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Chapter 8 You Call Me A Loser?

Nie Tian had the attempt to kill Nie Santong not because the latter coveted the position of family master, but because he had really gone too far, as he would murder the junior and the family head.

That did not become a senior or a subordinate.

To be honest, Nie Tian had no desire for the position of the family head. He would give no damn about it. He could confer it upon whoever wanted it.

But Nie Tian was not fine with the despicable means.

He was now not in a rush to tackle Nie Santong, for his strength remained to be enhanced.

In addition, during these three years of his reign over the family, Nie Santong must have fostered a bunch of faithful subordinates. And he was one of the few Kung Fu master of Vital Spirits. It would not be good for the Nie's to finish him right now.

More importantly, the poison could not wait any longer. The longer it was left untreated, the direr things would turn out to be.

"The toxic in my vital veins is extracted from Soul-Encroaching Flower and remained deep inside. To detoxify would require at least herbs or pill of level two or even three. " It did not take long before Nie Tian knew what the poison was after he sensed the vital veins.

Nie Tian was himself a generalist of cultivation in his previous life. In addition to his martial cultivation of the ninth level of Heaven-Monarchic, he knew something of alchemy and magical tactical deployment. In particular, he was the God of Pills of the ninth level in this regard and also one of the seven patriarchs in the Heavenly Sociaty of Alchemy.

You could count the number of those that made a match in the achievement of pills in heaven with finger of a hand.

Nie Tian only gave a bitter smile when he knew the poison in the vital veins, "To remove the toxic of Soul-Encroaching Flower, one needs Seven-Leaf Vein-Cleaning Grass, or Demon Flower, or Blood Spirit Fruit, or Spirit Nucleus of wood property in second level. Is there any of these in Moyang City?"

It was a small and distant town in the worlds of the trichiliocosm below the Terminator Dominion.

He remembered that there was not a single alchemist, a herb house or a alchemist sociaty.

What he demanded were the herbs of second level. Ordinary as they were, it was difficult to find them in Moyang City.

"I wonder where the poisonous pill comes from," whispered Nie Tian.

"I try my luck in the street market first, or I have to go to Ripcloud Mountain myself," sighed Nie Tian, thinking of Ripcloud Mountain as his last resort.

The Soul-Encroaching Flower was a chronic yet virulent poison. The longer it developed, the stronger the toxicity, hence the necessity to detoxify it as early as possible.

The next moment, Nie Tian was seen in the finance hall of the Nie's.

Now that he wanted to go to the street market, he needed the money, from the finance hall.

"Look, here comes family master. Stay out of the way."

"It was dominating of the family head to slap the first young master of the Ba's in the face and bring him down on his knees. I saw that happen. Freaking awesome, I shall say. "

"Tell me about it. I've heard it that the butler of the Ba's fell onto his kneels too. He almost wet his pants. Who do they think they are to challenge our family and propose a marriage for a retarded? They are dicing with the death. "

Quite a number of capable kids gathered in the finance hall, who made room for Nie Tian and whispered in ears upon the sight of his arrival.

That Nie Tian fought back unyieldingly against the Ba's provocation boosted his position in the Nie's and made him the superhero in a sense. Everyone was looking at Nie Tian with awe.

Nie Tian would pay no heed to these guys but go straight into the finance hall.

The director of the finance hall was called Li Anshun, short, fat and repulsive. It could be told easily that he was no good guy.

Indeed, he did not share the last name. The reason why he could be elected as the director of the finance was that he had a good brother-in-law, Nie Santong.

Li Anshun was now lying on the armchair, squinting his eyes, as if not noticing Nie Tian.

He had heard the news in the conference hall.

However, he did not buy the story. And he thought it must be someone from the board of patriarchs that pulled the stunt.

Loser was Nie Tian who got all his vital veins damaged. How could he possibly beat the first young master of the Nie's and have Ba Ziyang kneel down before him.

"So you the director of the finance hall?"Nie Tian looked at Li Anshun, with somewhat severity in his face.

Given that he was the family head, it was so arrogant of him to ignore him.

"Wow. The family master,"greeted Li Anshun,dilating eyes and looking surprised. Nonetheless, there was nothing more than a movement of muscle, "What brings you here? An inspection visit here in the finance hall? In light of your physical condition, I might suggest you take good care of your body first and not stick your nose into others' business as well. Hey, somebody walk your family master out."

Li Anshun waved to several people outside as he said the words.

However, they were beating a retreat, with face turning white.

They were witnesses to the dominance of Nie Tian. Li Anshun was making a scene of himself to mess with Nie Tian.

Nie Tian's face fell. But he had no intention to take it personally. He said coldly, "Fetch me some coins, a hundred."

"Oh yeah? A hundred?" exclaimed Li Anshun in a weird manner, who squinted his eyes and reproached him, "What is it you loser are up to with so much money?"


The two syllables were striking to ears.

"You call me loser?' Nie Tian stared at Li Anshun, as if amused.

"Well,"sneered Li Anshun as he sprang up, "you got your all vital veins destroyed, with no strength left. Who else are you other than loser? "

The way he talked was like a family head instead of a family servant.

Nie Tian shook his head gently, as far be it from him to teach a lesson. Now it seemed necessary.

Then Li Anshun felt a trace of coldness, only to tremble his heart.

"Clap." The next moment a crisp sound was heard. Li Anshun could never be able to respond before he noticed a swelling face.

Li Anshun dilated his eyes widely, as if in a horrible nightmare. He could still not believe Nie Tian before him.

"Ouch,"he screamed out till he felt the burning pain and pointed at Nie Tian, "You little bastard. How dare you to hit me? Don't you know who I am?"

"Clap."The second turn came before Li Anshun finished his words. Nie Tian had no interest in making the acquaintance.

"You little bastard. I am the deacon's..."roared Li Anshun, half-finished.

"Clap. Clap. Clap."Consecutive slaps robbed Li Anshun of words for a complete sentence.

A dozen slaps, maybe, caused the pains in Nie Tian's palm. He stopped and looked at Li Anshun with compassion, saying "Now, who are you by the way?"

Li Anshun's face was swelling like a ball, with finger prints in blood.

"I am the brother-in-law of the deacon,"he looked at Nie Tian in surprise and cried out.

Nie Tian was astounded and then laughed, "Well, then you deserve it."

He now understood why people like Li Anshun pulling rank on others could make it to be the director of the finance hall. Nepotism said it all.

Since there was this relationship between Li Anshun and Nie Santong, he took a fair beating.

Should Nie Tian know the identity of Li Anshun, the slaps would have been a lot heavier.

The people outside were amazed, feeling chills up their spines.

Moments later, someone could hold back the laughs,as it was amusing to see Li Anshun crying hard and covering head.

"I wonder if he deserved it by holding contempt for the family master and challenging his dignity?" Nie Tian raised his head and cast his eyes to the crowd.

"Yeah, he deserved it. Let this be a lesson to him."They nodded as they read the meaning.

That Li Anshun got beaten could not arouse any sympathy within the on-lookers. Because he had been bullying others with the rank.

It was an act of justice to teach him a lesson.

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