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Chapter 232

Yang city plant consciousness research institute .

As soon as Ye Xiaochen entered the area, he looked at all the researchers with the talent eye .

Sure enough, as long as the person has spirit listening talent, they also had planting talent .

Naturally, there were high and low-level planting talents .

Most of them had yellow grades with levels one to five, and only a few people have reached level six or seven .

As for level eight and above, there was no one, let alone the black grade .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but release a sigh, it was really rare for a talent to reach black grade .

There are a lot of people on earth who might have planting talent, but probably most of them would be yellow grade .

As for the black grade, even if there were any, it was certainly in a small number .

As for the Shennong talent like Ye Xiaochen, it was only born under extraordinary circumstances .

For several days in a row, Ye Xiaochen especially took his car to the street and went places with a lot of people, then used his talent eye to check the planting talent of the people .

Unfortunately, he hasn’t met any .

He has to say, the planting talent was really rare!

It was no wonder the people from the institute were elites selected from hundreds of millions of people .

Today, just when Ye Xiaochen came out of the research institute, he suddenly received a call from Wang Yuandong .

After the experts’ group visit, the relationship between the two has eased a lot .

Of course, Wang Yuandong would never take initiative calls, except accidentally .

“Yuandong, today the sun seems to rise from the west . Why did you call me?”

Ye Xiaochen pressed the answer key and said with a smile .

Wang Yuandong on the other side almost vomited blood, it was like an elder talking to a junior .

However, he got completely depressed when he thought of Ye Xiaochen’s relation with his aunt .

“Ye, brother Ye, there is something I want to tell you . ”

Wang Yuandong hesitated a little and finally called him brother Ye .

If it was in the past, he would have never called him that .

However, now Ye Xiaochen’s achievements have gone far beyond him and directly made him look up to him .

He has lost all the desire for comparison .

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

“Do you still remember teacher He, our former counselor at Agricultural university?”

Wang Yuandong asked .

“Yes, what happened?”

Ye Xiaochen was a little stunned .

“Yesterday,  Mr . He contacted me, since you graduated from Agricultural university it has become your alma mater, so he hoped that you can go back to university as a visiting professor . You don’t need to do anything, just mostly need to put your name . ”

Wang Yuandong said .

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He sighed in his heart, although the agricultural university was a second-tier university, it was still a great honor to become a visiting professor of it .

If he wants to achieve such an achievement, he doesn’t know how long it would take to make it possible .

In fact, Agricultural University for a long time had this idea, after all, Ye Xiaochen was a graduate of the Agricultural University which was an extremely glorious thing for the university, after all, it was an achievement of cultivating such a student .

Now there is no student of Agricultural university who doesn’t know that there was a senior who has graduated and became the associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . Currently, Ye Xiaochen has become the idol of the students of the agricultural university .

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a bit and suddenly understood the matter .

Now that he has become very famous, the southern agricultural university hopes to publicize its old graduate .

It was a tradition among many universities .

This was not a bad thing, he has graduated from the Agricultural University, if he could help his alma mater, he was quite willing .

Immediately, he set an appointment with Wang Yuandong .

The next day, at Yang city branch immortal spring restaurant, Ye Xiaochen met his former counselor He Haijian .

In addition, there were two more university members, one was vice president, and the other was the director of the academic affairs office .

He Haijian was a tall, handsome middle-aged man .

When he was at school, it was said that there were girls who liked him secretly and made some trouble .

“Teacher He, it’s been a long time . ”

Ye Xiaochen greeted He Haijian .

He Haijain saw the extraordinary temperament of Ye Xiaochen and his heart was filled with emotion .

He did not have any deep impression of Ye Xiaochen, because he was very low-key in class, introverted and did not like to talk much . His sense of existence was too low .

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If he didn’t get news about him from school leaders, it was afraid that he would have never remembered Ye Xiaochen .

He couldn’t really relate the present Ye Xiaochen to the former low-key and the introverted student .

Things always change!

Talking about old matters made the atmosphere more relaxed .

“Mr . Ye, we had a discussion at our university . We hope you to be the visiting professor . There is no restriction, it is just showing name, if possible, you can open a class on plant consciousness . It is up to you if it is a full class or half class, as long as you nod, it would be settled . Now it’s up to your decision . ”

The speaker was vice president Hu

Southern province agricultural university was a common undergraduate school, so its position in the provincial education circle was not very outstanding .

Even this time, the cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the scientific research community of the Southern province did not benefit the Agricultural university much . The two universities that benefited were Nanjing university and Xiangtan University .

However, Ye Xiaochen graduated from Agricultural university, this was an opportunity from heaven . If Ye XIaochen could become a visiting professor and even open a course in plant consciousness, it would be of great significance .

According to the Agricultural university’s senior management plan, it was to open a department devoted to the study of plant consciousness .

Ye Xiaochen saw He Haijian and other people’s expectant eyes, then he pondered for a moment .

Originally, his goal was to set a specialized college on plant consciousness when the discipline system of the plant consciousness was perfected to a certain extent and cultivate planting talent .

Now, it seems that this plan could be changed . First, let’s cooperate with the Agricultural University to set up a course on plant consciousness .

Moreover, he believes that there should be students with planting talent at the university .

After all, most majors in the agricultural university were related to agriculture and planting .

“Haha, this is a good thing and also would be my honor . I don’t have any opinion . ”

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Ye Xiaochen laughed .

He Haijian and others were immediately surprised .

They thought it would take some words and efforts, but Ye Xiaochen agreed so easily .

They were genuinely happy .

Ye Xiaochen made an appointment with them that he would visit the Southern Agricultural university .

It was time for dinner .

It was the first time for them to taste the vegetarian food of the immortal spring restaurant . The food was so delicious that they almost swallowed their tongue .

“It is so delicious . It’s just vegetarian food but so delicious . I thought the fame of the immortal spring restaurant was exaggerated . The food is delicious, but unfortunately, the food here is too expensive . ”

He Haijian looked at the empty dishes and felt that it was not enough .

Every dish left him with a lasting impression on him .

He Haijian couldn’t help sighing .

The food here was very expensive . If it wasn’t for Ye Xiaochen’s treat, he would have never been able to come to such an expensive place for a meal .

“Mr . He, if you really want to eat here, you can just call brother Ye in the future . He is the boss of the immortal spring restaurant . ”

Wang Yuandong laughed .

He really liked the food of the immortal spring restaurant . Every time, he came to yang city, he would come here and have a big meal .

He Haijian and the other two were in shock, Ye Xiaochen was still the boss of the immortal spring restaurant .

It seems that Ye Xiaochen was not only a big player in the botany industry, he also had the strong ability to make money!

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