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Chapter 1167: 1167
Chapter 1167 The Safest Momen

They came by night, yet brought light with them to dispel the thick darkness .

The moon revealed itself in the sky and cast pure light upon the ground to elongate the shadows of the dozen men .

Just as the gunfire sounded, Reinitz knew something was very wrong . They were already surrounded .

He decisively stuffed the note found in the pillar into his mouth . Chewing thoroughly, he swallowed it .

After destroying the note, he looked up and saw a flash of red light right before his eyes . A tiny red dot was aimed directly at the center of his forehead .

Although he couldn’t see the red dot, the wavering red light in his eyes made him instantly understand that he was already within range of a sniper rifle .

As soon as he moved, he would be instantly shot in the head by the sniper .

Reinitz’s body froze immediately, so he didn’t even have time to do anything to Gu Nianzhi .

Gu Nianzhi began to fiercely struggle against him once again .

This time, she was easily able to free herself from Reinitz’s grasp and crawled up from the ground .

When she looked back, Reinitz was still lying on the ground in the same position as before . With his head cocked, his eyes fell upon the men in front of him .

Gu Nianzhi could clearly see the red dot on Reinitz’s forehead . It was like the kind of light emitted from a laser printer .

Of course, she was fully aware that the red dot was actually from the scope of a sniper rifle .

No wonder Reinitz was lying motionless on the ground . He remained in his previous position .

His eyes drifted towards Gu Nianzhi . They were so blue that under the moonlight, they almost appeared black, like the ocean at night .

Gu Nianzhi pursed her lips at him before turning around and breaking into a smile .

The dozen or so strapping figures were already coming closer and surrounded them completely .

Gu Nianzhi was very familiar with the figure in the front because she immediately recognized him to be Huo Shaoheng .

She was shocked for a second when she saw the man’s face covered in a beard and bearing an unfamiliar hooked nose .

The person didn’t even look at her . He was looking straight ahead, holding a gun, and walked to He Zhichu’s side . He reached his hand out and said, “Boss, we came too late . ”

His voice was low and raspy, so every word he said seemed to be buffed out by sandpaper .

It wasn’t Huo Shaoheng’s voice, either .

Gu Nianzhi hesitated for a moment, then immediately understood .

Huo Shaoheng and his men were in disguise .

Just like how they put on disguises for every Special Operations Forces operation abroad so they wouldn’t be easily exposed .

Gu Nianzhi wiped the happiness off her face and stood silently at the sidelines .

The moonlight was like water washing on the pure white Taj Mahal, illuminating it like a moon place .

Under the moonlight, the Taj Mahal exuded a different kind of attractiveness . Like a woman possessing unparalleled beauty, her most beautiful moment was captured for all eternity .

He Zhichu looked at the hand being offered to him, his eyes traveling up the hand, along the strong shoulder, and finally stopping on an unfamiliar face covered with a beard .

He was actually in disguise…

He was way too sly!

He Zhichu snorted, refusing to accept Huo Shaoheng’s hand . He stood himself up before sneering, “Thanks to you, I didn’t die yet . You people really came at the right moment!”

Huo Shaoheng, “…”

Although he didn’t reply, he used his eyes to warn He Zhichu not to take things too far .

The corners of He Zhichu’s lips twitched twice .

If Gu Nianzhi weren’t there right now, he would have already slapped Huo Shaoheng in the face a long time ago!

Who the hell did he think he was!

How dare he disregard Gu Nianzhi’s life or death! He used her as bait and allowed that Reinitz to grope her freely!

He Zhichu raised his chin and walked to Reinitz . He gave a sudden kick and viciously slammed Reinitz directly in the chest .

Gu Nianzhi shuddered in fear . With both hands muffling her mouth, she stopped herself from almost screaming out loud .

Huo Shaoheng coughed in discomfort, then said in his raspy voice, “…Boss, let’s hurry up and go . ”

There were corpses all over the place, along with He Zhichu’s mercenaries who were immobilized from their injuries .

It wouldn’t be easy for them to get away when the country’s military and police came at dawn .

Besides, He Zhichu’s recklessness resulted in them failing to lure out the person directing Reinitz . They were only able to capture Reinitz .

He Zhichu vented the anger in his heart, balling his hands into fists and brandishing them, saying, “Tie him up and take him with us . ”

Huo Shaoheng gave a look to his subordinates to ask them to heed He Zhichu’s commands .

In silence, the two soldiers brought over a special rope to tie up Reinitz .

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They used international sailor’s knots since these were supposed to become tighter as the person struggled against it . It was very reliable .

He Zhichu finally walked over to Gu Nianzhi and looked down at her dirty face . He took a wet wipe from his pocket to carefully wipe it clean .

Gu Nianzhi suppressed the excitement in her heart and obediently allowed He Zhichu to help her wipe her face . As she stood next to He Zhichu, she stopped herself from looking in Huo Shaoheng’s direction .

Huo Shaoheng didn’t say anything, either . He wore a dark camouflage suit, night vision goggles with infrared functions, and B Brand military boots often worn by mercenaries . They were known to be able to kick a cow to death in one shot .

He and other colleagues disguised as mercenaries standing together behind He Zhichu . They appeared to be protecting their boss, and, of course, Gu Nianzhi was also within their sphere of protection when she stood next to He Zhichu .

All the other men were disposing of the bodies of Reinitz’s men .

The corpses were taken away one by one, then thrown into a river beside the Taj Mahal .

All the mercenaries He Zhichu brought over initially had been injured in the legs or arms, so they weren’t in mortal peril .

