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Ye Xiaochen put the immortal land in a good place, then took out the immortal hive.

The immortal hive was merely fist size, hemispherical in shape and the bottom was flat, its whole body seemed like an ordinary wood with a turquoise color and had a strange texture on the surface layer.

The entire immortal hive seemed like one whole entity, there were no traces at all.

Ye Xiaochen was aware that this device could not be opened.

However, if he wants to open this device, then he has to use specials means.

This immortal hive was different from the immortal sprinkler, it can be classified as a dedicated article, must need to refine to recognize as owner.

Ye Xiaochen was not a practitioner, he could not use the method of the practitioner to refine it, he could only use the lowest blood sacrifice method.

He cut his finger with a dagger and dripped a drop of blood onto the immortal hive

While he was holding the immortal hive, he used his spiritual talent.

The method of blood sacrifice could not be used easily, there must be a talent like his spiritual talent to use blood as the medium to communicate with the immortal hive, as to trigger the recognition mechanism.

Suddenly, the drop of blood penetrated into the immortal hive.

All of a sudden, Ye Xiaochen with his spiritual talent sensed a strange fluctuation from the immortal hive, accompanied by his thoughts movement, a hole appeared on the top the immortal hive.

Ye Xiaochen breathed a sigh of relief, he finally finished the blood sacrifice method, although it seemed simple, it was not easy.

He looked inside the immortal hive, the interior space was round, and looked like a spherical crystal silver.

He quickly took the boiler out and put the pollinating bee larvae into the immortal hive.

Currently, the pollinating bee larvae were not small like before, it resembled like a growing silkworm, white and fat.

At the tail of the larvae, a faintly discernible gold line was radiating from the tail towards the head, currently, its length was roughly one third.

Once the gold line extends towards the head, then it represents that the pollinating bee larvae has matured and would enter into the pupa stage.

The pollinating bee larvae was moving inside the immortal hive.

Ye Xiaochen does not need to touch the larvae, as long as he was using the immortal hive, he can communicate with the larvae through the spiritual talent.

Have to say, this immortal hive was really very magical.

From the consciousness of the larvae, he could sense that larvae was very happy and really liked the immortal hive.

This device was specially made for insects, living in this container, the growth rate will rapidly increase.

Ye Xiaochen immediately poured some concocted honey liquid in the device, through just thought he closed the hole of the immortal hive.

Although the hole was closed, Ye Xiaochen doesn't need to worry about pollinating bee larvae suffocating.

"Haha, I have this immortal hive, in future, it will be really convenient."

Ye Xiaochen held the fist-size immortal device, in future it will be convenient to carry, and even if it was taken out, it will not be too conspicuous.

Next, Ye Xiaochen prepared for planting the immortal seeds again. This time, he bought immortal medicinal liquid and will put the immortal seeds he bought into this immortal medicinal liquid solution to soak and catalyze.

As his thoughts moved, a small jade bottle with a long neck and thin mouth appeared in the palm of his hand.

The jade bottle was white and has a silky texture.

Able to accommodate the immortal medicinal liquid, this jade bottle itself was somewhat extraordinary.

He removed the stopper and a strange smell started emanating from the bottle.

According to the instructions given in immortal medicinal liquid, every time to use the immortal medicinal liquid, he only needs to use a few drops at once.

He was very cautious, if he pours too much, it will be wasteful.

Fifty immortal yuan per bottle!

Soon, a drop of immortal medicinal liquid came out from the mouth of the bottle.

"Hey? This long neck and thin mouth of the bottle is unexpectedly capable to restrict the flowing speed of liquid?"

Ye Xiaochen couldn't help being surprised.

Even if he turns the jade bottle upside down, only a drop of liquid would flow out every second.

He poured three drops of immortal medicinal liquid into the immortal spring water, then quickly closed the mouth, put it into the storage space and took out all the immortal seeds.

Two bags of immortal carrots, two bags of immortal radish, thirty immortal red beans, thirty immortal yellow beans.

Totally it was one hundred immortal yuan.

An immortal land could be bought.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath and did not put all the immortal seeds into the boiler, he left himself with a small number of immortal seeds to plant directly, so that he could get some difference.

As a Shennong, he naturally needs to have his own thinking and research, so that he can make progress.

"It will take twelve hours of  soaking to activate the potential of the seed."

Ye Xiaochen's face showed a color of expectation.

Do not know what changes will happen by soaking the plant seeds into the immortal medicinal liquid?

Suddenly, in his heart there was a thought, if ordinary seeds were soaked with the immortal medicinal liquid, do not know what changes will happen?

At night.

Ye Xiaochen was lying on his bamboo bed in the immortal land. He was using Wechat and chatting with Wang Xinyi.

Now the two people almost chat about everything and do not hold back on anything.

In the Wechat, Wang Xinyi was very relaxed and sometimes would even make jokes.

"I am sleeping."

Wang Xinyi sent a message.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the time, it really passed by fast, it was almost ten 'o’clock.

Wang Xinyi has a regular schedule. She will sleep before ten in the night and would get up at six in the morning.

In the chat, she persuaded Ye Xiaochen to sleep early and not to stay awake late every day which was bad for the body.

Ye Xiaochen naturally agreed on it.

However, following it was another matter.

Even staying late had no effect on him, previously it used to be very hard. Now he eats farm vegetables every day, breathes fresh air from the farm, so his body health has been good.

He was about to turn off WeChat. Suddenly, he remembered of the day he added Li Tingting WeChat.

These days, because he was too busy, he did not have time to contact Li Tingting.

However, he has never forgotten about the pendant.

"Li Tingting, are you sleeping?"

Ye Xiaochen sent a message to her.

However, he estimated that Li Tingting was very likely to be sleeping.

For a beautiful girl, staying up late was the biggest enemy of their beautiful face.

In Shashi, a high-end apartment building, Li Tingting was sitting in her study table and was flipping through a thick book.

After watching it for a long time, she seems a little tired, she stretched her lazy waist and picked up the cup next to her and took a sip.

Then she took off her black frame glasses, put two elbows on the table and did some eye exercise with both hands.

Suddenly, on the phone, a sound came.

Lin Tingting had been doing the eye exercise, she closed her eyes for a while. Then she opened her eyes, got up and went towards the window and looked at the night view of the city.

After standing for some time her eyes felt comfortable, then she went back to her table and picked up the mobile phone.

"Hey? It’s him."

These days, she had been waiting for the message of Ye Xiaochen, however, she did not expect Ye Xiaochen to forget about her and there was no movement at all. It really made her complain for a long time.

However, in her mind, the shadow of Ye Xiaochen was always lingering.

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