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The blue-haired youth watched Zhou Weiqing with a gentle look. The golden trident in his hands looked particularly dazzling.

"Who are you?" Zhou Weiqing asked cautiously. Now that another person had suddenly appeared in the Netherworld, who knew if this was another plot or trick by the Nether Lord.

The blue-haired youth smiled, "I guess I'm known as a God from your point of view."

"God?" Zhou Weiqing stared at him in astonishment with his mouth agape.

The blue-haired youth nodded his head. "Let me deal with the elephant in the room first." As he said that, he turned around slightly and faced the direction where the Nether Lord was at.

"What God? F*ck you!" The Nether Lord snarled madly in terror and anger. His originally crouched body leaped up and charged towards the blue-haired youth. Whatever little Destruction Origin Energy that was left erupted from him.

He understood very well that it was unlikely that he would be spared today. When Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er's suddenly gained the Genesis Saint Energy under the illumination of the Saint Baby's light, he knew immediately that he was doomed. At that time, his only thought was to use his familiarity with the Destruction Realm to hide for a short while to prolong his life. However, it seemed like it was almost impossible now. Under the all-embracing radiance of the Genesis Saint Energy, he had no place to shelter himself at all. How could he possibly find a place to conceal himself?

That blue-haired youth appeared to be much easier to deal with compared to Zhou Weiqing. With this thought in mind, the Nether Lord rushed forward with the idea of perishing together with him in mind.

Eight long crab legs were bared and brandished. Streaks of green lights instantly blasted out as it formed a giant net and shrouded the blue-haired youth.

Zhou Weiqing hovered in the air without doing anything. He wanted to see exactly how this blue-haired youth was going to handle the Nether Lord.

The blue-haired youth only smiled when faced with the Nether Lord's attack. The smile remained warm and gentle. " I haven't used my Eight Spider Spears for some time now. Since you've eight legs as well, I might as well use that to deal with you!"

Eight blue lights immediately shot out from behind the blue-haired youth — it was eight crystal clear long and blue legs. Although they might look almost similar to the ones that the Nether Lord possessed, the aura that they emitted was completely different.

The aura that emanated out of the blue-haired youth was awe-inspiring, massive and magnificent. Zhou Weiqing could not distinguish the exact attribute of that inexhaustible energy. All he could feel was that even his own Genesis Saint Energy would not be able to retaliate against it.

A gigantic net of blue light spread out in no time. The Nether Lord instantly resembled a flying moth that darted into the flame. The instant his so-called Destruction Origin Energy that could destroy everything came in contact with the blue light, it immediately vanished without a trace. The next second, the Nether Lord's body was directly shrouded inside the huge blue net as it was being sucked in by a powerful force.

The blue-haired youth let out a sigh, "You know, you can be considered as quite a genius for being able to cultivate from enmity and destruction to such a level. Unfortunately, you should've never existed in the first place. You didn't cherish your wisdom. Instead, you chose to walk on the path of self-destruction. Just this one point shows that you're far less clever than the little girl who plays with fire from the other world. For this reason, I've no choice but to wipe you off this world."

As he was saying that, the clear black pupils of the blue-haired youth suddenly became red. A wave of horrifying air that forebode evil that erupted from the blue-haired youth almost made Zhou Weiqing fall. It suppressed all his Genesis Saint Energy and forced it back into his body.

A red light flashed for a second in the sky before it disappeared again. The net of blue light was no longer in sight, and before the Nether Lord could even let out a last scream of terror, any remnants of his soul had already been completely wiped out from this world. There was not even a trace left at all.

The evil air immediately retracted, and the blue-haired youth returned to his original gentle temperament again. However, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er were gripping their chest tightly at this moment. They could clearly feel that this blue-haired youth was most likely even more frightening than the Nether Lord in his prime. The Genesis Saint Energy that he was proud of did not seem to have any effect on this youth at all.

"Do you find it strange that your Genesis Saint Energy is useless against me?" The blue-haired youth turned towards Zhou Weiqing and flashed him a gentle smile.

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head. At this moment, he started to believe the claim that the blue-haired youth had made earlier about him being a God. After all, there was no reason for the youth to deceive them at all with the power that he possessed.

The blue-haired youth smiled. "Actually, the theory's very simple. This is because neither one of you nor the Nether Lord whom I've just wiped out, are gods. In a sense, your understanding is actually correct. The so-called Heavenly Change Tier in your world indeed is a tier that reaches the level of a God. However, that's only confined to reaching the level of a God. Whoever wants to become a true God must possess the true status of a God. Otherwise, just having God's power itself without possessing the legacy will not allow you to become a real God."

