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Chapter 233

Southern Agricultural University .

Compared with those hundred-year-old universities, this was a relatively young university and its sense of historical weight was much thinner .

However, the greenery of the campus was very good .

Clean streets, neat ornamental trees, and a crowd of students; there was a strong academic atmosphere .

“Did you hear? Ye Xiaochen of the 07th batch is going to be a visiting professor . Do you think it’s true?”

“It’s true, I heard that the timing has been fixed . ”

“I am really looking forward to it . Senior Ye is the most talented graduate from our university . He is the associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the youngest associate professor in the history of the Chinese Academy of Sciences!”

“Well, Ye Xiaochen is not much older than us and he is already an associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . It’s really amazing . ”

“It is said that during university time Ye Xiaochen was not an outstanding student . ”

“What do you mean not outstanding? That is called being low-key!”

“It seems that the university is going to open a course on plant consciousness . When it happens, I am definitely going to join it . ”

“It is not that easy . I heard that if you want to study plant consciousness, you need to have something called spirit listening talent . ”

“Plant consciousness is now considered as the future of botany . If we can learn this knowledge, it would be very beneficial for us . ”

“I’ve also heard that this spirit listening talent is very mysterious, and it seems that many botanist experts don’t have this talent . ”

……………… . .

It is not known when the topic of Ye Xiaochen coming to university as a visiting professor began to spread .

At the end of the day, it got worse and worse, and almost all the students got to know about it .

Many students were looking forward to the visit .

They admired their senior Ye Xiaochen very much, he was the top talent from their university!

They all felt proud in their hearts . Who said that the Southern Agricultural university could not produce talents?

At the beginning many people were skeptical about the news, after all, there was no official confirmation and maybe it was just a rumor .

However, when students found that some staff members had started to pull up banners at the school’s gate, in which it was written, “welcome Professor Ye Xiaochen, alumni of 07th batch . ”

Immediately, the rumor that Ye Xiaochen was coming as a visiting professor was confirmed .

The news media also mentioned this matter, which really increased the face of the Southern Agricultural university .

Today, Ye Xiaochen drove to Southern Agricultural university, he saw the conspicuous banner at the entrance, and his face revealed a smile . He did not expect one day he would receive such a high treatment when returned to his alma mater .

In the beginning, he was just a very ordinary graduate of Southern Agricultural university .

He drove in .

Although it has been a few years since he graduated, the environment inside hasn’t changed much .

It was almost the same as in his memory .

This gave him a feeling of nostalgia, and he remembered life during his university days .

Passing by a basketball court, he could see many students sweating like rain .

He stopped the car, got out of the car, and walked to the basketball court .

It’s been a long time since he played basketball .

In the past, when he was in university, he would play basketball on weekends . Although his skills were not good, he liked playing .

Suddenly, a basketball flew towards a girl who was reading a book near the court .

“Sister Yu, stop reading and play a game with us . ”

A tall young man in a basketball dress laughed and said .

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His strong muscles could be clearly seen in the sun .

“Your skills are not good, so it would be boring . ”

The girl caught the basketball in one hand and raised her head, revealing a bright face . She has a nice and very delicate face .

“Old rules, what do you say?”

Said the young man .

“That’s what you said . ”

The girl stood up .

Ye Xiaochen was surprised to find that the girl was not short and extremely tall, at least more than 1 . 75m .

She took off her clothes, and inside she was wearing the basketball suit .

She entered the court with a basketball in one hand .

In the next game, Ye Xiaochen saw her skills .

Although she was a girl, her speed and skills were extremely good . Even though her opponent has the advantage of height and body, he was beaten by her .

Her jumping ability was amazing .

Ye Xiaochen was surprised to see, such a campus beauty could still be a basketball master, it is really hard to judge!

Suddenly, he used the talent eye and looked at the people on the court .

When he saw the girl, he was stunned and a little surprised, because the girl’s planting talent was very good, her talent had reached yellow grade seventh level .

It was the same level as the Academician Yang .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but smile . Originally, he thought that since the girl’s basketball skills were high, she had strong sports talent, but he didn’t expect that her real talent was planting talent .


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When the tall man was about to throw the ball to the basket, the girl jumped and deflected it .

The basketball flew high and went towards Ye Xiaochen’s position .


Ye Xiaochen grabbed the basketball with one hand, and his eyes fell on the basketball backboard . With a slight throw, the basketball flew out and fell into the basket with extreme accuracy .

The people who were playing were stunned .

Such a long-distance had already exceeded the three-point line, and it was thrown with one hand if it was not due to luck then it shows that the skills were very good .

The tall young man’s eyes lit up, he quickly ran over and said, “big brother, do you want to play a match?”

“Haha, it’s been a long time since I played . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

“Your shooting skills don’t look like someone who hasn’t played for a long time . Let’s play a match . ”

The tall young man rubbed his hands and was looking forward to it .

“Chaozi, take a break first . ”, he said to his companion .

The companion nodded and walked out of the court .

Ye Xiaochen, seeing this, could only agree and immediately walked into the court .

In fact, the reason why he agreed to play basketball mainly because he was interested in the girl Yu, with such a high planting talent, she could be recruited into the research institute .

At the beginning of the game, sister Yu used her speed as an advantage to take the ball successfully, and then directly made a three-point shot, it seemed as if she was challenging Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing .

Although his skill was average, his physical quality was extremely good .

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He was at the initial foundation stage, and his body speed already crossed the human realm . His reaction speed, strength, jumping ability, and others were better than ordinary humans, even those abnormal NBA players couldn’t compete with him .

As soon as the ball fell into his hands, he broke through quickly with speed .

The girl Yu’s reaction was also fast, she went to intercept, but he passed by her in a flash .

When She reacted, Ye Xiaochen already made a layup .

The sister Yu was surprised, so fast?

She then took the ball .

Her dribbling skills were quick and changed very fast, which could let humans dazzle, she already broke through .

Seeing the sister Yu was about to arrive under the backboard, Ye Xiaochen appeared in front of her .

Sister Yu’s eyes revealed a strong sense of war, she tried to rush through right, then left but every time Ye Xiaochen would intercept her .

She used several tactics, but couldn’t get rid of Ye Xiaochen and finally did a layup .

Speaking of which, Ye Xiaochen was only 1 . 7 m tall, and sister Yu was taller than him .

Also, sister Yu’s jumping ability was very strong .

Unfortunately, she met Ye Xiaochen .


A block .

The basketball flew out and landed in the hands of the tall young man .

Sister Yu was stunned .

Ye Xiaochen’s backward jump could actually block her basketball throw, this reaction speed and jumping power is too frightening, right?

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