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Ye Xiaochen did not hesitate to buy a piece of Immortal land.

One hundred Immortal Yuan was gone.

He was left with fifty-four Immortal Yuan and seventy-three Spirit Yuan.

Next, it was time to spend on Store.

Ye Xiaochen opened the Store and found something.

For a long time, he had been thinking about buying it and hadn't made up his mind to because of the shortage of funds.

Pollination Bee eggs.

The price was not expensive, it was just 40 Immortal Yuan.

If it could be cultivated, then it would be very useful.

Like ordinary plants, Immortal plants also produce fruits that needed to be pollinated.

Ordinary plants were usually pollinated by winds or insects.

The Immortal plants were different.

The flying insect in this world would not get close to Immortal plants, let alone pollinate them.

There was very less effect by only using the natural wind.

Even on large farms, artificial pollination was often used to increase the yields.

Naturally, the pollination of Immortal plants was totally depended on Ye Xiaochen.

It was a skilled work or to replace it was a hard work, endurance work, to pollinate each one of the Immortal plants, the workload was not small.

Fortunately, Ye Xiaochen could still barely do artificial pollination by himself, but it would not be same once there was more Immortal land.

Now, Ye Xiaochen had little bit Immortal Yuan on his hand, so he was thinking of buying the Pollination Bees.

Adult Pollination Bee price was very expensive and must need to have special slavery technique to control them.

Ye Xiaochen was not even a monk, so naturally, he couldn't control it.

He could only consider Pollination Bee eggs, through their own efforts it could be cultivated, and even if he was not a monk, he could control it.

It was just the success rate, the Pollination Bee eggs do not have hundred percent breeding success, there might appear a breeding failure.

Once it fails, then 40 Immortal Yuan would go to waste.

In the process of nurturing, many conditions were needed.

However, Ye Xiaochen clenched his teeth and still decided to buy. As long it was cultivated successfully, the Pollination Bee would definitely increase his production.

He could also save a lot of time.

Most importantly, Pollination Bee has certain amount attack power, it was equivalent to having a potential weapon on Ye Xiaochen's side.

With various thoughts, he decided to buy this Pollination Bee eggs.

Moreover, he was confident that he could successfully cultivate this Pollination Bee egg.

Quickly, he spent forty Immortal Yuan.

Ye Xiaochen still has fourteen Immortal Yuan and 73 Spirit Yuan.

Because he has bought Immortal land, he must also need to buy Immortal plant seeds.

Ye Xiaochen bought 14 Immortal yellow beans seeds.

The reason he didn’t buy carrots seeds was, the income of Immortal beans was much higher than that of carrots.

Immortal beans were more popular.

Immortal carrots were only needed by the goddess of the moon, if there were more carrots, then he might not necessarily able to sell everything.

There was no concern like this for Immortal beans.

He already had 12 Immortal yellow beans seed, so now, Ye Xiaochen had 26 Immortal seeds.

After buying the Immortal land, Ye Xiaochen immediately didn’t set up the Immortal land, but took out a transparent wax ball of size like dragon's eye from the storage space, inside, a green bean size egg insect could be seen.

The first step of nurturing the pollination egg Bee was to awaken the egg's consciousness.

This was very important, it was what determines the success or failure of next steps.

Ye Xiaochen like a baby held it, after admiring it for a while with a serious expression returned the wax ball into the storage space.

He must be prepared enough to formally awaken the egg's consciousness, now it was not urgent, he could not be anxious.

Ye Xiaochen sighed and then began to set up the Immortal land.

The next thing was to dig fields.

Put fertilizers, seeds, water with the Immortal spring water.

As previously using the green manure for carrot seedlings and beans seedling, the piled of green manure was not enough, so he could not use the green manure, and could only use ordinary fertilizer.

After everything was done, Ye Xiaochen began to prepare for the cultivation of Pollination Bee egg.

Hei Province, Ha City.

In one of the residential building, Wang Pinghui received a call from Shen Tong express.

"Strange, recently I didn’t buy anything online?"

Wang Pinghui was little puzzled.

Still, he ran downstairs and saw outside the building an express courier vehicle, a young man was waiting for him.

"You are Wang Pinghui, this is your parcel, sign here."

The courier man took out a small parcel, tore it off and handed the pen to Wang Pinghui.

Wang Pinghui was surprised, but still, he signed on the package.

Returned back to home; looking at the small parcel, he became more curious.

" Is it due to last  time I wrote a bad comment in online shopping, the shopkeeper has sent a knife to me?"

Wang Pinghui thought.

" It is not correct.It says something about Ye's super pickled vegetable, and address is the southern province, it is fishy."

Wang Pinghui shook his head.

He was sure that he could not have bought anything like pickled vegetables.

As he doesn't like to eat pickled vegetables.

"I'd like to see what it is"

Wang Pinghui doesn’t believe in evil Spirits, he tore the parcel.

Soon a small packet of pickled vegetables appeared in front of him.

"Damn, this packaging is so simple and the ridiculous thing is, it is too little"

After looking at it, Wang Pinghui rolled his eyes.

Ye's super pickled vegetables, it was super garbage pickled vegetables!

A cucumber, a bean, and a chili.

Damn, even the messy pickled vegetables, should have some weight, right?

And he even doubted if it was a pickled vegetable.

Was this red chili just freshly pickled off from the plant?

The beans were also green.

The cucumber flesh was white and green, there was no trace of marination.

"Damn, this is unlikely the fresh pickled vegetables, right?isn't this shop owner extreme cheater?"

Wang Pinghui was completely speechless.

He has seen shameless shopkeepers, but he had never seen so shameless shopkeeper.

Even if he didn't buy the pickled vegetables, it was still delivered to his doorstep, he still felt that the shopkeeper was shameless.

He wanted to throw it in the thrash, but unconsciously he opened the pressure line.

Then at that moment, an unspeakable fragrance emanated from the bag.

Wang Pinghui's body shivered, and saliva in his mouth was immediately flowing out. He swallowed his saliva few times, then stared at three pickles vegetable bag.

"God, how is it so fragrant?"

Wang Pinghui's eyes were staring at it.

He wondered if he had a smell problem or it was just illusion.

His nose reached near the mouth of the bag, and he took a deep breath. Suddenly, he felt as if he had inhaled something, and was flying like a fairy.

"Damn, even if it is poisonous, I will eat this pickled vegetable."

Wang Pinghui couldn't help it anymore, he squeezed a pickled bean from the bag with fingers and ate it.

"Too delicious,"

"Oh my god, am I really eating a pickled vegetable?"

"Delicious, so delicious, damn, today I picked up a bargain!"

Wang Pinghui didn't know how to describe his inner excitement.

The food that he had eaten before this was nothing compared to this pickled vegetable.

"Well? No"

Wang Pinghui after eating last pickled chili, he looked at the empty bag, he was directly dumbfounded.

He finally drank the pickled juices in the bag, and licked it, he was so depressed that he threw the bag aside.

"There is no mistake, there was only three, there is no extra!"

Wang Pinghui's eyes were red and he couldn’t help but shout.

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