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Ye Xiaochen dialed the number of Fang Yuan.

"Ye Xiaochen, what is the matter?I am very busy right now."

The voice of Fang Yuan came from the phone along with several messy voices, it seemed like there were many people around him.

"What happened to the matter about seeds?"

Ye Xiaochen asked.

"You wait a minute!"

Fang Yuan said, and then he faintly talked with other people in low voice,"Old Sang, you don’t be worried, I am sure there will be some way to solve it.Currently, I also don't have any news, I am sorry, I need to answer a phone.."

After a while, Fang Yuan's surrounding becomes a lot quieter, “Hello Xiaochen, now I am really facing bitter days.Every day is like hide and seek.I don't know who has released the news saying there is a flaw in seeds, because of it, now the farmers have become really angry."

Fang Yuan was in a very miserable situation.

"Fang Yuan, you listen first.Do you believe me?"

Ye Xiaochen asked seriously.

"Well?Xiaochen, what is your meaning?"

Fang Yuan asked in bewilderment.

"If I say I can help you solve the problem of emerald green king seeds, will you believe me?"

Ye Xiaochen said.

"I, I believe but Ye Xiaochen, don't joke with me, I am really  surrounded by troubles."

Fang Yuan gave a bitter smile.

"I am not joking.I will tell you again, to solve the problem of rotting in the emerald green king is actually very simple.As long as you use the saline concentration between 0.5 to 0.6 percent, you will be able to solve the problem, wait a minute, I will send you the specific operation process."

Ye Xiaochen knew that Fang Yuan doesn't believe him, he just wants to personally help him.

After hanging up the phone, he sent a message to Fang Yuan through WeChat.

On the other side, Fang Yuan shook his head, he still believes that Ye Xiaochen was joking.

Was it possible to cure the flaw of the emerald green king with saline?

You must be kidding

However, looking at the text sent by Ye Xiaochen, he still opened it.

"Well written."

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly.

The text sent by Ye Xiaochen had very detailed operation process which was very easy to understand and operate at same time.

It was so easy that Fang Yuan was unable to convince himself.

If Ye Xiaochen was a botanist and had deep knowledge about seed research, he might have believed it.

The problem was Ye Xiaochen didn't do postgraduate and was not a seed graduate specialist, his knowledge was no different from him, he was just a farmer.

Would it be able to solve the flaw in the broccoli?

Fang Yuan shook his head, as soon as he thought of the problems outside waiting for him he felt a headache, he rubbed his eyebrows, then turned off the chat and walked out.

Ye Xiaochen doesn't know if Fang Yuan would follow his method.However, he has done his best to help him.

He went to immortal farmland.

Calculating the time, immortal carrot should be ready to harvest.

As for the three yellow immortal bean, they were filled with blue-green peeled soaked beans.The beans looked exhausted and felt like there was no energy in it.

However, he wasn't much worried about it.

"Ha-ha, finally my baby carrots have matured."

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his hands and looked impatient.

He hurriedly took out the immortal hoe from the space storage.

After a while, the first carrot had been dug out.

"It almost looks similar to the previous one."

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and made a comparison in his heart.

As for the immortal lines in the carrot, he won't be able to identify until he cuts it.

Evidently, it was estimated that the carrots were still defective quality.

Because some difference could have been seen if it was low grade.

It was impossible to have this big process.

It took Ye Xiaochen half a day to dig out one hundred fifty carrots.

Then, he collected all the carrots leaves.

This time he was not going to use all it as a manure, he would leave some plants for extraction of immortal gas.

Last time the immortal gas he extracted from the carrot leaves were not much and had also wasted a lot of time.

All the one hundred immortal carrots were piled up on the ground, it was red and had an excellent appearance.

The only drawback was it was little small.

It was not like last time where every carrot was of the same size, this one hundred fifty carrots had different layers of sizes.

There were some carrots, which were big in size.

There were also few carrots which were smaller than other carrots.

Ye Xiaochen remembered that several small carrots he dug out were placed near the yellow immortal bean.

It was obvious that the seizing characteristic of yellow immortal beans had reduced the quality of the carrots.

"Should I cut it, and check the lines in it?"

Ye Xiaochen's eyes fell on one of the largest immortal carrots, he was little hesitant.

He wanted to know was there any difference in big carrots immortal lines?

After cutting the carrot, it couldn't be used for the transaction!

This was two immortal Yuan.

Currently, even one immortal had a very big use.

"Damn, no matter what.I have to look at it, if I can't even know the quality of my own planted immortal plants, it would be humiliating.It is just two immortal Yuan, afterward, there will be more opportunity to earn immortal yuan, after all, I am Shennong!”

Ye Xiaochen was repeatedly tangled, finally, he made a ruthless and difficult decision.


You have to cut it.

Ye Xiaochen quickly took out a fruit knife.

"Damn, my two immortal Yuan!"

Ye Xiaochen cut down the carrot with tears.

A faint smell emanated from part of the immortal carrot where it was cut.

It was different from the previous one, at least in previous one there was no smell.

Ye Xiaochen’s five sense has become extremely acute after getting Shennong system.

He could smell the different fragrance from different plants.

Eyes could see a lot of details which ordinary people won't be able to see.

He could feel any subtle sensation from touch.

The taste of tongue, hearing of the ear had also changed dramatically.

Smelling this fragrance made Ye Xiaochen's spirit startled, it gave a refreshing feeling.

It made him even drool.

If he had not known this immortal carrot for mortal was similar to a poison, then he might have eaten it directly.

He took a deep breath and removed the smell from his mind.He picked up the immortal carrot and looked at it carefully.

The fleshly color inside the carrot was stronger than the outer surface.

What made Ye Xiaochen surprise that there was a second circle of an immortal pattern.

Two circles.

It was still a defective quality, but this represents his progress!

Ye Xiaochen was extremely happy at his heart.

It seems that his meticulous care of immortal carrot had not gone wasted

At the thought of this, Ye Xiaochen’s confidence increased, there was smile like a sun on his face.

"Goddess of the moon, the second batch of immortal carrots has matured."

With a great sense of satisfaction, Ye Xiaochen sent a message to his friend Goddess of the moon using Shennong system.

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