These men were supported and carried, walking into the dark night and towards the Jeeps they came in with .

In the blink of an eye, only a few people remained in the corridor in front of the Taj Mahal .

He Zhichu grabbed Gu Nianzhi’s hand and coldly questioned Reinitz, “…What kind of thing did you find on the pillar earlier?”

He Zhichu didn’t even want to ask such a ridiculous question .

However, Huo Shaoheng relentlessly sent him messages over his Bluetooth headset to ask Reinitz about the clue he had found .

Reinitz chuckled . He had just been violently kicked by He Zhichu, so his organs were shaken up, and the corners of his lips were bleeding .

However, his arms were tied back and rendered him unable to wipe his mouth clean . Under the moonlight, he looked very harrowing .

Gu Nianzhi turned away with some discomfort, casting her eyes on the Taj Mahal in the distance .

Reinitz’s smile broadened . He had already chewed up and swallowed the note from earlier, so they wouldn’t be able to find it even if they killed him and cut open his stomach .

“…My apologies, it’s already gone . ” Reinitz raised a brow and spoke like a true gentleman .

He Zhichu began to frown . “It’s already gone? What do you mean it’s already gone?”

“It means it’s already gone . You came one step too late, so I ate it already…” Reinitz replied with perfect politeness . Although he was completely tied up, he still stood ramrod straight like he was about to attend a ball at the castle .

He Zhichu pressed his lips together and was just about to tell Huo Shaoheng he couldn’t do anything about this when Gu Nianzhi began to recite the note she had just read smoothly .

“…Congratulations on passing the first level . I don’t know why you’re looking for the whereabouts of this item . Before I tell you where it is, you can go check at the following places . ”

“…Batti’s Fertility Aid Center, the Parents’ Clinic in the Labado Project, Dass Fertility and Medical Clinic, Lajiawan Infertility Treatment Center…”

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With Gu Nianzhi’s photographic memory, the short note of fewer than two hundred letters was a walk in the park .

He Zhichu, “…”

Reinitz, “…”

Both men were thinking, oh my god! How could they have forgotten about Gu Nianzhi’s genius…?

Huo Shaoheng was the only one who began to burst into laughter .

He Zhichu turned around and glared viciously at him . “…You have the guts to laugh at your boss?!”

Huo Shaoheng immediately wiped the grin off his face and raised his chin . “No!” he said .

Reinitz’s suspicious gaze landed on Huo Shaoheng’s face for one second, but he didn’t recognize who this person was at all .

Somehow, he wasn’t able to look at their movements and tell which mercenary group they belonged to…

Because of Reinitz’s work, he had a very thorough understanding of the mercenary groups on Blue Planet .

Gu Nianzhi looked down quietly and had a very hard time containing her laughter .

He Zhichu squeezed Gu Nianzhi’s hand to feel the slight trembling of her body and knew that she was laughing . The anguish in his heart grew even more .

Gritting his teeth, he pulled Gu Nianzhi in by the shoulder and embraced her . Then he turned around and barked, “Let’s go!”

He was nearly dragging Gu Nianzhi as they strode outside .

Huo Shaoheng’s eyes flickered slightly . His eyes scanned across He Zhichu’s back, and his burning gaze finally paused on Gu Nianzhi’s back, nearly burning a hole with his look .

He then turned around to wave and ordered his men to bring Reinitz along .

The soldiers holding Reinitz put a piece of tape over his mouth, then brought a furry hat to cover his face before pushing him along .

The group got into the vehicles, and with a loud boom, they left the Taj Mahal with roaring engines .

Gu Nianzhi and He Zhichu were in the car in the middle, and they sat in the backseat .

Huo Shaoheng brought Reinitz over and commanded his underlings to take him to the first car . He then walked to the middle car, where He Zhichu and Gu Nianzhi were sitting, and opened the door .

With a loud click, He Zhichu locked the door from the inside .

Gu Nianzhi gave him a speechless look, then discreetly unlocked the back door on her side . She cast Huo Shaoheng a look .

Huo Shaoheng revealed a subtle smile before walking over to Gu Nianzhi’s side and pulling the door open . He elegantly climbed into the car .

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Gu Nianzhi shifted from her seat on the right side of the back row to the middle of the back row .

He Zhichu and Huo Shaoheng flanked either side of her .

This was the safest Gu Nianzhi had been in the past few days .

She smiled as she looked at Huo Shaoheng on her right side, then at He Zhichu on the left side . She nodded in satisfaction .

He Zhichu’s expression was icy as he ordered the driver in the front, “Start the car,”

The driver was one of the Special Forces Operations personnel Huo Shaoheng had brought along .

He only listened to Huo Shaoheng .

Huo Shaoheng also nodded and said, “Let’s go . ”

The driver finally started the car and drove away from the Taj Mahal .

They got onto the highway to head towards He Zhichu’s apartment in New Delhi .

Gu Nianzhi clarified their destination before remembering Rong Mingxing . She panicked and asked, “Right, and what about Rong Mingxing? Did you guys get in touch with her?”

He Zhichu didn’t even look at her before retorting coldly, “You couldn’t even protect yourself, so why are you worried about other people? She’s fine, she already went back to the embassy . ”

Gu Nianzhi sighed in relief .

She gave He Zhichu a flattering smile . “Thank you, Professor He . ”

He Zhichu snorted but didn’t hear Gu Nianzhi say anything else for a very long time .

He was a bit surprised, so he couldn’t help but turn around to look at her . He discovered that Gu Nianzhi was already fast asleep .

Her head was resting against Huo Shaoheng’s shoulder, and she was in a deep slumber .

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