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The Legendary Sets of the Second and Fourth Grand Elder of the Blood Red Hell were both a crimson blood red in colour. This was the unique quality that would appear when an entire Legendary Set was complete. 

Their Legendary Set was exactly the same. After all, the designs for Legendary Sets were extremely limited, even for a Great Saint Land. 

The eight pieces were still insufficient to cover their entire bodies, but at least the majority of it was covered. In truth, their Legendary Set seemed to be rather similar in terms of looks to the Terror Sea Dragon that Zhou Weiqing had seen previously, full of spikes all around. However, these spikes were all fiery red instead. The weapons in their hands was both long blood-red spears. As soon as their Consolidated Equipment gathered around them, they lifted their spears, pointing towards the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. The unique pressure of the Heavenly Emperor powerhouses burst forth, focusing fully on Long Shiya. 

A terrifying energy reverberation spread throughout the battleground. The contrast between the previous fight between Zhou Weiqing and Tianlei, and this current match, was like the difference between heaven and earth. 

The two Blood Red Hell Heavenly Emperors’ pressure exploded forth, it was as if their presence had almost solidified. Shockingly, the entire space behind them had turned red, with their bodies as the focal point. 

A thick Destruction Aura mixed with the terrifying Darkness Attribute energies was rising even under the cover of flames. Through the spears in their hands, they were able to focus their pressure into a consolidated ray, directed totally at Long Shiya. As for Zhou Weiqing, who was hiding behind Long Shiya, he did not even need to endure a single bit of the pressure. 

The Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor truly lived up to his name; even as he was facing the impressive pressure from two Heavenly Emperors, Long Shiya’s expression remained unfazed. In his hands, the Octagon Plum Blossom Warhammers crisscrossed in a guard, and using his own might alone, he was able to withstand the immense pressure from these two powerful foes. Long Shiya’s entire fat body seemed to be glowing with six coloured lights. 

Neither side was willing to rush to attack. At their level, a clash of pressures like this was even more dangerous than a direct attack. Once a single side revealed any signs of weakness, the final decisive clash would then happen in a short period of time. 

Despite facing up against the pressure of two powerful opponents, Long SHiya did not back down at all. In contrary, the six coloured lights around him grew stronger, the eyes hidden behind layers of fat glowing brightly as he constantly shifted his body around in minute adjustments. 

On the other side, the Second and Fourth Grand Elders were doing the same thing, each of them constantly shifting their positions slightly in order to influence the pressure, hoping to cause their enemy to reveal a weak point. 

Towards Long Shiya’s power, the Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder was secretly shocked. He was now certain that he would not be able to compare to Long Shiya alone. If not for this battle being two versus two, it would be extremely difficult to actually defeat him. 

Although Long Shiya was currently suppressed to be in a fully defensive position, he was after all facing off against two enemies on his own! Zhou Weiqing was not even helping his Master in the slightest. Even so, despite being forced to take a defensive position, Long Shiya was actually not in a disadvantageous position. Defending did not seem to be a problem for him, and if any opportunity presented itself, he could easily switch from defense to offense at anytime. 

The Second and Fourth Grand Elder clearly understood this as well, and they knew it would be nearly impossible to actually cause Long Shiya to make a mistake or reveal his weakness just with their aura pressure alone. Exchanging glances, they seemed to come to an understanding, and in the next moment, they both shouted loudly, their bodies warping into two blood red flashes of light in the air, charging towards Long Shiya. 

Their speeds were just too quick. One could barely see a flash of blood-red light and the two of them had already reached Long Shiya. 

Similarly, Long Shiya gave an explosive shout. “Open!” The Octagon Plum Blossom Warhammers in his hands smashed out simultaneously towards his two opponents. 

At their levels, it was no longer necessary to use ordinary skills. With their powerful protective layers of Heavenly Energy, these ordinary Skills would not have any effect on them. The only ones which would have any effect would be those with the Heavenly Skill Images. However, the act of using those would cause their aura pressure to waver and expose weak points, and in a direct clash it was actually better for them not to use it. 

In truth, the higher level battles got, the simpler and more direct they would be. This current one was exactly such. It was a pure clash of energies; no flourishes or showy moves, fully a show of strength and energy consumption.

An abrupt explosion, and the two blood-colored lights separated, flying back. Long Shiya was left remaining there, hovering in the air. With a sudden cough, a mouthful of blood spurted out him, which immediately vaporized into a ball of strange black flames. That was the power of the Destruction energies.

