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Chapter 77

“What kind of pickled vegetables is this? Its packaging is too bad.”

Kang Sifu looked at the pickled vegetable in Chang Xu’s hand and revealed a disdain expression on his face.

Even if the pickled vegetables was good, it was still a pickled vegetable.

In the gourmet world, the pickled vegetable was a low-grade appetizer and a skilled chef simply won’t bother with it.

When Chang Xu opened the package, an indescribable smell came out, and immediately few of chef’s facial expression completely changed and revealed a trace of doubt.

The smell of a woman.

By through smell, it was also possible to identify dishes.

Color and flavor.

Color could make dish pleasing to people’s eye, it could make them relaxed and happy.

The flavor could stimulate people’s taste bud and increase their appetite.

If even one thing lacks, then dish would suffer.

Now only through smell, the greatness of the dish could be seen.

Kang Sifu’s expression remained unchanged, but his throat was moving, and there was a flicker of curiosity in the depth of his eyes.

He was stimulated by the aroma of the pickled vegetable.

He felt his appetite and taste bud were activated at the moment.

As a senior chef who has been cooking for decades, there were very few dishes that could give him this feeling.

After Chang Xu opened the package completely, he placed it on the table. He picked a box of toothpicks and kept beside it.

Kang Sifu thought for a while, then took a toothpick and picked out a cucumber from the package.

He immediately didn’t eat it, but first looked at it, next smelled, then carefully observed it. As a master chef, there was naturally

a unique method of tasting.

From the color point of view, the person who made this pickled vegetable has reached the acme of perfection at this point.

Unless the pickled vegetable was dyed, it was very difficult to make the preserved vegetable color unchanged.

From his eye, he could see that the cucumber was bright, natural and pure, there was no feeling of tampering.

From the smell, he could interfere that there was no additive.

This was very rare.

Only seeing the color of the pickled vegetable, he sighed in his heart and felt ashamed.

He took a deep breath as if seeing to inhale the aroma of the pickled vegetable.

When he put the cucumber in his mouth, he could not help but close his eyes. He felt an indescribable taste as if the taste bud in his tongue were suddenly bursting, giving a very bright and rich taste of the world.

Everyone looked at Kang Sifu.

Chang Xu was very nervous, although he knows that the pickled vegetable was delicious, he was not as good as the professional chef in evaluating dishes.

Kang Sifu then ate a piece of beans and chili.

He chewed slowly and after a long time, he looked at Chang Xu and sighed, “ Who made this pickled vegetable?”

“Old Kang, can we keep it.”

Chang Xu didn’t answer but asked the question.

“Certainly, there is no problem, this just not a general pickled vegetable but a real dish, that has reached the peak. I am inferior to it”

Kang Sifu’s face revealed a touch of divine brilliance, and there was extreme admiration on his face.

For a chef who has encountered a chef with greater culinary skills, there

there would be more admiration than jealousy.

When he heard Kang Sifu’s words, he breathed a sigh of relief.

On the same day, an additional item was added to the Food Cube’s menu.

Ye’s king pickled vegetable.

Price: 88 Yuan per plate.

Of course, the amount in the plate was not much, it was only one-third of the package.

Therefore, a package of pickled vegetable was divided into three plates and was worth 264 yuan. The purchase price was 258 yuan.

That was equivalent to making six yuan per package.

Moreover, one more condition was added, each table could order only one plate.

On the same day, some old diners saw a new item in the main course of the menu and felt wondered especially when they saw pickled vegetable as the main course and its price was not cheap.

Some were curious and ordered a plate.

When they saw a small plate with one cucumber, beans, and red chili, they felt it was not worth the price.

It was only after eating that they changed their minds and became a big fan of Ye’s pickled vegetable.

Chang Xu denied all the request of diners requesting an extra plate, saying that the number of pickled vegetables was limited and he could only supply one plate per table.

In order to eat one more plate of pickled vegetables, the local tyrants ordered another table of dishes.

So, in this way, from word of mouth and promotion of Food Cube, Ye’s pickled vegetable had attracted many customers.

Within just a few days, the number of visitors in the Food Cube soared.

They came to Food Cube in order to eat the pickled vegetable.

Chang XU was greatly surprised but

surprised but also sighed unceasingly.

The pickled vegetable was more powerful than he had imagined!


Ye Xiaochen was not surprised by the fact that the pickled vegetable on the main menu of Food Cube had attracted so many customers.

This dish had gone beyond the scope of ordinary pickled vegetable and had become really a main dish.

Currently, the consumption pickled vegetables in Food Cube has surpassed online store sale.

Now, the stable sales in the online shop have basically reached from dozens to 20 packages per day.

The Food Cube’s consumption has soared to more than 40 pack a day.

If he didn’t have the pickled vegetables in the stock, then he was afraid that the production pickled vegetables would not be able to keep up with the sales.

Seeing there was no other way, Ye Xiaochen had to add one more rule in the online shop, limiting the sale to 30 packages a day.

As for whether those customers were dissatisfied, Ye Xiaochen didn’t bother about it.

According to the sales of  pickled vegetable, Ye Xiaochen could receive 10,000 yuan per day this month and this was only a conservative estimation

The farm’s income was not worth comparing with it.

However, Instead of relaxing, Ye Xiaochen invested his energy more on the farm.

After all, his roots were the farm.

The pickled vegetable was just a side product which came from the farm.

With the development of the farm, there would be more and more products like pickled vegetable which would increase his profits.

Ye Xiaochen came out of the immortal land and looked tired.

The potential guidance method was really too tiring for his soul.

However, every day, he takes his time to do this.

He to do this.

He went back to the house and recorded the experience in his notebook.

After a long time, he kneaded his brows and closed the notebook.

He sat on the bed and was about to go to sleep when he suddenly felt some movement in the boiler.

He looked through the glass in the boiler.

The small pollination bee egg has been completely covered with blood vein and had become like a blood-colored egg.

“It seems that it won’t take long before the egg will hatch.”

Ye Xiaochen calculated the time.

Due to his cultivating medium liquid was too low, the time of hatching of pollination bee was longer than normal.

Fortunately, in the process of cultivating, nothing unexpected happened and the pollination egg be was normal, which saved him from fear and worry.

Just as he was thinking something, suddenly, he observed that the motionless be egg seemed to move.

The air bubble, which often pops out once in while, has not appeared.

No air bubble means there were three possibilities; one, the nutrient in the cultivating medium liquid was insufficient, second was that egg was in a critical situation of hatching.

The third was the egg was in bad condition.

Looking at the present situation, the color of cultivating medium liquid was still deep and he had just changed it yesterday.

At the same time, he saw that the egg was normal and nothing bad seemed to happen to it.

Most importantly, he saw the egg move.

Yeah, it just moved.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly had a surprised expression on his face as he saw the egg move again.

The pollination bee egg has reached the critical situation of hatching.

The larvae have matured.

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