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Chapter 819: Xiangxiang’s Treat

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[ your Bombay V: [ Bawl ][ Bawl ][ bawl ] forward 1,000 people, 9,999 cash per person. ]

[ F * ck, a big fan is crying to bless the goddess, he is definitely a true fan! ]

[ the Goddess is in love, I am lovelorn, only 9,999 can comfort me! ]

[ how many times has this been, I have not been hit once (after)]

“Brother, I know how you feel. For the sake of our hearts being connected, you should frame me!”

Yun Xiangxiang Did Not Expect Song Mian to Squander again. Everyone thought that he was crying, but Yun Xiangxiang knew that he was crying bitterly. She felt that it was not easy for her, and she finally had a status.

If it were not for the fact that he had a lot of things to do, Yun Xiangxiang would have called him again to give him a good scolding.

Yun Xiangxiang admitted that she was in a relationship, and the entertainment industry, which had been quiet for a long time, became lively, causing a lot of heated discussion.

Initially, because of Yun Xiangxiang’s age, all the attention was on Yun Xiangxiang.

After song Mian replied, the attention shifted to Song Mian.

Many people were curious about what kind of man had such charisma. Yun Xiangxiang, a Super Goddess, did not care about her career prospects. She openly admitted her love at such a tender age.

The fans were all trying their best to find Song Mian.

Unfortunately, they did not find any exciting news after digging for a long time. Song Mian summed it up: he was well-versed in Chinese and Western culture, young and promising, and Talented.

He did not have a mine at home. The blurry video from Qingdao University proved that he was young and handsome. Some of the content posted on Weibo could be seen to be cultured, but the rest was unknown.

Then why did Yun Xiangxiang announce her love story in such a high-profile manner?

Song Mian was extremely good-looking, but Yun Xiangxiang was a popular female star in the entertainment industry. What kind of good-looking male star was there in the entertainment industry?

Not to mention, Tang Zhiyu’s looks were not inferior to song Mian’s, not to mention that he was the sixth young master of the Tang family!

In the end, after a long time, even the media had to admit that Yun Xiangxiang was undoubtedly in love.

Posts praising Yun Xiangxiang for being unobtrusive and daring to admit that she was in love popped up like mushrooms after a rain.

This included the spontaneous blessings from many media outlets and Yun Xiangxiang. The current news flow in the entertainment industry was really low.

Huan Yu century entertainment had openly supported their own popular actor in love, which caused a high degree of comfort for fans and passersby. It also received a high level of attention and favorable impression.

Huan Yu century entertainment took the opportunity to publicize the New Year’s preliminaries. The number of participating art school students and actors with an acting background had never been higher.

Last year, it was affected by Xue Yu’s love affair and the incident with Lu Huanong, which cast a great shadow over Huan Yu Century Entertainment.

This was especially the case with Lu Huanong. As she was a signed actor, the money was basically transferred to the company’s account. After the company paid the taxes, the portion that belonged to her would be distributed to her.

As a result, many people took the opportunity to attack Huan Yu century entertainment, thinking that Huan Yu century entertainment was a nest of thieves who acted behind their backs.

Many people were trying their best to use this opportunity to bring Huan Yu century entertainment down.

Fortunately, the money that Lu Huanong had stolen from the company was hidden from Wen Lan and worked together with the production team. Huan Yu Century Entertainment was also investigated, and now it was confirmed that Lu Huanong’s tax evasion had nothing to do with the company.

Actually, Yun Xiangxiang had been afraid that Huan Yu century entertainment would have problems with taxes, so she had tentatively asked he wei.

He Wei’s answer made her feel at ease. She had decided to go ahead and report it, but she had not expected Gao Qiu to act so quickly.

Yun Xiangxiang could guess that Chen Yinghui was so supportive of “Flying Sky”that he did not pursue the matter. It was most likely because of the nature of the compensation.

Now, Huan Yu Century Entertainment had finally gotten over the smog and welcomed the sunlight once again.

“Think about it, are you really in love?”Yun Xiangxiang could not help but approach Ying Peifeng and ask the moment she arrived at the set.

“How could it be fake?”Yun Xiangxiang was in high spirits when it came to happy events. Her face was like a peach blossom and her eyes were sparkling.

“Oh my God, you are really tough!”Ying Peifeng Really Admired Yun Xiangxiang.

He had just debuted at Yun Xiangxiang’s age, and at his current age, his status was also very different from Yun Xiangxiang’s.

Not to mention acknowledging a relationship, he didn’t even dare to have the heart to fall in love.

Especially Yun Xiangxiang’s luck, it really made people jealous and envious.

For a young actor to publicly announce their relationship, it became an advantage for Yun Xiangxiang. Not only did the company allow it, but the fans all bought it, and even the media praised it!

If he was not in the entertainment industry and was used to all kinds of storms, ying Peifeng would have suspected that Yun Xiangxiang and he were not in the same industry.

“Not at all…”Yun Xiangxiang smiled modestly.

“Think about it. Although it’s not a wedding, it’s such a big event. Shouldn’t you give us a few wedding candies so that I can enjoy the happiness?”He joked with the cast and crew.

Yun Xiangxiang was also very generous. “I’ll treat everyone to lunch at noon. Everyone who sees me will have a share.”

“Where?”Out of the blue, Chen Gu’s voice sounded behind Yun Xiangxiang.

Yun Xiangxiang turned around and pursed her lips into a smile. Yesterday, Chen Gu had also forwarded her weibo and sent her blessings. “Please eat at Hui Cui Workshop.”

Hui Cui Workshop was Tang Zhili’s shop. It was very famous in Guangdong province and included all the famous dishes.

“Okay.”Chen Gu nodded. He walked to the work site with his hands behind his back and picked up his loudspeaker. “Everyone, pay attention. Work hard today. Today, I want to treat everyone to Hui Cui Workshop. Everyone who sees it will have a share.”

Yun Xiangxiang held her forehead. She did not expect Chen Gu to howl like this. Everyone was excited and looked forward to it. They worked quickly as well. It seemed that if they worked faster, the food would arrive earlier.

As expected, the temptation of food was unparalleled. The whole crew was united. Yun Xiangxiang immediately called Tang Zhili and asked him to arrange it. However, she could not arrange it in the afternoon, so she could only wait for the evening.

Fortunately, Chen Gu was experienced and did not say that it was lunch. Otherwise, it would be awkward. When the evening came, Hui Cui workshop was indeed magnificent. They directly drove a big truck to deliver the dinner.

They also used lunch boxes and did not use plastic packaging. It tasted exceptionally delicious.

“Thank you,”Yun Xiangxiang said to Tang Suran, who was in the lead.

“You pay. It’s easy to talk to you.”Tang suran smiled slyly.

Yun Xiangxiang shook her head helplessly. “Miss Tang, you look like a Philistine at the moment.”

“Our family is all in business. How can we not be Philistine?”Tang Suran did not feel embarrassed at all.

Yun Xiangxiang smiled and lowered her head, pursing her lips. “You… sixth brother…”

Yun Xiangxiang could not help but laugh at the beginning of her words and did not continue asking.

However, it piqued tang Suran’s appetite. “Just ask whatever you want to ask. I will definitely tell you everything I know.”

Seeing that Yun Xiangxiang still shook her head lightly, Tang suran hurriedly said, “My sixth brother is sixth brother, and I am me. Don’t worry, I can’t control him or persuade him, but he can’t control me either.”

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