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Chapter 222

Wang Xinyi could hear .

When Wang Shuisheng and Chu Qingqing got to know about it, they were shocked .

At first, they didn’t believe it, but when Wang Xinyi repeated the same words they said in a stiff voice, they finally believed it .

Wang Shuisheng was so emotionally moved that tears kept falling and he embraced his sister .

When they learned the reason that Wang Xinyi was suddenly able to hear sounds because Ye Xiaochen had given Wang Xinyi a medicine, they were shocked .

It was actually Ye Xiaochen who cured Wang Xinyi .

“Xiaochen, how did you do it?”

“Brother Wang, this is a secret medicine which I found accidentally . However, most of the medicinal herbs in the secret recipe cannot be found . So, I used my own planting technology to grow herbs with the corresponding properties . At first, I wasn’t fully confident, but now it seems that I have succeeded . ”

Ye Xiaochen had naturally prepared a reason long ago .

“Xiaochen, thank you very much, I really don’t know how to thank you properly . ”

Wang Shusiheng held Ye Xiaochen’s hand, his tone was filled with excited emotion, and this emotion was stronger than when Ye Xiaochen rescued him from bankruptcy .

“Brother Wang, this is what I should do, but Xinyi’s hearing still hasn’t reached the normal standard . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Wang Shuisheng looked at Ye Xiaochen and felt great relief .

He felt that Ye XIaochen was really the lucky star for their Wang family!

First, he saved his son, then next he rescued him from the brink of bankruptcy and now he has cured his sister’s ear illness .

This kindness was something he couldn’t repay for the rest of his life .

However, when he thought of the relationship between Ye Xiaochen and his sister, he felt relieved, anyway, they were going to be a family .

After lunch, Ye Xiaochen went out with Wang Xinyi .

Due to her ear illness, Wang Xinyi would rarely go out .

After all, it was very inconvenient and was easy to have an accident .

However, it was different now .

She now even has a hearing aid, which allows her hearing to reach a normal person’s hearing level .

Ye Xiaochen was talking to Wang Xinyi while driving .

Since she has never spoken, Wang Xinyi’s speaking was still in the learning stage .

So when she talks, she stops sometimes and her voice would be blunt .

From time to time, Ye Xiaochen would correct her pronunciation .

It might be because she has never spoken before, Wang Xinyi seems to have become a chatterbox, almost not stopping .

Ye Xiaochen was not impatient and listened to her .

He went to the Earth Shennong farm with Wang Xinyi and visited various places inside it .

He also took her to the Yang city plant consciousness research institute .

The researchers saw that the director had brought a girl, and immediately understood that she should be the director’s girlfriend, all of them revealed an understanding look .

The next day, Ye Xiaochen took Wang Xinyi to different places around Yang city .

After dropping her back home, Ye Xiaochen said he would take her to his home tomorrow .

Wang Xinyi nodded gently, suddenly very silently she kissed Ye Xiaochen on his cheek, then she chuckled happily and ran into her room .

Ye Xiaochen was stunned and touched the place that Wang Xinyi had kissed .

He knew that Wang Xinyi had completely accepted him .

Although there was no confession, no oath of eternal love, the two hearts were in tacit understanding and depended on each other .

“Haha, it’s a good feeling . ”

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Ye Xiaochen suddenly smiled .

………………………… . .

On the farm .

Ye Xiaochen was asking Lao-Tze about Qiyuan medicine through the Shennong system .

“The reason for this situation is that when several kinds of medicinal materials are mixed and boiled, they do not fully integrate and utilize their medicinal properties . Generally speaking, the material you have boiled does not have immortal spirit qi . Without the immortal spirit qi, the integration of medicinal properties becomes much more difficult . ”

Taoist Lao-Tze replied .

“Senior, is there any other way?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

“Actually, it is very simple to solve this problem, that is, to use medicinal materials containing divinity . You are a Shennong, and the medicinal plants you grow have inherent divinity . This divine nature has a strong fusion effect, which is enough to bring full medical properties of the medicinal materials . ”

Taoist Lao-Tze replied again .

