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Now, Wang Pinghui felt restless irritation, it was like going to health care, taking off the pant and just started to feel good, opposite girl said big aunt came.(it means about periods coming)

He picked up the parcel that he had just threw in the dustbin.

Due to the violent demolition, the above delivery information was incomplete.

" Ye's something pickled vegetable king."

Wang Pinghui tried to recognize for a long time but still was not able to spell out.

As for the phone number, there was also defect.

There was also no means to call and inquire

"God, how did it happen?"

Wang Pingui felt his world was dark, if there was no pickled vegetable to eat, then how would he live?

"No, must find out, it was sent from a Taobao shop, I just need to search this shop."

Wang Pinghui thought and quickly made the decision

He immediately logged in Taobao and tried to search information on pickled vegetables.

He searched for the keyword pickled vegetable king.

Seeing the whole page about the pickled vegetable king, he was dumbfounded, it seems that he needs to identify one by one.

In fact, it was not that difficult to recognize such simple packaging, it was estimated that general shops would not use.

Now in Taobao, who wouldn’t use meticulously processed images?

This was shop front skill.


"This is not"

"This is absolutely not, such exquisite packaging, how can it be true pickled vegetable king?"

"Simplicity is king."

Wang Pinghui's eyes looked dry, he doesn’t know how many pages he had turned over by now.

He was desperate.

Just as he was about to give up, he suddenly saw a simple and familiar picture of the packaging.

"Ye's super pickled vegetable king."

Wang Pinghui almost burst into tears.

He was hundred percent sure that this was the Sho[.

Absolutely not wrong.

He opened it immediately.

What a simple shop!

This was his first feeling.

There was nothing.

Just a few words of instruction.

As for sales, there was only seven.

No evaluation.

If it weren’t for the picture that this shop showed, he would have wondered if it was a real shop.

"Price? So expensive?"

After looking at the price, he was stunned.

The first package as long as the courier charges were paid, it was free, the second package price rose to 188 Yuan, as for the third package, it was more outrageous,288 Yuan.

Damn, was this made of gold?

There only three packages, that's all?

Wang Pinghui almost wanted to stop buying it.

However, just from the aftertaste, his saliva was flowing out again.

"Buy it"

With a hard heart, he immediately placed the order.

He directly ordered three packages.

Four hundred and eighty-three Yuan was gone.

When Ye Xiaochen received the order, he was buying ingredient in a large Chinese pharmacy store in Sheep city.

He was going to make one kind of fluid, to grow the Pollination Bee egg.

All were valuable herbs.

It cost him more than ten thousand Yuan.

Ye Xiaochen couldn't help but sigh, it was an only initial investment and he had already spent so much, he hopes to succeed, otherwise, it would be like drawing water from a bamboo basket!

Carrying out things from the pharmacy, Ye Xiaochen returned to his vehicle, parked in a roadside parking lot, and turned on his cell phone.

"Hey, another order?"

Ye Xiaochen was amazed.

He felt that address was a little bit similar.

"Haha, originally it was that guy!"

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

"Hehe, I already gave you a package for free, now you still want one more for free.Really dreaming, don't think you can get by changing Taobao account."

Ye Xiaochen would certainly not let other party’s wish to be fulfilled.

Rules were rules.

His pickled vegetables were made from the magical pickle jar, water from the Immortal spring and Immortal spring vegetables, it was extremely unordinary.

He also thought that current price was low.

However, it doesn't matter, as long as it becomes famous, he could immediately raise the price.

He immediately sent the message to the man.

"Hello, because you have been already given a package for free, you cannot continue to enjoy the discount. You can only buy two bags this month."

On the other side when Wang Pinghui saw the message from the shop owner, he was surprised. When did he buy? Was it not a mistake?

Instantly, he sent his reply.

"What! Is this guy saying he didn’t buy my pickled vegetables? Joke, this guy is not admitting it"

Ye Xiaochen sneered.

He has a bad impression of this guy.

The free package, you want to take advantage of it, there was no such good thing in the world.

"Hello, we previously had a private conversation, so I sent a free package without delivery charges."

Ye Xiaochen sent the message.

"I really didn't buy it, and I haven't eaten pickled vegetable before. I’m very surprised that I didn’t buy any pickled vegetables. Why would you sent a pickled vegetable package to me."

Wang Pinghui felt very wrong.

"Hmph, unexpectedly denying, there is a moral problem in him"

Ye Xiaochen would naturally not believe it.

"I have the chat record, and I will send you the screenshot."

Ye Xiaochen felt that he had to give evidence to force this guy speechless.

Immediately, he sent a screenshot of chat to him

When Wang Pinghui saw the chat record sent by the shop owner, he was slightly stunned, Honest Bandit?How was this net name so familiar?

Wasn’t this his friend Lin Qiang’s net name?

Whether, it was in QQ, WeChat, or Tabao, he uses the same name.

He understood it must be Lin Qiang, that guy bought a packet of pickled vegetables from this shop, but address, recipient name, and mobile number filled his.

"Haha Lin Qiang, oh Lin Qiang, if you get to know this pickled vegetable is so delicious, you would definitely regret it"

Wang Pinghui suddenly felt obliged to thank Lin Qiang.

Otherwise, he might not have been able to eat such delicious pickled vegetable!

"Boss, I finally understand, the last time the person you chatted with was not me, but a close friend of mine, who fulfilled my…."

Wang Pinghui hurriedly explained.

Ye Xiaochen seeing the reply was little surprised, there was such a thing?

"Are you sure?"

He asked.

"I promise. I promise you if I have deceived you then heaven will split and I will be dead."

Wang Pinghui began to make the oath.

He couldn't help it.if there was one less package, then he would cry to death. Who let the pickled vegetable so delicious, and this poisonous oath was better than greedy death.

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, even doing poisonous oath, what is this person!

"Ok, I'll believe you once."

Ye Xiaochen replied.

"Boss, thank you very much."

Wang Pinghui was pleasantly surprised.

At last, he could eat one more package.

After chatting, Wang Pinghui wants to call Lin Qiang and ask him why he had written his information in online shopping.

However, he shook his head and immediately rejected the decision.

"Hey, I want to know what kind of look he would give when he gets to know what he has done?it will be nice"

Wang Pinghui's eyes flashed, suddenly he had an idea.

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