However, the two Blood Red Hell Grand Elders were no better off, having been sent flying off in the air, they each coughed out a mouthful of blood as well. The condition of their bodies were no better than Long Shiya. 

Originally, the attacks they had launched were just probing and exploratory in nature. However, they had not expect Long Shiya to use his full strength in the first strike. By the time they had realized this and tried to shore up their attacks, it was already too late. Naturally, with their strength added together, it should have been above Long Shiya. However, under such a situation, not only did they not gain the advantage, they ended up with both sides sustaining injuries. On the surface, it seemed that Long Shiya’s injuries were slightly heavier. 

The Second and Fourth Grand Elders did not stop, as their bodies turned around in mid-air and charged toward Long Shiya once more. This time, they used a different strategy, the blood-red spears in their hands piercing through the skies in a myriad formation, bringing forth a cascade of light to descend upon Long Shiya.

Long Shiya’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set would boost his physical strength immensely. If they were to just clash directly, Long Shiya could depend on this pure power to compensate for the difference in energies between him and the two Heavenly Emperor powerhouses. As such, the highly experienced Second and Fourth Grand Elder had chosen to switch to attack with their techniques now. 

A six coloured light shield began to revolve around Long Shiya’s body, as his expression grew grave. Facing the full powered attacks from both Grand Elders, his choice of action was truly unexpected. 

Turn, charge. He actually totally gave up on the attacks from the Second Grand Elder, instead brandishing his Octagon Plum Blossom Hammers as he charged towards the Fourth Grand Elder. At the same time, the six coloured lights around his body expanded explosively, covering the entire area and permeating the air with various attribute energies, causing the entire atmosphere to become filled with violent energies, totally covering the blood red light of the Fourth Grand Elder’s attacks. 

A single final blow, one that threw the helve after the hatchet, with all stakes in the basket. In just a single round of attacks, this Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had actually chosen such a desperate fighting style!

How could this be possible?! The Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder had a look of disbelief on his face as he yelled: “Old Fourth, be careful!” 

Long Shiya was indeed extremely powerful. In such a last ditch type attack, the Fourth Grand Elder would not be able to easily take such a blow. However, at the same time, such an attacking style also meant that he had given up on defense, and on the other side the Second Grand Elder, who was even stronger than the Fourth Grand Elder, was attacking him! Such an opportunity, naturally the Second Grand Elder would not give up on it!

That was to say, the final result could possibly be that Long Shiya might not even be able to kill the Fourth Grand Elder, but he would die to the attack of the Second Grand Elder. Who would actually use such a foolish strategy like that? Yet, Long Shiya had actually done so… and it was exactly because it was so unexpected that it had caught everyone by surprise. 

The Fourth Grand Elder could sense the terrifying pressure descend upon him, and he began to panic. After all, Long Shiya’s cultivation base was far higher than his own. More importantly, in this sort of ‘betting-his-all’ type attack, the power that Long Shiya unleashed was such that even a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse would have to be careful in receiving it. 

Almost without the slightest hesitation, the Fourth Grand Elder gave up on his attack, withdrawing the blood-red Spear in his hands as he focused all of his Heavenly Energy fully on his defense. All he needed to do now was to endure this round of attacks from Long Shiya. As long as he survived, they would have won the fight. 

On the other side, the Second Grand Elder did not remain idle. His own Junior Brother was facing critical danger, and he naturally burst forth with his full power as well. Charging at the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor with his top speed, he knew that the faster he moved, the less time the Fourth Grand Elder would need to endure the attacks. 

Alas, in that instant, the Second Grand Elder saw a grinning face in front of him. A figure had suddenly appeared between him and Long Shiya. It was Zhou Weiqing, who had not joined the battle right until this point. 

Facing Zhou Weiqing, the Second Grand Elder did not have any reactions. In his eyes, for Zhou Weiqing to dare block him was tantamount to asking for death. At most, he would be able to block him for a mere split second, and that would not prevent him from continuing to attack the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor after that. 

Zhou Weiqing brandished his Dual Legendary Hammers in front of his chest. In the next moment, a huge black figure appeared in front of him, blocking the Second Grand Elder’s attack. It was the Hell’s Angel. 

The Hell’s Angel sprang into action without any pause as soon as it was summoned by Zhou Weiqing. As the Second Grand Elder’s blood-red spear pierced into its body, it instantly self-detonated. 