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up, just need to use immortal plants with divine characteristics?

This certainly has given him hope .

Since the medicinal herbs purchased from the Store had no divine characteristic, he could grow the plants by himself!

The immortal wind medicinal herb, ruler grass, dandelion spirit, he could plant all this by himself .

It doesn’t matter if it takes a long time .

Anyway, now with the help of hearing aid Wang Xinyi could act like a normal person .

He was not in a hurry now .

Moreover, it was not easy to plant black grade immortal plants like dandelion spirit .

After paying the immortal yuan, Ye Xiaochen closed the chat window with Taoist Lao-Tze and then opened the Store .

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He was looking for the seeds of ruler grass .

Ruler grass was a yellow grade eight rank immortal plant, one seed was worth twenty-one yuan .

However, the dandelion spirit was special .

It grows on a vine called dandelion spirit vine . It was said that a hundred dandelion spirits could grow on one immortal dandelion vine .

It was just the growth cycle was very long, and could take years .

In fact, the growth cycle of the black grade immortal plants was basically more than a year .

If it was a prefecture-level immortal plant, it would be a hundred years .

As for the heaven grade immortal plant, haha…

Therefore, if he wants to plant the dandelion spirit plant, he must buy the dandelion spirit vine seed .

That was very expensive .

One seed cost was 385 yuan .

If the dandelion immortal vine seed could produce low-grade dandelion spirit seed, then from one dandelion immortal vine at least a million immortal yuan could be earned .

The problem was the dandelion spirit could not reach the lower grade and the inferior grade dandelion spirit was not very valuable, it was estimated that each could be sold for a dozen immortal yuan .

That was to say, he could earn at most ten to twenty thousand immortal yuan at most .

Compared with the growth time and the cultivation difficulty of dandelion spirits, such income was absolutely not worth it .

Because if it was changed to an ordinary yellow grade immortal plant, under the same conditions and time, he could certainly earn more .

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t care much about it, it doesn’t matter if he could not cultivate lower grade dandelion spirit seeds, because he planted the dandelion spirit plant to treat Wang Xinyi’s ear illness .

As for the immortal yuans he could earn, it was just an additional point .

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen directly purchased ten seeds of immortal wind medicinal herb, ten seeds of ruler grass, and one seed of dandelion spirit vine .

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When Ye Xiaochen saw that he had several thousand immortal yuan, he immediately bought two more second-level immortal land, one second-level immortal spring, and immortal fertilizers .

The dandelion spirit vine was an immortal plant with wind attribute property, though it has the spirit changing characteristics, Ye Xiaochen bought a package of immortal fertilizer with wind attribute, as he doesn’t want it to grow slowly .

He also bought different types of other immortal fertilizer .

In this way, in Ye Xiaochen’s account, he had less than 2000 immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen first soaked the several immortal seeds in the immortal seed promoting liquid, and then placed the immortal lands and immortal spring .

He went to the two settled immortal land and was ready to plow it once .

Of course, there was no need for him to plow with the immortal hoe .

The efficiency was very low for that and the effect was not very good .

After the previous immortal plants harvest, he has purchased an adult immortal Qiu for plowing .

From the storage space, he quickly took out a strange vessel .

This was a special container for the immortal Qiu .

It cost him more than 100 immortal yuan .

He pointed his finger towards the vessel, then suddenly the light bloomed above the vessel, and a hole was opened .

He placed the vessel on the ground, and immediately finger thick sized an earthworm-like creature crawled out .

The whole body was pale yellow .

It was a foot long .

As soon as the worm-like creature touched the immortal land, it made a hole and drilled in .

Suddenly, an amazing scene appeared, on the immortal land where the immortal Qiu drilled began to fluctuate up and down as if it was a wave of water .

Immediately, after, the original hard immortal land split, and directly turned into the fine sand .

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