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Chapter 223

In less than three minutes, one immortal land was completely plowed .

It was neat .

Every piece of the broken soil seems to be measured and was of the same size .

The surface of the immortal land was smooth without any ups and downs .


Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, this was the power of immortal Qiu!

If he was asked to plow, he couldn’t achieve this effect .

Moreover, he knew that while plowing, it would also secrete a kind of liquid in the soil, which could increase the fertility of the immortal soil .

It didn’t take long for the second immortal land to be plowed completely .

The immortal Qiu came out and returned to its container .

“Ah, it is really a treasure!”

Ye Xiaochen was very satisfied .

With this immortal Qiu, even if there were more immortal lands, he was not afraid .

As long as there were enough helpers, even planting more immortal plants would not be much difficult .

He just needs to master the general direction and details of the planting process .

For plowing immortal lands, there was immortal Qiu .

For sowing and harvesting, there were bean soldiers .

For the pollination, there were pollination bees .

The next day, Ye Xiaochen took Wang Xinyi and visited the farm .

Mother and father were very happy to know that Wang Xinyi’s ear illness has improved a lot and could communicate normally .

After this period, they understood that the relationship between their son and wang Xinyi was unusual .

Previously, although they liked Wang Xinyi, they were a little regretful .

After all, Wang Xinyi was deaf and couldn’t speak, if she married Ye Xiaochen there would be a lot of inconvenience in her life .

Relatives at the village would also discuss it behind their back .

Therefore, they haven’t told their relatives about it .

However, now it was different, Wang Xinyi could hear and speak . Although there was some stiffness in her tone and also required hearing aids, it was much better than before .

In their hearts, they have immediately taken Wang Xinyi as their daughter-in-law .

Wang Xinyi was a little uncomfortable, but in her heart, she was still happy .

The ear illness was gone .

The inferiority complex in her heart also disappeared

They went back to Yang city .

The soft flute sound was echoing .

Ye Xiaochen was playing the flute, Wang Xinyi wanted to record Ye Xiaochen’s flute music .

She said she liked Ye Xiaochen’s flute music very much, so he accompanied her to record it in a professional recording studio .

While he was recording, the people in the whole studio were deeply attracted, they were so intoxicated that they even forgot to record the flute sound .

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Finally, Ye Xiaochen had to play the flute again .

When they left the people in the studio looked at him with admiring eyes, and even the two female staff members wanted to get the autograph of Ye Xiaochen .

Helplessly, Ye Xiaochen could only fulfill their wish .

The recording flute music still has the strange effect of touching the soul, but it was not as obvious as while playing the real flute music .

People who have heard the music were very immersed in it .

When the car was waiting at the traffic light, the soft flute sound spread from the car .

The world seems to be still .

The sounds of horns disappeared .

All the noise seemed to disappear .

Everyone seemed to be immersed in the music of the flute .

Fortunately, the music of the flute did not reach the level of hypnosis, otherwise, he was afraid something might have happened .

When Ye Xiaochen’s car left, the flute music disappeared and everyone who was still reminiscing about the wonderful flute sound looked for the source of the flute music .

…………………………………………… .

The weather has changed .

There was heavy snowfall .

This was the first snow since the beginning of winter .

At Earth Shennong farm .

In a high-tech greenhouse .

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Compared with Ye Xiaochen’s farm shed, this greenhouse was different, it was like the difference between a country brick house and a city’s high rise buildings .

The area of the greenhouse was around four to five thousand square meters .

Inside the greenhouse, it was warm like spring, there was no freezing cold like outside .

He saw rape seedlings growing abundantly .

It was extremely lush .

It was only half a month but seemed like it was two months old .

These were the super rape seedlings cultivated by Ye Xiaochen for the Yang city .

Originally, another big company was responsible for the rapeseed industrialization plan in Yang city, but for various reasons, the company was not willing to do it .

Finally, it was taken over by the Earth Shennong company, and it has returned to Ye Xiaochen’s hand .

This was an experimental batch, it was mainly to see the planting and harvest situation . Once all aspects of it were good, then the rapeseed would be put in the market .

Ye XIaochen was extremely confident about the seeds he had cultivated .

Not to mention the growth time, just the yield output was at least two times higher than the original local rapeseed, and even those high yield genetically modified rapeseeds couldn’t compare against it .

The rapeseed cultivated by Ye Xiaochen was not the method of artificial gene selection, but the result of natural selection, which was more adaptive and harmless .

“Haha, these experimental rapeseeds are growing very nicely, only in a half month they have grown so fast!”

At the moment, in the aisle outside the test field, a large crowd was standing .

Standing at the forefront were Zeng Hongye, Wang Shusiheng, Ye Xiaochen, and other leaders of the municipal party committee and local government .

They came here to inspect the Earth Shennong farm .

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Naturally, this experimental rapeseed field was their top priority .

“Secretary Zeng, this is the characteristic of the plant I cultivated . The growth time is half of the ordinary seed . As for the matter of the yield, it is at least double, and so the oil production will be also higher . There are no side effects, unlike genetically modified crops . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled confidently .

“Is this rapeseed also cultivated using the application of plant consciousness?”

Zeng Hongye asked curiously .

“Yes, normally, in the genetically modified crops the genes are selected through artificial methods and don’t take into account the principle that everything in the world has Yin and yang balance . The plant consciousness technology I use directly starts from the essence and through the influence of the plant consciousness, lets the plant consciousness regulate itself and adapt to the environment, so it can improve the yield, growth time, quality, and other aspects . If genetically modified technology achieves its goal through external force strengthening, then my plant consciousness technology belongs to self-evolution, natural selection, the survival of the fittest . And only the natural selection…”

Ye Xiaochen explained .

All the leaders present showed a deep look and all showed expression of approval .

They couldn’t help, this kind of professional terms was very high for them .

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen was a top expert in this field, who dares to refuse?

So like this, on the Yang city news of that day, there was mention of the leaders of the municipal party committee and other leaders visiting Earth Shennong farm .

The highlight was put on the super rapeseeds cultivated by Ye Xiaochen with the latest plant consciousness research technology .

This was the propaganda strategy of the Earth Shennong farm, which was to start directly with the government media .

It was much more powerful than commercial advertising .

With Wang Shusiheng’s influence in Yang city and coupled with Ye Xiaochen’s status of the associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Yang city plant consciousness research institute, the Earth Shennong farm has already entered the ranks of the most important enterprise of Yang city .

As the saying goes, under a big tree the shade is plentiful!

The Earth Shennong farm has such conditions .

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