have some fun…”

Bai Shuang looked at her in surprise . “There? That is not a place to play in . ”

“It’s not a place to play in? So, where is this place?” Gu Nianzhi looked at the photo carefully and wanted nothing more than to upload it to her phone .

Seeing that Gu Nianzhi was so interested, Zhao Liangze also poked his head over and took a look .

He thought the place looked familiar, so maybe he had been there before . But at this time, he was supposed to be someone who had just arrived in Cape Town and shouldn’t be so familiar with the place .

So, he kept silent .

Seeing that Gu Nianzhi was very interested, Bai Shuang smiled and said, “This was taken at the financial street in the city center . ”

“Financial street?” Gu Nianzhi was even more puzzled . “You mean that your picture was taken in a financial institution?”

Gu Nianzhi studied the photo carefully as she said, “This place seems to be a lobby . Normal funding institutions don’t need such a large lobby, and there are faint reflections on the mosaic, so you can see the opposite side . It should be facing the street . ”

Bai Shuang was dumbfounded .

Gu Nianzhi was actually able to analyze it perfectly with just one photo!

Gu Nianzhi’s attention was completely focused on this photo, so she did not notice the change in Bai Shuang’s expression .

However, both Zhao Liangze and Huo Shaoheng had their eyes on Bai Shuang’s reaction .

Gu Nianzhi looked at the picture and said thoughtfully, “…Then it can only be a bank . Only a bank would have an entrance facing the street and a large lobby . ”

Bai Shuang laughed . She clapped for Gu Nianzhi and said with a smile, “I used to hear Little Ze say that you are very smart, so I thought you were only good at studying . Now I know that your intelligence is all-encompassing with no blind spots!”

Gu Nianzhi, “…”

“…There are also a lot of things that I don’t understand . ” Gu Nianzhi smiled and shook her head as she said, “I am not being modest, but I only understand the law and computers . Law is considered to be my academic background, but computers are completely an amateur hobby . I learned from Brother Ze and did a little self-studying . Other than that, I really don’t understand anything else . ”

“It’s amazing enough to understand computers and the law . ” Bai Shuang patted the back of Gu Nianzhi’s hand and took her phone away .

“You’re right; this photo was indeed taken in the lobby of a bank . ” Bai Shuang opened the location of the photo and took a look . “It’s the French Societe Generale, which is what we call the Industrial Bank branch . ”

“Industrial Bank? This is a big bank…” Gu Nianzhi was thoughtful as she considered how it was still a branch of the Bank of France .

“It’s nothing strange . ” Bai Shuang turned off her phone and said with a smile, “Cape Town is the country’s largest financial center . Have you ever been to the financial street in the city center? The streets are full of branches from major banks from all over the world . The tall and avant-garde architecture is completely different from the rest of Cape Town . ”

Gu Nianzhi’s interest was piqued . “Really? Then I have to go and see it,” she said .

Then, she turned to look at Zhao Liangze and said, “Brother Ze, I want to go to this Industrial Bank to withdraw some money . ”

Zhao Liangze was almost speechless . He frowned and said, “It’s enough for you to say you want to visit the bank . Why are you claiming that it’s your hobby…?”

Gu Nianzhi also found it funny .

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Right, she was clearly supposed to be traveling . Why would she need to go to the bank?

Zhao Liangze frowned and objected, saying, “What’s so interesting about the bank? You don’t have to go to the bank directly to withdraw money nowadays, just use your mobile phone to transfer money . ”

Bai Shuang smiled and didn’t try persuading him anymore . She said, “Little Ze is right, what’s so interesting about going to the bank? Don’t go out and run around if you can use the Internet to do something instead . ”

The more she said this, the more Gu Nianzhi wanted to go to the bank to take a look .

She also knew that the timing was too coincidental when Bai Shuang showed her this photo .

But this handwritten English poem would not appear there for no reason .

Besides, she and Huo Shaoheng didn’t know where to start, so Bai Shuang had delivered this clue directly to them .

If she didn’t take advantage of this opportunity, she wouldn’t be Gu Nianzhi…

Even if it was a trap, she had to challenge it .

The old saying goes, you can never claim a tiger cub if you don’t enter the tiger’s lair .

Likewise, she would not forfeit any information related to her father .

Gu Nianzhi leaned back lazily in the seat . The natural cappuccino in front of her was already finished . The cake in the small dish was half-eaten, but she was not in the mood to continue eating .

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“I am a country bumpkin who has never seen anything in the world . This kind of French bank is still very interesting to me . I also want to take a photo there with my hand on a victory sign and fool people after I return to the Huaxia Empire,” she said .

Gu Nianzhi giggled as she spoke and nearly emblazoned the word liar on her forehead .

Bai Shuang pretended to dissuade her some more before changing her tune, saying, “Since you want to go, I will pledge my life and accompany you there . Do you want to go now or tomorrow?”

Gu Nianzhi wanted to go now, but Zhao Liangze felt that it was too hasty . He didn’t know what the bank had to do with their current mission .

The two discussed it . Zhao Liangze tried to tempt Gu Nianzhi with the most delicious seafood before he finally convinced her to change her mind and agree to visit the French Industrial Bank in the afternoon .

Bai Shuang looked at them, smiled, and said, “Where do you want to have lunch? I’ll treat you . ”

“No, we still have something to do when we go back . ” Zhao Liangze was eager to find Huo Shaoheng and discuss the next steps .

Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng had not had time to explain the whole matter to Zhao Liangze .

When she realized this, Gu Nianzhi nodded and said, “Then let’s go to the bank after lunch . ”

Zhao Liangze, “…”

Bai Shuang stood up and slung the Chanel Boy bag over her shoulder . “How about I meet you at the bank entrance in the afternoon? I need to go back and see how our marine animal protection organization is doing,” she said with a smile .

“Miss Bai, you don’t actually need to accompany us . You should get to work if you have something to attend to . ” Gu Nianzhi didn’t want to waste too much of Bai Shuang’s time .

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Bai Shuang smiled lightly and put a hand on Gu Nianzhi’s shoulder . “I am a volunteer, so I can quit my job at any time . I think it’s more interesting to hang out with you . ”

She didn’t mean to hang out with Gu Nianzhi, but rather with Brother Ze…

Gu Nianzhi nodded and said, “If Miss Bai doesn’t mind the trouble, then please come with us . ”

Having finalized the time to meet in the afternoon, Bai Shuang seemed relieved and hurriedly left Truth Coffee .

After Bai Shuang left, she hailed a taxi directly in front of the cafe and said, “Take me back to Camps Beach Apartment Hotels . ”

She returned to the apartment-style hotel a moment earlier than Gu Nianzhi and Zhao Liangze .

As soon as she entered the door, she saw a Caucasian man with a silver beard and hair sitting in the middle of her living room with a cane .

Bai Shuang immediately smiled as she said, “Mr . Li Dexi, you are here . ”

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