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The goddess of the moon hadn't contacted him yet.

Ye Xiaochen was also not in hurry, and began to fantasize after getting immortal yuan, how should he spend it?

Should it be immortal farmland or immortal spring?

One hundred forty-nine immortal carrots, each carrot two immortal yuan, so it would be two hundred and ninety-eight immortal yuan.

If he buys two immortal fields, then he would be able to increase production to two times.

If he buys an immortal field and immortal spring, then he would be able to improve the quality of the immortal planting.

The effect of immortal spring on implantation was very great.

In addition to it, should I buy immortal fertilizer?

"Ah!, I am really confused.It is not easy."

Ye Xiaochen felt very hard to decide anything.

Expanding the number of immortal lands means increasing the production line, which was the real immortal Yuan!

Well, let's just forget about it and first trade with the goddess of the moon.

Thinking about this, Ye Xiaochen was more looking forward to it.

After a long wait, the goddess of the moon hadn't replied yet.

"It seems that the goddess of the moon is not online, she might be having other works because of which she didn't notice my message."

Ye Xiaochen was disappointed, and could only use this reason to comfort himself.

Last time, the goddess of moon said that as long as the immortal carrots mature he should notify her at once.Certainly, she would not deceive him.

And, they had also signed the immortal contract.

All of a sudden, a thought came to his mind.Now, he has one hundred and forty-nine immortal carrots.could he put them in store for the sale?

Selling one hundred in the store and remaining forty-nine to the goddess of the moon.

Well, that's it.

However, he didn't put it immediately and waited for some time.

When the goddess of moon asks him, he would have a reason.

"By the way how much will be the price if I put it in store?"

Ye Xiaochen thought of a very serious problem.

If ….if the store price was very low?

For example, one immortal carrot would be one immortal Yuan, then wasn't he going to make a big loss?

Of course, it might possible for the store price to be expensive and there would be chances of earning more Yuan.

The variables were too big.

Ye Xiaochen was very confused.

His heart was unwilling to do direct trade with the goddess of the moon, he thought that the price might be higher, but he was also worried about prices being lower, and he would suffer loss.

Currently, for Ye Xiaochen, every immortal yuan was precious, there should not be any wastage.

"No, even if it is a loss, I should at least once put it in the store for sale, so that I can truly understand the price of the product."

Ye Xiaochen repeatedly thought about it.Finally, biting his teeth he decided to put it.

What was the most important thing in the modern society?Obviously, information, the person who has grasped the information in advance will the grab the opportunity first.

It would be foolish of him to know nothing about the price of implantation.

At this moment, Ye Xiaochen felt relaxed and did not have his previous confusion.

Even if it was a loss, it was worth it.

After thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen did not hesitate, he opened the store and chose to sell.

"Ding!Please choose the product to sell."

As the systems pleasant voice sounded, Ye Xiaochen put one hundred immortal carrots in it.

"Is it to for sale?"

The system prompt sounded again.


Ye Xiaochen directly confirmed it.

"Ding!Now appraising the value of the product.Please wait for sometime…."

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Once the sale button was clicked, the process could not be canceled.

The appraising of the commodity would determine the price.

After a few seconds later.

The system's prompt sounded again, "Ding!Appraisal finished.Whether to view the product pricing list?"


Ye Xiaochen suppressed his anxiety and hurriedly confirmed.

Immediately, a window appeared inside his mind, it was the appraisal information of one hundred immortal carrots.

"I am dizzy, can it be appraised like this?"

Ye Xiaochen looked at the list and was dumbfounded.

The system appraised each carrot separately and gave different prices with detailed appraisal information.

There were no two immortal carrots whose price were same.

"No.1 Immortal carrot,Yellow order first level ,Appearance:1.17,Taste:1.14,Nutrition:1.12,Immortal line: 1.15,Defective,additional Divinity:0.79.price:1.94 immortal Yuan."

"No.2 Immortal carrot,Yellow order first level,Appearance:1.16,Taste:1.15,Nutrition:1.16,Immortal line: 1.16,additional Divinity:0.79.price:1.94 immortal Yuan."

"No.94 Immortal carrot,Yellow order first level,Appearance:1.21,Taste:1.21,Nutrition:1.22,Immortal line: 1.23,Defective,additional Divinity:0.79.price:2.1 immortal Yuan."

After Ye Xiaochen saw the whole list, his brows wrinkled up.

To speak, the average price of one hundred immortal carrots was less than two immortal Yuan.

In other words, he made a loss.

However, he finally knows what was the standard of the store for identifying goods.

For example, the Yellow order first level immortal carrot, as long as it was defective, the Four evaluation starting point would be 1 and highest 1.99, if it was low grade, then it would start from 10 and highest would be 19.99

In case of Yellow order second level, for defective, the four evaluation starting point would be 1 and highest 2.99.low grade, the four evaluation starting point would be 20 and highest 29.99

Once it reaches Yellow order nine level, the defective four evaluation starting would be 9 and highest 9.9, and the four evaluation point of low grade would start from 99.99

With the help of four evaluation values, the pricing could be determined.

However, Ye Xiaochen's plants had added divinity.

This was brought by Shennong Talent.

It was just this divinity was less than one, which was equivalent to being hidden.

Once the added divinity reaches one, then in his personal attributes of Shennong talent there would appear +1 divinity.

The divinity would make Ye Xiaochen's planted plants more expensive than the normal price.

His present divinity was less than 0.79, the base price of commodity plus the value added by the divinity would give the final price.

Among these,the additional divinity(immortal planting level) 0.79*10 power n,this represents the immortal plants quality,the defective product was 0,low grade was 1,medium grade 2,top grade 3,and best grade was 4.

Ye Xiaochen looked at it and suddenly smiled.

As time goes on, his divinity will slowly ascend and would achieve divinity +1 point, which would increase the price of immortal plants

"However, the current deal with the goddess of the moon is accounted for cheap, once my planting technology strengthens then the quality of the product will increase, at that time trading two immortal Yuan for one immortal carrot would be unfair for me."

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and smiled bitterly.

In the long run, he was sure to lose money.

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