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Chapter 4 -Sales

Ye Xiaochen’s home is situated in mountains, where there is only one narrow road made of stone which connects his town to the cemented road outside.

The house is a pretty old-fashioned brick house, it’s both sides have a main room and a smaller room,the middle is the hall, it’s symmetrical and has a quite rich history to itself.

Living in such a brick house,it is cool in summer and an air conditioner is not really required.

Even if installed it is useless, as the whole house is ventilated really well.

In front of the house there is a small ground, there are few fields of corn, next to it there are two small water bodies, Ye Xiaochen’s family contracted one and Lin Sao’s family contracted the other.

Planted within the water is a large field of rice, now the seedlings has started germinating, it has become green like forest.

On the other side of the rice field, a small river can be seen, meandering through the Lianshuicounty.When Ye Xiaochen was young, the Lianshui river was almost dry. At five pm everyday, with his small gang, he used to go to the river to bathe.

Once, during the time of junior high school, he went to bathe as usual but he was entangled due to the underwater plants, and he almost drowned. He was scared from then on and basically he didn’t go to the river to bathe again.

It took a little time for Ye Xiaochen to get used to the rural lifestyle but, the beautiful sceneries and quiet places made it easier for him to live.

Under the eaves of his house, his mother, He Qinglian was washing clothes.

As for his father, Ye Hesheng, was in the hall room was making baskets with thin bamboo strips.

His father did not study any preparation method for bamboo sticks, he developed the skill all byhimself.All bamboo made things in the house were made by him.

“Xiaochen, it stopped raining, shouldn’t you send a batch of vegetables today?”

His mom looked up and asked.

“ Today, I have to tend to something, so I will not send.”

Ye xiaochen didn’t say that his cousin’s supermarket will not take his vegetables. He did not want his mother to worry.

He is ready to go to the county to run a trip to see if he can find a new market.

The fresh seasonal vegetables. The  longer it drags on, the more loss he has to bear.

His mother didn’t mind and continued to wash the clothes.

Ye Xiaochen put out a formal outfit. After all, he can’t go to find markets while wearing shorts and slippers.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen takes out his trusty, second-hand, women’s motorbike and starts it.

Ye Xiaochen went straight to the gas station for he was low on it. Then, he sped towards the county.

The Jingxian county is more than 20 km away from the Yufeng village. The county is well developed and he can see construction works being carried  out everywhere.

Ye Xiaochen’s goal is to find those restaurants or vegetable shops which require fresh supply of vegetables everyday.

Unfortunately, he went to more than 10 places in a row but couldn’t find any success.

The weather is so hot that even though it rained earlier, he was feeling hot and sweaty.

He stopped by a convenience store and bought a bottle of ice mineral water. Drinking little, he felt better.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the dazzling sun.Suddenly, he laughed bitterly, followed by a jolt of a depressed feeling. His career is so fragile, just a little problem leads him to bigger ones.

He finally seemed to understand, that it was too naive of him to pin his hopes on this insecure relationship.

If time could be reversed, Ye Xiaochen would not have been this impulsive.

Unfortunately, there is no return once an arrow is set loose or a bullet has been fired,He can only continue to move forward, otherwise his tens of thousands yuan investment will be useless.

He must continue his work.He absolutely cannot disappoint his mom, dad and elder sister.

He has the golden finger, surely his future prospect will be become more promising.

(TN: here golden fingers refers to his cheat system)

Tightening the mineral water cap, Ye xiaochen started his motorcycle.He put the remaining half bottle of mineral water.Suddenly, a black honda car stopped beside him, the car window lowered slowly,a man raised his head from inside the car.

“Xiaochen, why are you here?”

The man looked at Ye Xiaochen and was surprised.

“Cousin, I  came to county to handle some matters”

After seeing the man, Ye Xiaochen was slightly startled.Then immediately smiled andreplied.This man is his cousin Chen Hao.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes fell on the woman sitting in the passenger seat, even with her pretty good looks, gives an uneasy feeling to others.A pair of peach-blossom eyes with an arrogant attitude,Ye Xiaochen saw her from the corner of his eye, she didn’t speak.

This woman is Chen Hao’s wife, Li Yan.

Although this Li Yan looks down upon him,he must at least greet her. His father taught him to be a polite person.

“Hello sister in law”

Ye Xiaochen addressed Li Yan.

Li yan disregarded him, she just snorted her nose.

Chen hao was embarrassed. His wife despises his relatives. He is helpless as his current success, to a large extent, is dependent on his wife’s family.

“Xiaochen, regarding the vegetables matter, I have helped you ask,there should be some news soon.”

He knows the reason of Ye Xiaochen’s visit to the county, it is certainly the problem of selling vegetables.

He was sorry.

“It’s all right”

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t hate Chen Hao, his life is also pretty tough, he should always be on Li Yan’s whim, but, he also has good temper, he can endure her naggings.

The two exchanged a few words.Li Yan seen grew  impatient, ”don’t delay, my parent are still waiting.”

Chen hao laughed and said, “ Xiaochen, I have important matter with your sister-in-law.Otherwise, you can have come to my house for lunch”

He waited for Chen’s car to leave and then Ye Xiaochen retracted his eyes, he laughed bitterly. Although there are some places he did not go, but the result has already been estimated, the things which his cousin said, he didn’t put in the context.

He must depend on himself for everything.

Ye Xiaochen also refused to eat lunch and went to different place, the result is disappointing.

No one is willing to.

Although his empty stomach has shrunken, Ye Xiaochen does not have the least bit of appetite, he casually looked for a restaurant to eat a bowl of Qingping Rice noodles, usually he eats the whole bowl as he likes it but, now, he has eaten only half.

Ye Xiaochen’s heart is heavy,he never experienced these things, he did not know how to solve the problem now.

Riding the motorcycle, Ye Xiaochen returned to Taiping town.

He’s going to find hotel or supermarkets in town,although the hope is very little, still he wants to give it a try.

Finally, Ye xiaochen arrived at a supermarket named Qingtian Supermarket.

This was Taiping town’s largest and best supermarket in business.

The entire Taiping town is not big,there are five large supermarkets,mainly, people in the town are quite wealthy and have boosted the local economy.

Each month on day of fair, it gets overcrowded, even people from other towns come.

It is 4.00 pm now.

Although today, there is no fair, it is tomorrow but still traffic is relatively large in Qingtian supermarket.

It can be be seen from the number of motorcycles parked outside.

In the countryside, motorcycles are the main means of transport.Each household has it.

“What’s the matter?You said before dawn we’ll have the vegetables,now this happened.Wherewill I get goods in this short time?tomorrow is the fair, if there are no vegetables,do you know how serious would be the impact and losses?”

In front of the supermarket, a middle-aged man holding a cell phone was speaking loudly.

Qingtian’s main products are vegetables and fruits, it’s sales are huge.

Without the vegetables,it will not only affect the turnover but the most important thing is that it will have an adverse impact in the heart of customer, his supermarket does not have vegetables and fruits and other supermarkets have them. Won’t the other supermarkets seize the chance to draw customers towards them?

Ye xiaochen knew this person,Qingtian supermarket boss Liu Fusheng.

Hearing Liu Fusheng’s words, he knows that the Qingtian supermarket is facing problem of  vegetable supply.

Perhaps, this can be his opportunity.

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