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Chapter 224

The snow melted, the sun shined brightly but the weather was still cold .

Today was a good day .

And today was going to be new house roof setting feast

This was the custom of building houses in the countryside .

Friends, relatives, neighbors would be present to congratulate .

After the beams were placed on the roof, the firecrackers would be set off with sugar candy .

Whether it was children or adults, all would rush to get it .

Originally, Ye Xiaochen didn’t plan to make it big, just family relatives, few friends, and some villagers, which would be no more than ten tables .

Today happened to be Sunday, many young people would go for temporary work .

A lot of family relatives were also outside .

However, who thought that this time’s feast, all the family relatives said they would come to participate .

Ye Xiaochen naturally couldn’t deny them, so it became a big party, at most he would get a little busy .

Adding family relatives and villagers, it would be more than thirty tables .

Ye family had a lot of relatives, there were five brothers and three sisters on father’s side, while the mother’s side had a little less, there were still three brothers and two sisters .

This was only the closest relatives, there were also other relatives, such as his father’s cousin!

It was the same with her mother .

Even his aunt’s husband and their children were also coming .

This would add more than thirty tables .

The list doesn’t finish here, as Ye Xiaochen’s some business partners would be also attending .

Although he didn’t invite them, he doesn’t know where they got the news . They congratulated him and said they would definitely be coming on the day of the feast .

So, now it was around 35 tables .

For the safe side, it was better to prepare 40 tables . If there were too many people and not enough food, won’t it become a joke?

Ye Xiaochen was speechless .  Isn’t this just an ordinary feast? Is it necessary to make it so lively?

Ye Xiaochen had no choice but to become busy .

In fact, he doesn’t have to do anything .

Because the feast has been outsourced .

At nine o’clock the guest started coming .

Ye Ying carried a bag and was receiving red envelopes .

When you receive a red envelope, you have to return a red envelope .

This time’s returning red envelope amount was ordinary, around ten to twenty yuan .

As there were so many people, his sister rarely stopped .

As time went on, Ye Xiaochen’s business partners started coming in their cars .

Ye Xiaochen had to go up and receive them in person .

Li Jiaren, Liu Fusheng, Xu Jiao, Master Lin and others .

There were also some leaders of counties and cities .

Wang Shusiheng’s family also came .

Fang Yuan and Huang Qiqi were also present .

Even many people from the institute came .

He doesn’t know how they got the news .

Zeng Hongye sent a secretary .

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It was eleven o clock, the inside and outside house were bustling with people, and the total number of tables were more than 35 .

Crackle… .

On the eave of the new house, a sealed firecracker was hung, after ignition, a loud explosion suddenly sounded .

All the voices were covered by the sound of the firecrackers .

Shortly, different kinds of sugar candy fell from the roof like rain .

A lot of people rushed to take it .

The scene was very lively .

At noon, inside and outside of the new house was filled with tables and chairs, the tables were present even in the old house .

Thirty-eight tables .

This was definitely a large scale feast .

It was lively until three o’clock, after that the guest started leaving . Ye Xiaochen saw off the last group of guests .

Only some close relatives were there at home .

Wang Xinyi also went back with Wang Shuisheng .

“Xioachen, come and have a drink with us . ”

“Xiaochen, now you are a big celebratory, the pride of our Ye family . Brother toasts to you . “

“Let’s have a good drink today . Until you get drunk, we won’t go back . ”

At the wine table, Ye Xiaochen’s various cousins were there, most of them were married .

It was hard to meet them together like today .

“All right, let’s drink . ”

Ye Xiaochen sat down on the chair with a smile .

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After an hour later, Ye Xiaochen finished the last glass of wine, he saw that nobody could stand up, and smiled .

Really an invincible drinker!

Evening .

The noises were gone .

All the tables and chairs have been removed .

The floor was swept clean .

Ye Xiacohen’s family was registering and counting red envelopes .

Ye Ying was holding a pen and a notebook and carefully noted down the gift money .

Now, people eating at a feast would generally give 100 yuan, if they have good relations, they might give 200 yuan, if it was a family relative, then three to four hundred yuan was normal .

“Wow, there’s a lot!”

Ye Ying opened a big red envelope, there was a full stack of notes, it was around 5000 yuan .

The business partners gave a lot .

The next few red envelopes contained three to five thousand yuan .

The highest one was of Wang Shuisheng, which had 10,000 yuan .

It took a few hours to calculate and register all the red envelopes .

Adding all the gift money, it reached around 100,000 yuan .

It doesn’t seem like much, but actually, it was a lot .

Under normal circumstances, in Ye Xiaochen’s family feast it was already good to reach the gift money 8000-9000 yuan .

Now it was ten times .

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Of course, 100,000 yuan was not much for the current Ye Xiaochen .

Now that the immortal spring restaurant branch has been opened in Yang city, his monthly dividend has increased a lot, it was not a problem to earn seven to eight million per month .

“Son, so many people came to the feast, many of them are your friends, so you have to give them a gift . Your father and I will take care of our relatives and villagers . ”

Mother reminded him .

She was afraid that his son would forget and lose the courtesy .

Courtesy calls for reciprocity . Now that someone has attended his feast, it was natural that he should attend any happy event later when that person hosts .

“Mother, don’t worry, I’ll remember it . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

In the past, due to a lack of friends, he would rarely attend any banquets .

He really needs to pay attention to this aspect .

“Brother, here are all the records of your friend’s money, take it . ”

Ye Ying handed Ye Xiaochen a notebook .

Ye Xiaochen nodded and took the notebook, he saw that father and mother went to sleep, then suddenly he smiled and said, “Didn’t Guo Moyun also give a red envelope, why didn’t you write it down?”

Ye Ying blushed and said, “What is there to write, any way you don’t need to care about it . ”

“All right, I won’t care about it . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“Here is the money . ”

Ye Ying handed the paper bag with money to Ye Xiaochen .

“You take and use it . ”

Ye Xiaochen waved his hand and walked out with the notebook .

When Ye Ying saw the paper bag in her hand, she was stunned for a moment, and then she put it in her bag .

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