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After Ye Xiaochen listened to professor Zhang's words, he immediately realized that professor Zhang had a superstitious and wrong understanding of the effectiveness of the plant promoting growth agent.

It was true that the plant promoting growth agent could slow down the rate of aging of plant and promote its vitality.Therefore the plants could maintain their stable condition.

But plant promoting growth agent was not universal medicine, many symptoms might look similar but they are very different.

If it was not used for correct symptoms, the plant promoting growth agent might not work, and even could produce opposite results.

Ye Xiaochen doesn't know on what kind of bonsai tree professor Zhang used the medicine, so he was unable to judge it.

Soon, professor Zhang sent a few clear pictures of the tree in WeChat.

Ye Xiaochen doesn't have much knowledge about the bonsai tree.

In the pictures, the shape of the tree was exquisite, beautifully intertwined, small beautiful and dense green leaves were shaped in excellent symmetry and the white trunk showed its bright lusters.

Even a layman like Ye Xiaochen could see that the bonsai tree was authentic eastern.

In few photos, the bonsai tree had some changes, like the tip of the leaves turned yellow.If it was one or two it was okay, but the whole leaves of the tree became like that.

The yellow color on such leaves looked very unusual.

This was a sign of illness.

Moreover, the white trunk did not have its previous luster, instead, it became grey and gave a dark feeling.

The whole tree looked as it had lost it spirt, and has entered into the aging period.

After studying the pictures, Ye Xiaochen was unable to get to any conclusions.He called professor Zhang, and asked what bonsai tree species was it?

"Brother Ye, this tree is white wax bonsai, it is also known for its long life, it has a history of more than 300 years and is very precious."

Professor Zhang was little surprised that Ye Xiaocen actually doesn't  know the species of the bonsai tree.

Ye Xiaochen only knows this species was not ordinary, there was only few osmanthus white wax tree, it was also known as living fossil or shield of bonsai.

Moreover, the growth of white wax was slow and its life was long, which could reach about 2000 years.

As it was a bonsai, it was natural to not allow it grow up like a tree, therefore through trimming and using some special methods, the size of it could be maintained.Like this plants are very precious, and usually after long periods of cultivation, it would attain perfect density.

But after wars, many similar kinds of bonsai trees were lost.

The so-called bonsai trees in modern society were just recently bred.

It could be said that in bonsai tree, we don’t only have to look at appearance but also at the age of the tree.The older the tree is, the more precious it is.It was said that there were some species of bonsai tree which lived till thousand years and considered priceless.

This white wax bonsai tree has 300 hundred years of history.Ye Xiaochen was not surprised. Professor Zhang's work certainly does not involve ordinary families.

Previous time professor Zhang went to Wang Shuisheng's home for the tuberose

"Professor Zhang, from this sense, the tree is far away from aging."

Ye Xiaochen said.

"Yes, but on this species, there appeared signs of aging, like the white trunk turned to grey, generally only during aging it happens, plus there were other suspected symptoms.So, I just thought to use plant promoting growth,thinking that maybe its antiaging effect would help in delaying the aging,but who would have thought that after using  yellow leaves would start appearing,first it was only at the tip, but now this has started to spread, perhaps in a few days the whole leaves will get affected and then the tree will get destroyed."

Professor Zhang said.

Not only he did not cure the tree but also made it worse.

He was under a lot of pressure.

After all, it was not a trivial matter for the owner of this tree.

Although he didn’t say anything to the owner of the tree, he was still worried.

"Professor Zhang from the photos I am unable to judge anything.I need to check at the scene, so, is it ok with you?"

Ye Xiaochen said after some thought.

"That would be great."

Professor Zhang said in a happy tone.

He had great hope on Ye Xiaochen.

During this period of communication, he became more and more assured that plant promoting growth agent was configured by Ye Xiaochen.

After hanging the phone, Professor Zhang sent him the address.

Ye Xiaochen took his truck and directly went to Taiping town, from there he took Jingxian county highway.

After two hours, he saw the professor, Zhang.

And, of course, Wang Yuandong was also with him.

After seeing Ye Xiaochen, Wang Yuandong's mouth sank, he naturally knows the reason why Ye Xiaochen was here, but he doesn’t believe that Ye Xiaochen could cure the white wax bonsai tree.

He even felt that if it was not for Ye Xiaochen's plant promoting growth agent the situation would not be had become awkward.

If they were not able to cure it, they could just quit.

However, the problem was the white wax situation became worse, now they could not quit and the owner also won't leave it alone.

Whenever he imagined the bonsai plant's master, his heart trembles.

Ye Xiaochen stopped his vehicle and got into Wang Yuandong's car.

In the car, professor Zhang told situation of white wax bonsai and also its owner’s identity, he wanted Ye Xiaochen to pay attention to this point.

Ye Xiaochen immediately understood why Professor Zhang was anxious about curing the bonsai plant.It turns out that he mishandled the person’s treasure!

Damn, he was dragging me also in this water.

If he was not able to cure the white wax bonsai, he would be facing the wrath of the big man, wouldn't it be a disaster?

However, he also thought that the things had gone to this extent because of his plant promoting growth agent.

What a nuisance!

When Professor Zhang looked at Ye Xiaochen face, he felt embarrassed.After all, in this matter, there was no involvement of Ye Xiaochen.

But he doesn't have any means.

Moreover, he really feels that Ye Xiaochen might have some way.

Only Wang Yuandong was sneering repeatedly in his heart, if he has fear, it was better to say it now.

Ye Xiaochen hesitated for a moment, he was also feeling worried.

Since things have gotten to this point, he could only try.

He doesn’t believe that Shennong System would not be having any solution for this problem.

When Professor Zhang saw that Ye Xiaochen didn’t reply anything, his heart was relieved.

He was afraid that Ye Xiaochen would directly quit.

"Pretend!keep pretending!"

Wang Yuandong doesn’t believe that Ye Xiaochen would always be able to show off.

He would be waiting till Ye Xiaochen goes there and find himself unable to have any means to solve.

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