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Chapter 247

The next morning .

After Ye Xiaochen got up, he saw that Lu Dongcheng was sitting in front of the computer and watching the Spring festival Gala .

Ye Xiaochen went to take a look, woah, it is actually last year’s spring festival gala .

Did he become addicted to watching the spring festival gala?

Lu Dongcheng saw Ye Xiaochen, he then embarrassingly said, “the spring festival gala is really beautiful . After watching it last night, I searched for last year’s spring festival gala on the computer . ”

One could tell from the joy on his face that he really liked watching the Spring Festival Gala .

“Spring Festival Gala has been held for decades, there is enough for you to watch for a long time . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

“No, No, No . I’ll watch it only at night and do the work during the day . ”

Lu Dongcheng hurriedly shook his head and said .

He would like to continue to watch, but he was a man of the firm will . Otherwise, he would not have been able to cultivate until the late foundation construction stage when his qualification was very poor .

Ye Xiaochen nodded and asked Lu Dongcheng to go to the farm after eating breakfast .

As for the three bean soldiers, they have already gone back to the farm after eating dinner last night .

He won’t be going back .

After all, today was New Year’s Day!

The next few days he would be busy with New Year’s greetings .

According to the family custom, on the first day of the new year, they would visit the father’s elder brother and younger brother for greetings .

On the second day, they would go to grandmother’s house for greetings .

On the third to the fifth day, they would be going to several other relatives to greet the new year .

However, this year was not the same, Ye Xiaochen’s family was ready to leave, but one after another people came to wish for a new year .

Father’s elder brother, younger brother, Ye Xiaochen’s cousins, and others came .

The hall was abuzz with cigarettes, tea, and sweets .

If there is a child, you must give him candies and a red envelope .

Since it was a new year’s day, naturally after worshipping, they would sit for a while and would go to the next family .

Ye Xiaochen’s family didn’t get the chance to pay New Year’s visit at all, because as soon as the first family left, the second family came, not only from the Ye family, the villagers also came .

Ye Xiaochen’s family never stopped receiving .

It was about ten o’clock .

Ye Xiaochen’s family thought that they had the time to go out now and pay new year’s greetings . But who would have thought that the other relatives would also come?

Vehicles were coming one after another .

There was the big aunt’s family, second aunt’s family, big maternal uncle, second maternal uncle, and so on… in any case, it seems that relatives who got along with each other seemed to have discussed, and all of them came together .

Relatives came from very far, so naturally, they had to entertain them with lunch .

It was just there were too many people .

Fortunately, his aunts helped . And at noon, seven to eight tables were arranged with food .

It was afternoon .

Ye Xiaochen’s family finally breathed a sigh of relief and thought that they could now go out to pay the new year’s greetings .

However, who could have thought that again more people would come to pay new year’s greetings .

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It was Li Jiaren, Liu Fusheng, Xu Jiao, and other shareholders of the immortal spring restaurant .

They came at the right time .

The relatives of Ye families had just finished their visit .

After all, New Year’s greetings between relatives usually happen in the morning .

It was also to avoid Ye Xiaochen’s family from preparing lunch for them .

It was not until four o’clock in the afternoon that the house became quiet .

Of course, Ye Xiaochen’s phone was still ringing, from time to time someone would call and wish the new year .

“Xiaochen, don’t answer . Let’s first go pay the worship . ”

Mother saw Ye Xiaochen was answering the phone and hurriedly said .

It was almost 5 o’clock now . If it becomes too late, it would not look good to wish the new year .

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xiaochen simply turned off the phone so that no one could call him .

When he came back, it was already evening .

Ye Xiaochen just turned on the phone and found several people had called him .

He could only call them one by one .

He called several important people to wish the new year’s greetings, such as the secretary of Yang city, Zheng Hongye, governor of the southern province, Zhang Sheng .

It has been a very busy day .

During the meal, Lu Dongcheng came leisurely from the farm .

After eating, he sat in front of the computer and began to watch the spring festival gala .

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The next day, Ye Xiaochen’s family began to pay greetings to relatives, starting with his grandmother .

In this way, it took a few days to greet all the people .

Ye Xiaochen did not think he could feel relieved because of just visiting relatives, as he has to go to other places also to pay New years greetings!

He really felt tired!

In this way, it was not until the tenth day of the new year that Ye XIaochen completed the task of paying new year’s greetings .

By this time, the research institute had already resumed its normal work .

Ye Xiaochen was finally going to start the main things

Super rapeseed pilot planting .

This was the first major event in 2016 .

In addition to Yufeng village, several villages had joined, which added up to nearly 1000 acres of pilot land, there were also several other pilot sites, adding all it was nearly 2000 acres of land .

After all, it was only a pilot project, and many farmers lacked confidence in super rapeseed and were still waiting to check the situation .

As long as the pilot project of super rapeseed was successful, the farmers on the sideline would start participating .

By that time, the industrialization of the super rapeseed would be fully launched .

The promotion ceremony of super rapeseed was held in the central building of Yang city .

In addition to the staff of the Earth Shennong farm, there were representatives of farmers involved in the pilot project and some leaders of the Yang city market .

The representative of the farmers would sign the relevant agreement with the Earth Shennong farm in front of the media .

There were many farmers, it was impossible to get everyone’s sign here, so only a few representatives of farmers were present here .

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As for the rest of the farmers, there would be an Earth Shennong staff going door to door for getting signs .

Due to Ye XIaochen’s fame, this super rapeseed cultivated by Ye Xiaochen got such a big response .

Many people were discussing whether this super rapeseed could save Yang city’s rapeseed industrialization project?

There were some who were pessimistic about it and some who were optimistic .

Although the super rapeseed was not a research project of Yang city plant consciousness research institute, it was still the work of Ye Xiaochen, which naturally attracted people’s attention .

This was especially true for companies that were in cooperation with the research institute .

Although the super rice project hasn’t been announced, its news was already being circulated internally .

If the super rapeseed could succeed, their confidence in super rice would naturally increase .

Knowing the importance of super rapeseed, Ye Xiaochen was personally helping in the pilot scheme .

He even went to the scene to personally instruct farmers on sowing and fertilizing .

The super rapeseed has proved themselves to be extraordinary .

In less than two days after the sowing, all the seeds of super rapeseed sprouted .

The germination rate was 100% .

On each pilot site of super rapeseed, Earth Shennong has sent technicians to sit in towns and note down the detailed records of the situation of pilot sites every day .

By the third day, through pictures, the green rapeseed seedlings could be seen growing .

It took only three days for rapeseed to take root, sprout, and grow to the present level .

It was much faster than regular rapeseed .

The confidence of the farmers has greatly increased .

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