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Ye Xiaochen hurriedly opened the message, it was sent by the Goddess of the Moon.

" Ye Xiaochen, do you have immortal carrots?"

Seeing this message, he couldn't help but be surprised. Didn't the Goddess of the Moon sayid that her pet rabbit doesn’t like to eat defective grade carrots?"

" Goddess of the Moon, what is the matter?"

He thought for a moment and didn’t reply directly  that he doesn’t have immortal carrots.

He wanted to know what the Goddess of the Moon is thinking.

After a while, the message from the Goddess of the Moon came.

" Ye Xiaochen, although the immortal carrot you planted is a defective grade item, it is not an ordinary defective grade, my rabbit likes eating it and has eaten all your immortal carrots, and now it is not eating any other food."

The Goddess of the Moon didn’t conceal the matter.

It was strange that the rabbit would rather eat the inferior quality carrot that was planted by Ye Xiaochen than eating the better quality carrot.

She guessed that it has to do with Ye Xiaochen possessing the Shennong Talent.

In the heavens, there is no shortage of low grade immortal carrot but it lacks  Shennong.

There must be something special about Shennong, that is why the heaven is so  serious about them.

When Ye Xiaochen saw the reply from the Goddess of the Moon, he was extremely surprised. Does the jade rabbit really like to eat his planted defective immortal grade carrots?

He was bewildered and curious, what if ,he  rise the price in the next deal?

But when he thought of the immortal deed he signed with the Goddess of the Moon, he became depressed. In the Immortal deed, it was clearly written that the price of a defective grade immortal carrot will be only one immortal yuan!

" Ye Xiaochen, you must have  lots of immortal carrots. Let me know as soon as possible when it has matured. For the next transaction, I am willing to  pay two immortal yuan for your defective immortal carrot."

Goddess of the Moon directly raised the price for Ye Xiaochen.

In his heart, he was calculating the amount of money,this time he had planted 149 immortal carrot seeds. So, he can now harvest 149 immortal carrots, if the price for one immortal carrot is two immortal yuan that means the total amount will be 298 immortal yuan!

With this he can purchase two immortal lands.

" From her reply, it can be seen that my defective grade immortal carrot shas a huge attraction to her pet rabbit than the genuine low grade immortal carrots.  Moreover, for the Goddess of the Moon who is a deity, she might even get the top grade immortal carrots. So, why does my planted defective grade Immortal carrot has a very big attraction?"

Unfortunately, he cannot ask the Goddess  of the Moon directly.

If he, as the grower does not know about it, then it will make the Goddess of the Moon think that the special defective grade immortal item was only grown by chance.

This is not good, he absolutely cannot let the Goddess of of Moon know about this.

Anyway, it is the Goddess of the Moon that raised the price on her own initiative. Even if the second batch of immortal carrots doesn’t have this special factor, she can't blame him and mostly the price of defective grade immortal carrots will fall back to one immortal yuan again.

Still, he is very hopeful that he can grow those special immortal carrots.

Otherwise, how can he call himself as Shennong!


For the next few days, Ye Xiaochen became busy.

He needed to do  both distribution and sowing,but luckily his parents were there to help him,otherwise he would have  become more busy.

Because of his Shennong talent,the growth of seed germination seems to be faster.

He could clearly sense the consciousness of seeds becoming better.

Ye Xiaochen recorded all this data.

The weather forecast has predicted that Recently there will be thunderstorms and heavy rain in Yang Shi city.

The agriculture is largely depended on weather,farmer must always pay attention to the changes in the weather.

Ye xiaochen is no exception to it.

He began to prepare for the thunderstorms and heavy winds,he strengthened all sheds to prevent it from being lifted by heavy winds,he also cleared some gutters to prevent heavy rain forming floods,once if it enter into the shed ,there will be huge impact on the crop.

Although the weather is cloudy now,there is no sign of rain,but the weather in summer is always changing.

Ye Xiaochen cleared the last drain.He was soaked with sweat.

Wiping his sweat,he sat down on shady and cool ground,he took off his hat and began to fan with it.

"Xiaochen,I just took a look,how come the watermelon vine is blooming gain?

His father came with a hoe,wearing nothing but a vest.

A watermelon vines blossom only once and after that the vine will wither.

He was going to clear up the watermelon vine today,but he didn't expect the flowers will blossom again.

"Father, are you saying that the watermelon vine is blooming again?so let it be, for time being there is no need for cleaning it and I guess we should be able to have second batch"

When Ye Xiaochen got to know that watermelon vine is blossoming again,he became curious about it

He just doesn't know what will be the quality of second batch?

His father nodded,he is already accustomed to the strange things in the farm.,the cucumber vine is still blooming, however normally by this time other farms cucumber wine would wither.

Any beans or other vegetables are very dazzling

He can only put blame on greenhouse

Returning back to the shed,he drank water and ate a watermelon,switching on the electric fan Ye Xiaochen opened the farm map in the Shennong system,it revealed the surrounding area of 1 sq kilometer.

The farm  is surrounded by one meter tall barbed wire

Inside there are are twenty-thirty big sheds lined neatly.

"The sheds are not enough"

In Ye Xiaochen's mind there was secret thoughts.

However,he does not want to expand temporarily.

The current farm size is now enough to make his family of three busy,once it is expanded he must need to invite the talented people for work.

His farm is unusual,the speed of vegetable and fruits growth are fast and there is existence of immortal land and plants,asking other people is definitely not suitable.

Now the farm scale has reached the bottleneck,it must need to  transformed.

These days,he had been considering about this matter,and to need take best route to solve this problem.

In the afternoon, as  predicted the thunderstorm and rain arrived.

Ye Xiaochen is glad that he was cautious!

Just looking at the flow of water in drain,you can know how heavy the rain is falling.

The rain came quickly and left quickly.

After the rain stopped,Ye Xioachen checked the farm again.

Just when he returned back to shed,Ye Xiaochen's phone rang,and when he took out phone to look,he saw it was from Liu Fusheng.

Although the cooperation between two has ended long back,they didn't break the contact and often call to each other.

Originally,Ye Xiaochen is just a small farmer and liu fusheng is a large supermarket boss,there are several industries and his assets reaching to tens of millions,the gap between them is very big and is difficult to have intersection between them.

But the matter is ,now ye xiaochen has contacts with the Yang Shi city's richest man,Wang Shuiheng,which changes the things differently.

Liu Fusheng felt that Ye Xiaochen has potential and wants to pull him in his inner circle.

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