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Published at 11th of September 2020 07:16:26 PM
Chapter 235

The applause rang out like thunder, many students were shouting YE Xiaochen’s name, and the girls were especially screaming .

Ye Xiaochen had just arrived at the stage and was almost taken aback . He did not expect that the students at his alma mater would be so enthusiastic .

It was the first time that he faced such a scene, all the people of the Southern Agricultural University who could come have arrived, the number was probably around ten thousand . The stadium was densely packed with human heads, and their shouts were like landslides and tsunami .

“Everyone, please be quiet?”

Ye Xiaochen took the microphone from the director of the academic affairs office, seeing that the shouting and applause didn’t stop, he immediately said it with the microphone .

His words were useful, the scene gradually calmed down, countless pairs of eyes were staring at Ye Xiaohen with full of excitement .

“Hello everyone, I am Ye Xiaochen, a 07th batch graduate . Today I am back at my alma mater . It is my honor to stand here and give you a lecture . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

His mood gradually calmed down .

After all, he was a person who has seen big scenes, so he was able to adapt quickly .

“Before I start my lecture on plant consciousness, I’m going to show you an experiment to let you have a more intuitive understanding . ”

Ye Xiaochen stopped for a moment and continued .

Shortly, some school staff brought pots of flowers, all were in the budding stage . Within less than a few minutes, Ye Xiaochen was surrounded by various kinds of flower pots .

“If you look at these flower pots, all of them are in the budding stage . Normally, they have their own blooming time . However, in the plant consciousness, I am studying, it can make their nature change and let them bloom ahead of time . ”

Ye Xiaochen holding the microphone said .

All of a sudden, a magical scene appeared, they don’t know what action Ye Xiaochen did, but the flower pots surrounding him started blooming at the same time .

In an instant, the scene turned colorful .

There was an air of silence in the whole stadium and only the sound of gasps could be heard .

They felt like they were watching magic .

However, the issue was it was more mysterious than magic .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t even move his hand, and the flowers bloomed automatically .

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It was extremely mystical .

Many people asked aloud, senior Ye Xiaochen how did you do it?

“As you can see, there are at least dozens of flower buds, but they bloomed at the same time, I haven’t used any magic to make them bloom . I have communicated with the consciousness, to let them actively bloom . This consciousness is plant consciousness . Everything has a spirit and can communicate . When we can solve the barrier of communication, everything becomes simple, it’s just like how we communicate with foreigners, we don’t speak the same language, but we still found a way to communicate . As a result, translations of different languages appeared . In the same manner, a means exists to communicate between different species . This is the basis of my research on plant consciousness . When we can solve the communication barrier, it is no longer difficult to communicate with plants . It is simple as our daily life conversation, hello, have you had your dinner? I had some . The communication between me and these flowers are like these simple conversations . I said to them that there are many alumni of mine who want to see you all bloom together . For these flowers, somebody wants to see them blooming, naturally, they felt happy . In such a natural way the flower buds bloomed… . ”

Ye Xiaochen began to speak eloquently .

Many people felt interesting, it was not profound and simple to understand .

“Senior Ye, may I ask a question?”

A boy suddenly shouted .

“Student, Please ask what question you have . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s hearing was amazing, his eyes looked everywhere and he absolutely didn’t miss anything

If it was changed to other ordinary teachers, it would be difficult to grasp such a large class .

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The boy was very surprised, he didn’t expect senior Ye Xiaochen really heard what he said . He quickly stood up and asked, “Senior Ye, I’ve heard that for learning plant consciousness the person needs to have spirit listening talent, is it true?”

This was the question many people wanted to ask .

There were a lot of rumors about the spirit listening talent on the internet and even things about the five finger spirit listening have been spread .

However, they couldn’t see the magic of these things, there was no effect at all .

Naturally, there was also a rumor that the spirit listening is deceptive and Ye Xiaochen’s so-called plant consciousness is a trick to bluff people .

“I think this student’s question is also everyone’s question . Let me say, the so-called spirit listening talent, is only one aspect, more precisely, it should be planting talent . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and continued, “What is planting talent, to speak in simple terms, it is whether you have the talent to be a farmer . Many people think that to become a farmer should there be a planting talent? Naturally, every industry requires talent . If you want to write a novel, you should have a talent for writing, otherwise, it is impossible to become famous and have food to eat . To become a scientist, you must have talent in this field, otherwise, it will be even hard for you to enter in this field . Athletes, businessmen, and even martial art practitioners, have the corresponding talent . If you don’t have talent, it may be very difficult to achieve success . ”

Many people thought that the talent was really important .

Wasn’t there a famous saying that Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work? Actually, hard work is important, but the talent is more important .

“Senior Ye, how can we know if we have the planting talent?”

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The boy asked curiously .

“First of all, you have to know if you have any interest in planting . If not, then I can be sure that you do not have the talent in this field, because if you don’t have any interest, how can you have the talent?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

“Senior Ye, I am very interested in planting, otherwise, I would have not taken this major . ”

The boy hurriedly said .

Suddenly, many people started saying they were interested .

In this regard, Ye Xiaochen just smiled and said, “a preliminary test can be done to check if one has this talent . This test will not definitely determine whether you have planting talent, but if you fail, it means you absolutely have no planting talent . ”

“First, close your eyes, and then in your mind, imagine a plant you are most familiar with . If you can clearly imagine this plant in your mind, then it means you may have the planting talent . As for those who can’t imagine in your mind, it means that you absolutely do not have this talent . ”

Ye Xiaochen explained the method of the preliminary test and said, “I will open a course on plant consciousness in the university . The classes will be held once every half month . When the time comes, the students that may have planting talent can apply for registration, if there is no talent, then do not sign up . ”

When Ye XIaochen said the test method, immediately many students closed their eyes and began to imagine the plant they were most familiar with .

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