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I've fixed all of the previous chapter. it's better now though not perfect yet. A little bit late, but Happy New Year!!!

"evil mist" or " anger" I don't know which word to choose, so I put it as I please. (sorry for my inconsistent)

Chapter 8 : Buddha Heart Print

  Nie Wei stood by and didn't know how to comfort the two. Before, her brothers and sisters used to be crying. But it seems to be different from the current situation.

    "Isn't it just a contract? How much do I have to pay? Anyway, I don't want to shoot." He Na's family had a lot business, and she really didn’t care if she breached the contract.

   Actually, they did not need to sign a formal contract to be an extra actor, but because the incident was too big and so many extras retreated. Afraid of this was happening again, the director specially made such a contract and let all the new extras signed it, they were fear there would be no temporary extras if they retreated too.

    "Wait, you can't just go, we have to shoot." After that, did not know what Gu Fei Fei thought, she suddenly said.

    Hearing it, Nie Wei was relieved. She was not afraid of He Na’s departure. She was afraid the two women would have to pull her together. With her understanding of He Na and Gu Fei Fei, the two of them must take her out together.

    This house was full of evil mist. In order to prevent of more casualties, it was imperative to drive out the evil mist. The teenager who just came should have some real skills. The pure Buddhahood in his body was definitely the nemesis of evil.

    Although she knew the man had some skills, but this world spiritual energy was almost depleted. Before she could be sure whether that person really had the ability to solve the anger here, she couldn’t leave.

    Once that person couldn't do it, she had to do it by herself. At that time, if she was not in the crew, how could she solve it? So she couldn’t go now.

    "Why? A moment ago didn’t you say that you did not shoot! ”. He Na was upset, turned to stared at Gu Fei Fei

   "It is just my words. But I don’t really mean it. You think about it. We all said that we want to shoot the movie to our friends. If we quit, then how can we mix in circle of friends, those classmates? They must be laughed us." Gu Fei Fei said the most important reason.

    In order to persuade her dad allowing her to film, she said that she would insist on taking the shoot, and took a half of her pocket money as the bet. If this time she gave up, she could not eat for the next six months. So she could not say anything.

    He Na, who was going to lose his temper, woke up. It seems that it was true. Since she was selected into the crew, she had been a high-profile person in the circle of friends. At this time, if she withdraw, how would she mix in the future, didn’t know what would they said about her in the back and they must be laughed at her.

    No, no, wasn’t it just acting, she could do it, she couldn’t fall in the circle of friends.

    With such a thought, she did not have to mind the assistant director. If he yelled loudly, she would regard it as dog's barking.

    After doing a good job in setting up her psychology, He Na said that she did not leave, then she took out the lunch box and sat down to eat, after eating, she would continue shooting.

    In any case, there were not many scenes of they had to play. If it was not for the absence of protagonist, the three of them just had to film for one day.

    Nie Wei finally put down her heart (does not need to worried anymore) , it was not good if they left, they would definitely took her away, then she couldn’t stay in this place.  .

    Probably, because of their psychology were better. In the afternoon, the two people could act better, and soon they finished shooting. They could sit and watched other shooting.

    Nie Wei performed well, just once and passed, although she never filming, but in her previous life she was a heavenly master who dealt with ghosts all the time.

    Just filming, it was really not a tough scene for her. In addition to her curiosity about new things, she has no other thought at all.

    Although Nie Wei three people had already finished shooting the scene they were going to shoot for today, today's shooting was still very unsatisfactory.

    In just a few hours, the entire studio was in the chaos. If it wasn’t someone quarrel then someone was fighting. Everyone’s temper seemed to be violent.

    Gu Fei Fei and He Na were because they had been staying with Nie Wei, and be protected by her spiritual power. They were not controlled by Evil mist and become irritable easily. But the other people were not so lucky.

    In the environment surrounded by the evil mist, as long as they produced a little negative emotion, the evil mist would amplify this emotion. It was only a small dispute but in the end, it might become a fight or even injured.

        Nie Wei had already inquired it when she entered the crew. During the filming, the whole crew was filled with a gunpowder smell. Everyone’s relationship was tense. When they had a fight, there were several people injured.

    Although the director had already punished those who fought, but in the next moment there would be someone else would fight, no matter how the director punishes it was useless.

    Fighting and quarreling never stopped, fortunately there had been no killing, but if it continued to develop, Nie Wei was sure that killing was not far away.

    "What do you mean? Why do you put such a mess here? You don’t know if I will fall."

    "I don’t know you walk without looking at the road. These props are all costly. If you step on it, you can't afford to pay it even in ten years!"

        "What do you say, you are a lowly woman, lao zi* have been long ago look at you not pleasing to the eye, let’s fight!"

    "Let’s fight, whoever does not dare to fight is not Man!" and another pair was fighting.

    "Xiao Wei, do you think it's weird here, how are everyone so emotional?" The same thing happened so many times, and He Na felt that something was wrong.

    "I also find out that the assistant director is also like this. He is very violent all day long. If you see someone, you will be like a mad dog." Gu Fei Fei looked at the assistant director who was cursing, said it while pressing down the voice.

    "That is, there are other people quarreling. And just now I saw the props division almost hit the lighting division.”

    Nie Wei brows wrinkled. If this situation continued, there would be a losing life again. she could not let it happened.

    Just at the moment Nie Wei intended to use the spiritual power and helped these people to be calm, a holy Buddhist mantra suddenly sounded.

    "An... A... Mi... Die... Wa... She..." **

    It was actually Buddha mantra! Nie Wei was shocked and heard the source of this Buddha mantra.

    When she was in Xuantian Continent, she had seen this Buddhist scripture used by Buddhism. This was the mantra of Buddha that made everyone pacify and purify the heart. It was also called the Buddha Heart Print. It was usually read to eliminate the disasters and eliminated diseases. pacify and purify the heart, and asked for the rain (not sure, so many proverbs for me)

    Although this Buddha Heart Print sounded very powerful, there were very few people who could really use it. There might be some people in the Xuantian continent. There should be less people in this world. After all, this world's spiritual energy is almost depleted.

    The voice of the Buddha's mantra had just been read, and everyone who had been incited by restlessness, suddenly recovered their usual appearance.

    The few people who had been fighting quickly recovered their senses. They were all scared. What happened with them in the end? How could it be almost fighting with people!

    Several people apologized to each other palely, and the noisy crew resumed calm.

Notes :

*lao zhi = I, called himself like a young master.


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