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Chapter 1187: 1187

The black man on the skateboard grabbed the phone from the woman in the red dress before escaping quickly along the sidewalk . But he could not beat a car, no matter how quick he was . Especially when faced by someone with the nerve of Zhao Liangze, who had undergone Special Operations Forces training .

Although his physical achievements were not as impressive as his computer achievements, he was still much stronger than a typical civilian .

Although he was considered weak in comparison, he was only a little weaker when ranked amongst a group of special forces soldiers with uncanny strength .

Zhao Liangze’s driving skills could be considered only secondary to his impressive computer skills .

The roads of Cape Town were very wide, but there are many cars on them as well . Many of the drivers did not like to drive according to traffic rules .

They often went ahead at red lights or stopped randomly at green lights . Huge 18-wheeler trucks often stopped in the middle of the road to unload .

The drivers were so unskilled that they were unable to neatly park an 18-wheeler truck along the side of the road .

In other words, most people drove their cars in Cape Town as carelessly as riding a bike .

So, the ones often affected were the drivers who actually followed traffic laws .

Zhao Liangze had lived there for several months now, so he had already changed from feeling the initial fright to being able to navigate amongst the other cars without batting an eye . When he thundered past an 18-wheeler parked in the middle of the road and brought up a cloud of yellow dust, Zhao Liangze could wave his hand without a single speck of dust landing on him .

He had already driven to the entrance of a small alley, with rows of aloe vera plants with blade-shaped, thick, and sturdy leaves flanking either side . They bloomed with brilliant white blossoms .

The black man on the skateboard continued to urge the skateboard forward .

Just as he was able to ride into the alley, a yellow Jeep suddenly emerged from nowhere . The ear-splitting shriek of brakes sounded, and the Jeep suddenly turned 90 degrees to directly block the alley entrance .

The black man on the skateboard never expected a car to come out of nowhere suddenly and block the road .

As he turned around, he didn’t see the alley he was so familiar with – but instead, he saw a Jeep that was as sturdy as a tank!

“Ah–!” The black man who stole the phone suddenly cried out in pain as his entire body careened into the side of the Jeep!

At that moment, Zhao Liangze shifted his body and rapidly kicked the door open!

The car door suddenly sprang open and happened to crash directly into the body of the black man as he lunged forward .

The black man was stunned dizzy by his own inertia and the force of the car door opening into him, then fell on his back with a plop . He saw stars in front of his eyes and was unable to get up for a long time .

Zhao Liangze got out of the car, walked over to the black man, and half kneeled with one leg in front of him . He reached out his hand to take away the phone that was still tight in the black man’s grip, got up, and kicked him, before saying viciously, “Trash! Do you want to die?!”

As he said this, he glanced at the phone .

With one look, he was stunned .

Although the phone was still locked, the lock screen was a picture he was all too familiar with .

It was none other than himself, back when he was still fair and handsome .

The photo must have been taken at a reception . He was wearing an autumn uniform with a glass of red wine in his hand . Leaning on the railing of the terrace, his side profile smiled with the person next to him .

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He didn’t know who the person next to him was, but this photo was taken at an excellent angle . The straight bridge of the nose, angular lips, and thick, dark eyelashes were clearly visible . This was obviously taken with a zoomed-in lens .

On the screen, his fair skin was photographed from a close distance, but there were still no visible blemishes at all . After staring at the image for a long time, he almost didn’t recognize the person on the screensaver .

Was that really him?

D*mn it!

Would he ever be so fair and handsome again?!

Zhao Liangze felt extremely conflicted when looking at this photo . He was just about to put the phone away and find the woman in the red dress when he heard a very familiar voice speaking behind him .

“Thank you for helping me catch the thief . ”

It was an authentic British English accent .

He could recognize that voice even with his eyes closed . It was Bai Shuang’s .

Zhao Liangze suddenly turned around and made eye contact with Bai Shuang .

Under the blue sky of Cape City, the sun was scorching, and green aloes bloomed quietly on the street .

Two people who hadn’t met since Gu Nianzhi’s graduation ceremony just before the Spring Festival met again on the streets of a foreign country .

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When Bai Shuang saw that it was Zhao Liangze, she also seemed to be taken aback . Seeing that he was holding her phone in his hand, she suddenly seemed to recall something and her face immediately flushed red . She quickly reached out and said, “Give me back my phone!”

Zhao Liangze held the phone as he finally saw the woman who so often appeared in his dreams .

He fixedly looked at Bai Shuang for a few minutes before placing the phone on her open palm and asked, “…What are you doing here?”

“How is that any of your business?!” As soon as Bai Shuang saw him, she remembered the scene of him kissing Bai Yueran . It felt like her heart was being cut by a knife again .

She had originally thought she could let it go . She chased after a man who liked her cousin rather than her . After she found out, she resolutely broke all contact with him and decided to travel and volunteer abroad . She did everything she could to remove him from the bottom of her heart .

But as soon as she saw him and his indecipherable eyes again, she immediately lost all her armor and had nowhere else to hide .

It turned out that he had never left her heart . She had just merely locked him tightly behind a door, pretending that she had lost the key and could no longer open it .

She never thought about what she would do if Zhao Liangze opened the door himself and walked out .

Countless thoughts flashed through Zhao Liangze’s mind in that one instant .

But at that moment, his body reacted more directly and rapidly than his brain .

He had just put the phone back in Bai Shuang’s hand when he suddenly took her hand in his arms . Hugging her tightly, he lowered his lips to kiss her .

In the beginning, Bai Shuang wanted to struggle against him . However, Zhao Liangze seemed to be on drugs . His entire body was much stronger than before, so the arm holding her seemed to be full of great power that made her surrender .

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He was no longer the handsome and fair man from before, but she still liked him or loved him no matter what he became . She realized that she could never let go of him .

Before long, Bai Shuang’s struggle gradually weakened, and her arms involuntarily squeezed Zhao Liangze’s waist . Her lips finally responded to his kiss .

The black man that had been knocked to the ground watched the scene unfold speechlessly while cursing his own bad luck…

As he began sneaking up from the ground, he limped onto the skateboard and tried to escape .

Zhao Liangze immediately stopped the kiss and held Bai Shuang tightly in his arms with one hand, before suddenly taking out a pistol with the other . He pointed it at the black man and said coldly, “Stop! Hands up!”

The black man shivered with fright . His knees were so sore and weak that he knelt on the ground instantly with raised hands .

Bai Shuang was fascinated by Zhao Liangze’s sudden domineering and heroic posture, so she stared at him intently and couldn’t help but snuggle towards him .

Zhao Liangze smiled . He pointed his gun at the black man’s head and said in a cold voice, “…Don’t let me see you grab someone else’s stuff again . My gun is fully loaded!”

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