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"Mother, Father, I want to tell you something."

The next morning while eating breakfast, Ye Xiaochen suddenly put down the chopsticks and said.

"What's the matter?"

Mother looked at Ye Xiaochen.

With her understanding of her son, if he was hesitating means something must be not good.

"Well, today, a friend is coming to have fun."

Ye Xiaochen said.

"Man or woman?"

Mother hurriedly asked.

"Well, woman."

Ye Xiaochen saw her mother's eagerness and smiled bitterly.

Recently several times mother had mentioned about blind dates, but he would put off by saying various reasons.

"Really woman, then quickly bring her to see, I and your father would warmly welcome her."

Mother suddenly said with energy

"Well, mother, it’s not what you think."

Ye Xiaochen said with a bitter smile.

"What is that look, I can tell you that when speaking about the girlfriend, you should not be sloppy, you should talk seriously about this. "

Mother's face was serious.

"You see mother, that my friend has a little problem."

YE Xiaochen quickly said.


Mother was surprised.

"Mother, I just wanted to say to you in advance so that you don't any other thoughts."

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

"What thoughts will we have? But, how old is your friend? The problem with ears was congenital or acquired?"

Mother likes to go to the bottom of the things.

"Mother, You can't ask these things, okay?"

Ye Xiaochen loudly said.

"Well, all right."

Mother also felt that asking this questions was not good and immediately endured the curiosity in her heart.

Ye Xiaochen talked with two elders about things they need to pay attention.

"Son, be assured. We will make your friend happy."

Mother promised.

It was settled.

After delivering all the fruits and vegetables, he went straight towards Wang Shuisheng's villa.

Wang Shuisheng was at home today.

"Xinyi, go and relax to your heart."

"Xiaochen, pay attention to safety."

"Come back early, and don't be late."

Wang Shuisheng when first heard that Wang Xinyi wanted to go to Ye Xaicohen's farm for fun, he was surprised, then he reasonably agreed and carefully told Ye Xiaochen the things he needed to pay attention.

Ye Xiaochen naturally nodded.

Xibao also shouted to go, but Chu Qingqing didn’t let him. After all, Ye Xiaochen needs to take care of Wang Xinyi, plus if there was Xibao, then she was afraid of mishap.

Looking at Uncle Ye and aunt Xinyi in the vehicle, Xinbao sulked and tears were flowing from his eyes.

Soon, the vehicle started and left the parking space of the villa.

Wang Shuisheng looked at the departing vehicle and his eyes reflected some thoughts

Chu Qingqing was calming Xibao.

Back in the hall.

Xibao smiling was playing with his toys.

Chu Qingqing and Wang Shuisheng were talking.

"Husband, don’t you think the relationship between Wang Xinyi and Ye Xiaochen  is little unusual?"

Chu Qingqing suddenly said.

"I know."

Wang Shuisheng said while nodding his head.

"Then, are we going to just look?"

Chu Qingqing seems to point out something.

"Wife, what do you think of Ye Xiaochen."

Wang Shuisheng didn't answer directly but asked her.

"Pretty good, honest, steady and there is no boasting like normal young people."

Chu Qingqing said after thinking.

"Is there any flaw?"

Wang Shuisheng asked.

"There is no flaw, maybe the family condition is not good(poor)."

Chu Qingqing shook her head and said.

Although she was a smart woman, she still had problems like ordinary women, while seeking marriage partner to pay attention to men's family financial environment.

"Haha, when you married me, I was also a poor boy."

Wang Shuisheng suddenly laughed.

"Can an average person compare with you? If I wasn't attracted to your hard work who would have married you?"

Chu Qingqing looked at Wang Shuisheng.

She has accompanied Wang Shuisheng from the time when he was poor, to work hard and able to have current wealth, naturally she had a deep understanding of her husband’s capability.

"Anyway, I am quite satisfied with Ye Xiaochen. First, let's just observe, these years I have never seen Xinyi being close to other people."

Wang Shuisheng sighed.

Chu Qingqing said nothing, she already knew her husband's thoughts.

The car was galloping along the country cement road.

There were nine bends in the roads, which shuttled between the mountains and rivers. The roadside sceneries were uncomparable to city sceneries.

Wang Xinyi rarely goes to outside world.

The country landscape made her feel like it was a picture scroll, on her face, there was a bright smile.

After crossing cement bridge and few more minutes of travel, Ye Xiaochen's home had arrived.

The vehicle advance near the grounds of the house.

Mother and father were already waiting.

When they saw a girl stepping out of the vehicle, they were stunned.

As beautiful as a fairy.

The goddess in the painting.

Better that stars on tv.

She was really beautiful, especially her quiet and distant temperament, which made people have a pleasant feeling.

In their heart they sighed with emotion, such a pretty girl had an ear problem, truly nature toys with humans!

Wang Xinyi saw two elderly people.

She immediately knew that it was Ye Xiaochen's parents.

As she couldn't speak, she could only make gesture from her hands

"Mother and father, Wang Xinyi is greeting you."

Ye Xiaochen said.

The two people returned to their sense and hurriedly greeted her.

Ye Xiaochen became the interpreter and helped three people to communicate with each other.

In fact, there  was no need for Ye Xiaochen to warn his mother and father when they both saw such a beautiful girl was deaf and mute, they felt sorry for her

At home they didn’t sit for a long time, Ye Xiaochen took wang Xinyi to his farm.

On the farm, Wang Xinyi seemed to have changed to a different person, she became lively, moving around, looking here and there, feeling things with the touch

Yee Xiaochen followed her and took pictured from her mobile phone.

It was noon and time for lunch.

"Xinyi, eat more."

The mother from time to time would give her vegetable dishes.

Although Wang Xinyi couldn't hear, she could feel the care from Ye Xaiochen's mother. When she was young, her mother would also serve her the vegetables.

This meal, she ate with comfort

When Ye Xiaochen sent her back, her whole person seemed to have relaxed a lot.

Wang Shuisheng was glad to see her sister's appearance.

As an elder brother, he had provided Wang Xinyi with all best materials in life, but it was still difficult to fill certain emotional aspects.

"Y Xiaochen, go after dinner. Today, I got some big mitten crabs"

Ye Xiaochen after thinking nodded.

In fact, he was very interested in mitten crabs

It was delicacy he had heard but never tasted it.

It was this crabs season.

Mitten crabs were expensive.

Yangcheng lakes mitten crabs were the most famous.

The bigger the crab, the more expensive it was.

Moreover, it was not possible to always able to buy real Yangcheng Mitten Crabs

When Chu Qingqing finished preparing the dinner, Ye Xiaochen could finally see the true Yangcheng lake Mitten Crabs.

He couldn’t help but suck air, really big.

Each one should be at least more than 5 Tael( equal to 50 grams)

The Yangcheng lake Mitten crabs that were circulated in the market could each reach 4 taels, which was considered very good. The main reason was large crabs before going to market would be bought by rich and powerful without outsiders knowing

Such a big one should be at least 400-500 yuan.

Ye Xiaochen sighed with emotion, such a Mitten crab was comparable to his pickled vegetables.

Ye Xiaochen ate 5 crabs.

So, more than 2000 yuan has entered into his belly.

It was him alone, but adding everyone's Mitten crab, it was more than ten thousand yuan.

Just before leaving, Chu Qinqing gave ten Mitten crabs to Ye Xiaochen, saying that his parents should have the taste.

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