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Chapter 234

The next game could be said one-sided .

“Not playing anymore”

Sister Yu threw the basketball and depressingly said .

“Haha, Sister Yu, we finally defeated you once . ”

The tall young man laughed and said .

“Did you defeat me?”

Sister Yu disdainfully said .

The tall young man was choked, he then laughed and asked Ye Xiaochen, “Big brother, what is your name?”

“My name is Ye Xiaochen, a graduate of the Southern Agricultural University . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

“Wow, so it is senor Ye! My name is Ning Ze, and this is Ji Yuting . ”

The tall young man hurriedly said .

“You said your name is Ye Xiaochen . Why don’t you say you are Ye Xiaochen who is the associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences?”

Ji Yuting looked at Ye Xiaochen and suddenly said .

“Eh! Senor, are you really that Ye Xiaochen?”

Ning Ze was surprised .

Now in the Southern Agricultural University, who doesn’t know Ye Xiaochen’s name?

Now at the moment, this senior claimed to be Ye Xiaochen, was he really the associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences?

No way!

They don’t believe it, because Ye Xiaochen doesn’t look like an academic expert at all .

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose and said with a smile, “It should be the same name, you guys play, I have something to do, so I am leaving first . ”

“Brother Ye, let’s exchange WeChat . ”

Ning Ze hurriedly said .

“Okay . ”

Ye Xiaochen took out his mobile phone and they exchanged the Wechat id .

He also exchanged with Ji Yuting, whose WeChat name was Yu Jie .

(Tn 姐: Jie means older sister)

When Ye Xiaochen went out of the basketball court and headed to Porsche Cayenne, Ning Ze and others in the court looked at him with widened eyes .

“Damn, I didn’t expect that brother Ye not only has good basketball skills but also drives such a good car . He is a total Mr . Perfect(handsome and rich person) . Sister Yu, this is a good opportunity, if you try, maybe you can hook up with him . ”

Ning Ze joked .

“My criteria for the boyfriend is that his basketball skills should be better than mine and he can’t be shorter than me, it doesn’t matter whether he is rich or not . The important thing is that he should be more talented than me,”

Sister Yu calmly said .

Ning Ze and others were speechless .

Taller than You?

The brother Ye seemed to be around 1 . 7 meters, right?

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t know what the Ning Ze and others were talking, otherwise, he would have been speechless knowing that he was despised by women because of height .

Ye Xiaochen parked the car, took out his mobile phone and called He Haijian .

He Haijian got to know that Ye Xiaochen had arrived at the university, so he hurriedly said that he would be coming to pick up Ye Xiaochen .

In the President’s office .

Ye Xiaochen met many leaders of Southern Agricultural University .

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They gave Ye Xiaochen a warm welcome and looked very enthusiastic .

Ye Xiaochen was officially made a visiting professor of the Southern Agricultural University when he accepted the appointment from the president .

Originally, President Li Kaifang wanted to hold a welcome ceremony, but Ye Xiaochen did not want to be too high-profile and directly refused .

He didn’t want the university to prepare, so he directly came to the university .

“Professor Ye, since you are here, why don’t you take a class first?”

President Li Kaifang suddenly proposed the idea .

“Okay . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

Anyway, he has nothing to do today . Since he was already here, he couldn’t just take the letter of appointment and leave .

Li Kaifang and other university leaders were overjoyed and immediately started to prepare .

Not before long, there was an announcement from the university broadcast that associate professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ye Xiaochen has come to university and become a visiting professor of the university . He would be holding a lecture in the auditorium in the afternoon, and the students were welcomed to register .

After the broadcast, the whole campus went into a frenzy .

Shortly, countless students went to register after hearing the news .

On the basketball court .

Ning Ze and others were playing basketball, Ju Yuting had already left .

“Senior Ye Xiaochen has already arrived?”

Ning Ze and others were surprised .

“You say, can that brother Ye be the senior Ye Xiaochen”

Someone suddenly said .

“Well, this, this is possible . The name Ye Xiaochen was the same, it cannot be so coincidental . ”

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Ning Ze’s eyes lit up and immediately said .

“So, we might have played basketball with senior Ye Xiaochen?”

“Haha, great, we also have his WeChat . ”

Ning Ze and others were excited .

“Let’s go, we need to sign up quickly . ”

Nin Ze said hurriedly .

Immediately, the group of students stopped playing basketball and directly went to the registration place .

Ji Yuting was looking for the book in front of a bookshelf and suddenly heard the broadcast .

“Senior Ye Xiaochen has arrived at the university?”

Ji Yuting’s eyes shined .

She admired this famous senior .

At a young age, he became an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Science, and what was even more incredible was he created a new discipline called plant consciousness .

Her goal was to join the Yang city plant consciousness research institute, and study plant consciousness .

Thinking of this, she hurriedly left the library .

“Principal, too many students have registered, the auditorium can not accommodate them . ”

The Director of the academic affairs office, who was responsible for the arrangement of the classroom, quickly reported to the principal .

“Since the auditorium can not be done, then let’s directly use the stadium . ”

Li Kaifang thought for a while and said .

Although the stadium was very big, it would reduce the teaching atmosphere a lot, however, there was no other option .

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One o’clock in the afternoon .

The stadium of the Southern Agricultural University was overcrowded .

Countless students have come .

For this reason, the leading teachers of each department had to organize the student to sit in various areas, to avoid chaos .

Due to a large number of people, the seats of the stadium were all occupied, and many had to stand .

There was a lot of noise in the big stadium .

A platform was already arranged to let Ye Xaiaochen take the lecture .

Near the rostrum, the leader and the teachers of the university were sitting .

Two o clock sharp .

The director of the academic affairs office, holding the microphone said loudly, “Dear students, teachers, and leaders, let us now give warm applause and welcome Ye Xiaochen, the associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 07th batch alumni . He is going to give a lecture on the new discipline of plant consciousness . ”

Suddenly, countless eyes fell in one direction, there was a straight figure coming over, and stepped the platform .

With the emergence of this figure, immediately there was warm applause .

At the same time, many students shouted,  “Ye Xiaochen, Ye Xiaochen…”

In the crowd, Ning Ze and his companions saw the familiar face and froze for a moment, and immediately revealed happiness . They frantically shouted and looked very excited .

They couldn’t help but get excited, because they played basketball with Ye Xiaochen .

On the other side, sitting among the crowd of girls, on the delicate face of Ji Yuting there was an expression of shock, and couldn’t help cover her mouth, as if afraid to scream .

“How could it be him?”

Ji Yuting murmured .

The other girls sitting next to her screamed as if the fans were seeing their idols .

For the students of the Southern agricultural university, Ye Xiaochen has really become an idol in their hearts .

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