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Today was a sunny day.

The summer has already passed, so even if it was sunny, it wasn't hot.

On the open field, accompanied by the breeze, the golden rice was moving like waves.

The harvesting time of rice has arrived.

Two harvester machine were harvesting rice in the paddy field.

Now farming has become easier than before, the difficulty of harvesting has become easy, as long as you pay a certain fee, you could use harvester to harvest the crops, which was convenient and quick.

Previous years, it still required manpower to harvest and was time-consuming.

Now, a dozen of acres of rice paddies could be harvested in one day by two harvesters.

Ye Xiaochen has planted five acres of rice.

Currently, harvesting was going in Ye Xiaochen's field.

When the harvester machine made a thunderous sound, Ye Xiaochen immediately took the plastic bag and connected it with the outlet of the machine and then with a crashing sound, soon the plastic bag was filled with rice.

Ye Xiaochen quickly removed the plastic bag and his father carried another plastic bag.

After the rice field was harvested, Ye Xiaochen drove the vehicle carrying the rice bags. Then removed the bags, poured the rice grains in the floor and spread it,  then left it to bask under the sun.

That's it, it would take the half morning for the work to be done.

However, in the afternoon, Ye Xiaochen also had to help sister-in-law hui with transporting millets.

It was not after four 'o’clock afternoon that Ye Xiaochen finally returned to farm with a tired body.

He directly moved the bamboo bed where the immortal field was located.

Don’t' know how long he had slept, then he was woken up by a phone call. He felt all his tiredness had been swept away and felt relaxed.

It was Li Jiaren 's phone call.

"Brother Ye, did I disturb you?"

From the phone, Li Jiaren's voice came.

"Just went to sleep, and was woken up you call, brother Li, why did you call?"

Ye Xiaochen said while laughing.

"Haha, you are still sleeping at this time. I presume you didn’t have a good sleep at night. As a brother, I will send you a good bed so that you can sleep comfortably."

Li Jiaren laughed.

He has a furniture company. So it was natural, he could send a good bed.

"Today was harvesting rice, so was very tired. Brother Li, are you coming tomorrow?"

Ye Xiaochen asked.

"Of course, we have already said."

Li Jiaren continues," Oh, by the way, Master Lin said he would also come together. Hey, when the time comes how about we let Master Lin Cook?"

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

The previous time, he delivered vegetables to Master Lin, he had also given two packages of pickled vegetables.

After Master Lin ate it, he was very surprised.

It was not the taste of pickled vegetable which surprised him, but the ingredients from which it was made.

As a top chef, he was able to distinguish the quality of the vegetable, these vegetables were better than the premium quality vegetables.

It was just amazing

Master Lin wanted to buy the vegetables but Ye Xiaochen politely declined because these vegetables were very rare.

For the time being immortal spring vegetables was not for sale, most of it would be used to make the pickles.

The following day, after Ye Xiaochen finished distributing vegetables and returned to the home, Li Jiaren and other people had arrived.

Master Lin was also with them.

Ye Xiaochen took them for a tour of his farm.

"Ye Xiaochen, your farm seems different from previous time."

Master Lin gently breathed the fresh air of the farm, and his rosy face revealed a  look of ecstasy.

He had never seen such fresh air.

This was really a good place.

Perhaps, only in this place, the quality vegetables could be grown.

One region of soil and water could also produce unusual vegetables.

"Ye Xiaochen, where did you plant the immortal spring vegetables that you mentioned last time?"

Master Lin curiously asked.

"Haha, Master Lin, can you find it?"

YE Xiaochen slightly smiled.

"I'll try."

Master Lin said.

It didn't take a long time for master Lin to find an immortal spring spinach.

"This spinach, whether it's appearance, skin or tastes, is obviously much better than others, how is this possible?"

Master Lin said in surprise.

It was difficult to grow two different kinds of vegetables in the same field.

In Master Lin eyes, Ye Xiaochen had become an extraordinary person.

Finally, master Lin picked some immortal spring vegetables for today’s lunch.

When he came here, he said that he was in charge of today's meal.

Master Lin initiated to cook made Li Jiaren and others surprised.

For master Lin, this was a cherished opportunity.

Because he had never cooked these immortal spring vegetables.

This time's ingredient was only immortal spring vegetables, there was no meat or anything with it.

With his cooking, he made a variety of flavor and color of dishes, the strong aroma made people drool.

"It's delicious."

"I've never tasted anything this good."

"This life, to able to eat such delicious food, I don't have any regrets."

"Haha, I used to eat meat at every meal, but this time, I suddenly feel that eating vegetarian is also good."

"Unfortunately, we can't eat this food every day!"

Li Jairen, Liu Fusheng, He Lei and other people were eating without any stop and could hear them only praising the dish.

Mother and father also were eating non-stop.

Although they have eaten immortal spring vegetables, under master Lin's culinary techniques, almost all the immortal spring vegetables taste were brought to the extreme.

"Master Lin, why are you frowning."

Xu Jiao suddenly asked.

All the people in the scene were eating nonstop and had almost swallowed their tongue.

Only master Lin, was eating slowly, thinking something and frowning.

"Ah, I found that my cooking technique stills need to be improved!"

Master Lin said with a sigh.

"No, this is the pinnacle of cooking, if you progress more won't you become a kitchen God?"

Xu Jiao laughed.

"Do you think the dishes I cooked are better than pickled vegetables?"

Master Lin looked at Xu Jiao, pointed at the empty plate and seriously asked.


Xu Jiao was slightly stunned and slightly recalled the taste, suddenly she felt there was the only taste of pickled vegetables on her mind, which was just unforgettable.

Others also revealed a trace of contemplation.

"Compared with the pickled vegetables, the dishes I made are far from perfect. The same ingredient but the gap is big."

Master Lin looked at YE Xiaochen and said with a sigh.

For him who has pursued cooking for a lifetime, this was a kind of motivation, but there was also a kind of frustration.

When he thought that he had reached the limit, he found there were people beyond him and this gap let him have a sense of despair.

Xu Jiao and other unceasingly curiously looked at Ye Xiaochen because the pickled vegetable was Ye Xiaochen's dish.

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose, what could I do, I didn't make the pickled vegetables.

It was made by magical pickle jar!

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