Another massive explosion, and the Second Grand Elder’s body halted in midair. In that short moment, a pair of massive wings sprouted out from behind Zhou Weiqing’s back, as he spun a half circle in mid air, the Dual Legendary Hammers slamming savagely towards the Second Grand Elder’s head. 

Another massive explosion, as if a thunderclap resounding in the skies. Zhou Weiqing’s entire body flew back, causing him to turn head over heels several rounds before he finally regained his balance. 

The opposing Second Grand Elder was worse off. This hammer blow from Zhou Weiqing had smashed him savagely from the skies, and worse still, caused him to be totally unable to save the Fourth Grand Elder. 

All of the acting and hiding had been leading to this single moment. This was also the first time since Zhou Weiqing had reached the Heavenly King stage that he was actually facing off against a Heavenly Emperor wielding his full power and Consolidated Equipment. 

In terms of overall power, perhaps Zhou Weiqing was still weaker. However, his powerful physique and defenses allowed him to remain uninjured in such a direct clash. After all, the Second Grand Elder had been going all out in that attack. Although he had been somewhat affected by the Hell’s Angel, the offensive power was still not to be underestimated, and even ordinary low level Heavenly Emperors would have difficulties accepting such a blow. 

As Zhou Weiqing successfully blocked the Second Grand Elder’s attack, on the other side, the clash also occurred. 


The entire sky exploded in a mist of blood as the Fourth Grand Elder’s body instantly disintegrated, vanishing forever. 

Returning to the scene just a moment ago, just as the Fourth Grand Elder was prepared to defend himself against the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s attack… a purplish red figure stealthily appeared behind his back. As the pressure Long Shiya gave him was just too immense, he actually did not notice the figure. 

The purplish red light warped into a ray to land upon the Fourth Grand Elder a split second before Long Shiya’s attack struck. In that instant, all of the Consolidated Equipment around his body vanished, leaving him nigh naked and vulnerable. 

If he was focusing fully on defense, perhaps this all-out attack from Long Shiya might not be able to kill him. After all, he was still a High Level Heavenly Emperor. Alas, without his Stored Skills and Consolidated Equipment, what could he depend on to defend himself so suddenly? 

That purplish red figure… wasn’t it the Demonic Dragon Lady? Of course, it wasn’t just summoned by Zhou Weiqing. Instead, before the fight had even started, he had already secretly summoned and hidden it away. In this critical moment, as Zhou Weiqing blocked the advance of the Second Grand Elder, he had used the Spatial Teleportation Gem to bring it onto the battlefield. 

The reason why Long Shiya had used such a seemingly suicidal style of attack; wasn’t it exactly because this master-disciple pair had planned it out beforehand? All that had happened were within Zhou Weiqing’s calculations. 

A High Level Heavenly Emperor powerhouse had been killed off just like that. The power gap between both sides had instantly been closed dramatically. 

The Demonic Dragon Lady did not vanish after the attack. As the Fourth Grand Elder exploded in death, the Demonic Dragon Lady warped into countless beams of purplish red light rays targeted at all of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses. Each of them contained a Dragon Silencing Seal. As long as a beam hit, the powerhouse would definitely temporarily lose their Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills. 

After the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had finished off the Fourth Grand Elder, the six coloured lights around him flared brilliantly in an explosive manner, and rays of light arrows shot out, mixing together with the Dragon Silencing Seal rays in an array towards the Blood Red Hell powerhouses. 

What was the true meaning of being cunning? Zhou Weiqing used his actions to tell everyone. Of course, this was just the beginning. 

The Second Grand Elder had been sent flying back right in the direction where the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue and the six Heavenly Kings of the Heavenly Demon Sect were. 

As he crashed to the ground, the Demonic Emperor had already entered the Demonic Change State. At the same time, he had already summoned his entire Legendary Set of God Tier Consolidated Equipment. His weapon, the Heavenly Demon Blade, slashed forward with his strongest attack right towards the Blood Red Hell Second Grand Elder. 

Tournament? Bet? All of that was merely staged; all the acting, the fawning, the hints of wanting to surrender… all of that was part of Zhou Weiqing’s cunning plan. Facing so many Blood Red Hell powerhouses, if they attacked at once, Zhou Weiqing’s party would definitely be no match. The only they could possibly do at that time would be to attempt to run away. However, if they managed to take down just a few enemies first, then the end result might just be totally different.

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