"As for your Genesis Saint Energy. Yes, you're right, it 's indeed the most powerful energy in this world. Even if you only possess this Genesis Saint Energy temporarily, it's already quite impressive. Even I would find it hard to kill the two of you who temporarily possess the Genesis Saint Energy."

"The two of you are very fortunate. It's because the two of you already possess the Saint Energy when your child was conceived. Conceiving a child happens to coincide with the Genesis Path. For this reason, before your child was even born, he already possesses a little bit of the Genesis Origin Energy. Originally, if he was born under normal circumstances, this bit of Genesis Origin Energy would dissipate on its own. However, who would have ever thought that the Nether Lord would activate this Genesis Origin Energy with his Destruction Origin Energy. It's exactly because of this that the two of you have the power that you have right now."

"I've already felt it initially when the Nether Lord tried to break the seal. I immediately made my way here without wasting any time. However, what entered my sight was all of you working together to seal the Nether Lord again. Moreover, the two of you have created a miracle, and I guess I'm just here to clean up the mess."

Zhou Weiqing was dumbfounded. That was to say even if he and the others did not come to fight the Nether Lord, the person before him would still come to wipe the Nether Lord off. It seemed like even the Godworld would not allow the Netherworld to exist!

Tian'er could not help but ask, "T-Then, would it affect our child?"

The blue-haired youth shook his head, "Don't you worry about it. It won't have any effect on him at all. However, this Genesis Saint Energy is a power that nobody can possess, not even the Gods. This is because the Genesis God had disappeared after he created this world. Honestly, even I can't help but be a little jealous that your child can temporarily possess the Saint Baby's power. After a period of time, the Genesis Saint Energy would disappear from your body, and your original strength will be restored so you don't have to worry about anything at all."

Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er breathed a sigh of relief. Zhou Weiqing continued to ask, "So why did you stop me from destroying the Netherworld earlier?"

The blue-haired youth replied, "This Netherworld has become a fixed place that absorbs the enmity and all negative emotions from your world. Therefore, you'll only need to come here regularly to purify this realm. This way, you no longer have to worry about the emergence of another Nether Lord in thousands or even ten thousands of years to come. If this place is destroyed, and as luck would have it, another Netherworld would most probably be formed at some other place that you don't know of. There's no point in allowing this to happen right?"

This time, Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er finally understood. Both of them bowed towards the blue-haired youth at the same time. "Thank you for your guidance."

The blue-haired youth smiled, "I need to go now. Before I leave, Weiqing, have you ever thought about becoming a true God? The power that I used to wipe out the Nether Lord earlier was called the Shura Energy. He's one of the Three Great Enforcers in the Godworld who has a power that's almost equivalent to a God King. If you're willing, I can transform your Saint Energy into the Shura Energy, and let you inherit the God's Status of God Shura. As for your cultivation base, as long as you work harder and cultivate for a period of time, even the God King might not be your match."

Zhou Weiqing was taken aback. He looked into the clear eyes of that blue-haired youth as he faced a proposal that was enough to make everyone go crazy, he shook his head firmly.

"No, it's alright. Thanks for your kindness."

"Can you tell me the reason why?" The blue-haired youth asked curiously.

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and said, "Well, because being a God might not be as enjoyable as being a human. Otherwise, why would you give your status to me?"

The blue-haired youth laughed, "What a cunning kid! Alright, it's time for me to leave. Goodbye. If you happen to change your mind, just face the dark sky, and call out my name. I'm Tang San by the way."

A streak of blue light flickered and transformed into a light beam. It rose up into the sky as it brought Tang San along. He waved his hand at Zhou Weiqing and Tian'er from the sky while he muttered in a gloomy and low voice that only he could hear, "Ahh I've finally found someone who's capable to be my heir but I got rejected in the end. Looks like Kindness and Evil are quite the cunning people. They somehow managed to get that little Ji Dong and Lie Yan to inherit their places. Hmm, seems like I need to work harder and give my status as the Shura God away as soon as possible so that I can finally bring Xiao Wu and Xiao Qi to live a free life."

Outside the seal. Within the deep abyss.

Those who were waiting were no longer restricted to the twelve Divine Beasts and the Elven Empress.

Shangguan Tianyang, Xue Ao'tian, and Zhou Weiqing's wives were here waiting quietly. Hui Yao and his wife had fetched them over and told them everything that had taken place before.

