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Ye Xiaochen was very surprised, and without hesitation, he quickly opened the lid. He put his hand into it and took out the blood-colored bee egg.

He used his Spirit talent and began to communicate with the consciousness of the pollination bee egg.

During the communication with the pollination bee egg's consciousness, Ye Xiaochen felt the pollination bee larvae breaking out from the shell.

The shaking of the egg became more and more frequent.

After half an hour, the eggshell finally broke and tiny, milky white larvae crawled out of it.

So small.

The larvae crawled in the palm of Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen could feel the affection of love towards him. Apparently, due to his efforts of activating the bee's consciousness, it formed a strange and intimate connection between him and larvae.


While Ye Xiaochen was communicating with larvae, he could sense the message 'hungry' transmitted by larvae.

He hurriedly put the larvae in a clean glass jar, then took out the immortal spring honey powder which he had prepared last time. He picked it up with a spoon and put it into the glass bowl, then took out some water from immortal spring and mixed it with the honey powder.

Soon, more than 10mm of liquid was prepared.

He took the larvae and directly placed it in the honey water.

He was not worried that the larvae would drown.

In the Shennong system introduction guide, the cultivation of pollination bee was given like this.

Sure enough, after the larvae entered the honey water, it seems happy, the little guy was swimming carefreely in the honey water.

Really, it’s a magical pollination bee.

It could swim.

If it was an ordinary bee larva, then it would drown.

The larvae swam for a while and seemed to be enjoying. Then, it began to eat, and at a rate visible to naked eye, he could see the original slender body of larvae was expanding like a balloon.

Finally, the larvae became twice its original size.

The larvae stopped eating and sank into the honey water. It did not move and seemed to be sleeping.

Ye Xiaochen did not worry and covered the glass bowl, then he put the glass bowl in his storage space.

Over the next few days, the pollination bee larvae ate, slept and woke up to eat; just like a newborn baby.

The body of the larvae was also growing day by day. The milky body was chubby and was very lovable.

Ye Xiaochen every day would communicate with it to cultivate the feelings.

Shashi, Eastern outskirts, Mawangdui archeology site.

There was a roar and a long closed door was opened, revealing a tomb that had been buried in the earth for thousands of years.

Leading into the ancient tomb was Li Yang, the director of Southern province institute of cultural and archaeology relic.

At the time of Mawangdui three grave exploration, he had participated in it.

However, after years of careful study, he came to the conclusion that the three tomb that as excavated, Li Cang's tomb was fake, only to disguise the real tomb.

That's why these years he had been searching for the location of the real tomb.

His hard work has paid off, he finally found the tomb of Li Cang and was able to successfully open it.

When the people of archaeology team entered the ancient tomb, they were shocked by the inside scene.

In the middle of the tomb, there was a huge coffin.

At the top of the tomb, there were ten huge bright pearls which were excluding dim light and it illuminated the entire tomb.

The most remarkable thing was near the side of the coffin, there was a strange tree with nine curves and 18 bends

The strange tree was about four to five meter high, there was only trunk and branches and had no leaves.

"Heaven! This is ancient Fusang tree."

Li Yang rushed towards the tree and looked at the coffin beside him.He was overjoyed to see the ancient tree.

"Grandpa, can this world really have ancient Fusang tree?"

Li Wang was excited and circling around the tree he was murmuring something.

Beside him was a girl with black frame glasses, she had a wise and intellectual temperament.

"I spent more than ten years on those 'T' silk painting kind of banners and was able to solve the mystery of the tomb. I never believed that there could  be ancient Fusang tree in this world, but it exists and was same as given in the description."

Li Yang stretched out his hand and reached for the delicate branch of the strange tree.

The girl was curiously staring.

The even more surprising thing was, after some investigation by researchers, they were shocked to find that the strange Fusang tree was still alive.


It was still alive.

In the tomb, in absence of air, it was still alive after thousands of years.

It was a miracle.

When the news of thousand-year-old ancient tree of ancient tomb emerged, it became a global sensation.


At home.

At dinner, on the old-fashioned Changhong color tv news was playing.

"My audience friends, behind me is the tomb of Li Cang that has just been unearthed. Yesterday, after repeated confirmation from experts it has been confirmed that tree is alive. However, it has arrived at the end of its life, along with excavation of tomb, the changes in the air has made this thousand-year-old tree depletion of life faster, currently, southern provincial institute of cultural archaeology relics has sent out invitation to botanists all around the world and hopes to save this rare ancient tree……"

On the news, a woman reporter was reporting.

"Gee, it can't be true. In a secluded tomb, a tree to be able to live for thousand years. Isn't it a miracle?"

The mother exclaimed.

"This is news. There is still the possibility of being false."

Father ate a pickled radish and said while chewing it.

Ye Xiaochen was also somewhat surprised, it was not rare for a tree to be able to live for thousands of years.

However, it was a miracle to survive in a closed tomb.

Ye Xiaochen couldn't help but feel little curious.

Of course, he was just curious, as, for other ideas, he didn't think about it.

After dinner, Ye XIaochen went to his farm. After a round of patrol, he returned to his tin shed and chatted with Wang Xinyi on WeChat.

"Ye Xiaochen, I want to visit your farm."

Suddenly, Wang Xinyi sent a message, it made Ye Xiaochen slightly surprised, then immediately he felt ecstasy.

In his daily chat with Wang Xinyi, he would always talk about the things of farms.

Due to this Wang Xinyi also became interested in the farm.

However, like today, she had never taken initiative.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen had long wanted to invite her for fun.

"Well, how about tomorrow?"

Ye Xiaochen quickly sent the reply.


Wang Xinyi soon sent the message.

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

How should I entertain Wang Xinyi tomorrow?

He was also a little bit worried if mother and father get to know Wang Xinyi was deaf and mute, what would they think?

In fact, he has actively not invented Wang Xinyi to his farm, because he was worried about this.

Although the two has not discussed girlfriend and boyfriend relation, in the eyes of the elders, since Wang Xinyi came to his home, the meaning would be different.

The Wang Xinyi's family was good, there was a rich brother. However, her physical defect was enough to let them produce some different ideas.

He knew his mother's character, it was straightforward. If there were words to say, she would never hide and makes expressions on her face.

If the mother makes facial expressions, what idea Wang Xinyi would have?

"No, shouldn't let Wang Xinyi come home tomorrow. Just let her stay on the farm."

" This is even worse if Wang Xinyi knows she would think I am looking down on her."

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and directly abandoned the idea.

After thinking, YE Xiaochen has decided to talk to his mother and father first, he needs to take preventive measures first, so as to avoid tomorrow to things go out of the basket.

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