The three Shangguan sisters, Little Witch, and Dongfang Hanyue were all so pale that no words could come out of their mouths. Only tears could be seen welling in their eyes.

What were the odds of Zhou Weiqing coming out alive after being dragged into the Netherworld by the Nether Lord? None of them dared to even ponder on this question.

"L-Little Fatty, L-Little Fatty! You must make it out alive! I won't blame you anymore, alright? No matter how many wives you want to have, I'll never disagree any longer!"

Shangguan Fei'er who was usually domineering, high and mighty was now fully drenched in tears. Although she looked like she was the strongest of the girls, she was currently the most vulnerable right now. She hugged Shangguan Bing'er and Little Witch, and the three of them were crying until they were out of breath.

Although Shangguan Xue'er and Dongfang Hanyue were quite strong, both of them were staring ahead numbly into space as well. Dongfang Hanyue muttered in a low voice, "As long as you can make it out alive, I'll go back immediately and stop disturbing all of your lives okay? Weiqing! Please stay alive!"

Shangguan Xue'er shook her head, "No! If he comes back alive, all of us are a family! You must stay as well!"

Dongfang Hanyue was shocked as she stared at Shangguan Xue'er. The two girls locked eyes. At this moment, the wall between them slowly melted away as they both felt despair.

Only the Elven Empress who was sitting there with her eyes gradually opening had a faint smile on her delicate face.

"LITTLE FATTY —" All of a sudden, Shangguan Fei'er's shrill voice pierced the sky, "You bastard! You must come back alive! As long as you're back, even if you want to sleep with all of us together at the same time, I'll be willing to do that too…"

If she had announced such words previously, all of Zhou Weiqing's wives would have blushed a crimson red. However, at this moment, all that they had were tears.

Suddenly, at that moment of grief, a teasing voice resonated among the crowds, "Oh! A bargain is a bargain!"

"L-Little Fatty?"

"Little Fatty!"


"Little F-Fatty…"

"AH! Don't bite me! I'm still alive!"

The turquoise blue sky was entirely cloudless. This was a world that was decorated in green. The grass was green and lush. Various cute animals were playing all over the green hills and valleys.

Beside the huge lake that was as blue as blue crystal, a thatched cottage that appeared simple yet comfortable stood quietly.

"Little Fatty! The eldest one just pee-peed! Go and clean out the urinal please!"

"Okay, okay, I'll go right now."

"Little Fatty, is the meal ready? I'm hungry. If my tummy's not filled, your daughter's tummy will not be full as well!"

"Alright, It's coming soon! Eight dishes and one soup! It's absolutely sumptuous!"

"Little Fatty! You told me that you're going to give me a massage! When are you going to do it?"

"I-I… Oh, my lovely wives! Can somebody teach me a Shadow Clone Technique 1 please!" A certain someone shouted out indignantly.

"Well, you deserve it!" A few beautiful voices rang out almost unanimously.

Zhou Weiqing was an honest man. He had fulfilled his promise and created this separate realm that was connected to the Elf Tribe. At this moment, he was using the remainder of his time to greatly compensate his loved ones.

Two huge figures could be seen sneering not far away from the thatched cottage.

Hui Yao was laughing in his deep voice, "As it turns out, having multiple wives is not necessarily a good thing. Looks like being faithful to one is better after all!"

Duo Si chuckled, "You're right. Still, it's not okay for you to gloat you know. Weiqing is our great benefactor after all!"

Hui Yao chuckled as well, "Of course, I'll never forget that. If it's not for his Saint Energy that nourished our health tremendously, you wouldn't be able to get pregnant again. Looks like we'll have to push back our plan of finding our tribe. However, I believe that even if our ancestor is resurrected, he'll never blame us for this."

Embarrassed, Duo Si lay her head on Hui Yao's neck, "The twelve Divine Beasts from the Nether Seal that Weiqing has sent out to accompany Dongfang Hanyue back to the Mysterious Heavenly Mainland will most probably be coming back soon I guess."

"Yeah! Only this brat Weiqing can do such thing. I still remember his tone at that time. He told Dongfang Hanyue that if the Mysterious Heavenly Palace refuses to set her free, he'll ask the twelve Divine Beasts to pull the Mysterious Heavenly Mainland over to join with the Boundless Mainland. Oh, yeah! What words do the humans use to describe a person like Zhou Weiqing again? I remember there are two words, right?"

"Are you trying to say these — hooligan and rascal?"

(The End)

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