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Ye Xiaochen who was eating, suddenly got shocked.

At his present age, in the countryside, he should has gone to a matchmaking date,get married and then settle down long ago.

But he had attended university, naturally, his marriage issue was postponed and moreover the conditions in the family were not good. After graduation, the work also didn’t​ go smoothly, nobody was willing to act as a matchmaker for him.

Now his aunt is willing to be a matchmaker on her own, it can only be explain as a problem, she supposedly knows that the farm is on the right track and is starting to earn money.

This is really a problem.

Ye Xiaochen couldn't help but look at her mother, he sighed darkly in his heart, it seems like his mother is not worried about his marriage.

If there was no Shennong System and before he had not met Wang Xinyi, he might have considered it, after all this is a life important matter.

But now, he couldn't help but hesitate.

However this is the good intention of his aunt, he cannot reject it directly, it will not look good. Looking at the situation, it is estimated that his mother also did not want to talk about this thing with his aunt.

" Okay."

Ye Xiaochen thought for a moment and then noded.

Seeing once is also good, perhaps the other side might not like himself.

With the cheat, Ye Xiaochen is very confident, he will be able to reach the pinnacle of life and get married to a beauty.

Returned to farm shed.

The weather is really very hot!

Even if the fan is running the whole time, it wasn't reducing the heat.

He thought of a way, taking the ice cubes from the refrigerator, he put them under the blowing fan, soon the sultry shed became a little cool.

Next, Ye Xiaochen began the preparation to configure the agent.

First is fire, there is little requirement, just that the fire should be large enough and must be continuous, so Ye Xiaochen chose the gas burner, the gas burner is generally used in a hotel dining room,the fire is strong enough but when Ye Xiaochen purchase it, he made some changes to the gas burner.

Ye Xiaochen put the boiler on the gas burner, it fits correctly.

The gas stove was turned on and a blue flame burst out all of a sudden, releasing high temperature.

The shed become more humid.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen's eyes revealed a surprising colour, on the surface, the singular lines on the exterior of the boiler seems to lit up, turning into dark red, like numerous and dense network.

But the color of the shell itself did not change.

There are three special parts on the boiler. One which is the surface, there is a very special pattern, it can absorb the external flame and evenly distribute the heat in  between the gap of the liner and the shell, what is more strange is that, the shell doesn't seems to have any temperature, Ye Xiaochen turned off the gas burner and touched the shell with his hand, it is definitely not hot.

The second is the gap between the shell and the liner.

This is a real flame energy space, the external energy of the flames are all stored here, you can maintain a relatively stable temperature, there will not be too much energy differences.

Third is the liner itself, it was used for baking internally, there will not exist any problem of burning raw materials, as what principle it used, Ye Xiaochen does not know. Anyway, it is so magical.

Ye Xiaochen took out the box, which are the materials that need to be baked inside,then covered them with a transparent glass lid.

Through the glass cover, you can see the raw material inside. With the speed visible to the naked eye, they are withering,cracked and eventually are turned into bright yellow powder, obviously, this is the result of extreme internal pressure.

Seeing this he knows that the curing of the raw materials have ended, he immediately pressed a button on top of the glass cover, then, a jet pressure is released. The powder under the guidance of the compressed air, were directly sucked into the storage box under the button directly.

Ye Xiaochen removed the lid and took down the storage box, he saw that the bright yellow powder is turned into a small yellow solid lump, it is very hard, this is obviously due to compression.

He put the yellow solid lump into the box, he needs to urgently bake the second set of materials, even if it is a hard buffalo horn, it has turned into powder by the boiler and finally compressed into solid.

Next baking process will not be so simple.

After the baking was completed, next is to dissolve, such as the mantis body fluids, it must be dissolved to deal with certain materials.

There are a number of minerals that needed to be smelt to get rid of impurities.

When most of the processing have been finished, it was already evening.

After Ye Xiaochen had dinner, he continued overnight.

When all the things were completely processed, Ye Xiaochen knows that it is now the last step, configuration. This is the most critical step, the component proportion and sequences should not have too big deviation in their time-interval.

Ye Xiaochen began to use a very high precision electronic weighing scales.

After completely weighing all the things, he started to inject clear water into the space of the boiler. It doesn’t need high temperature to boil. As long as the water temperature is one hundred degree Celsius, it is enough.

Finally, he put some distilled water into the tank.

This not ordinary water, it should be distilled, after all there are some substances in the water which will cause some interference to the agent configuration.

After the distilled water is boiled, Ye Xiaochen quickly put in the raw materials one by one, the quantity and the time interval, all has strict request.

Ye Xiaochen's spirit is in high tension.

An hour has passed.

Two hours have passed.

Three hours have passed.

At the moment, through the glass cover he can see that the inside of the tank is filled with green liquid.

" The color of the liquid is not clear enough, the transparency is not strong, a little muddy, obviously the integration of the chemicals are not completed."

Ye Xiaochen has a lot of patience.

Another hour has passed.

The liquid in the boiler tank has completely turned into dark green, like amber, but clear and transparent,very good looking.

" Well this plant promoting growth agent is the same as described. It seems to be successful."

Ye Xiaochen nodded slightly.

But after thinking, this is the boiler he bought from the store. If it was not successful, it has only shows that Ye Xiaochen is too incompetent.

If replaced by the ordinary boiler, with only the treatment with raw material, it will not be qualified and it will be very difficult to make a real plant promotion growth agent.

Wait until the plant proming growth agent slowly came out through the outlet, it suddenly emitted a strong smell of medicine.

The smell of medicine is very fragrant.

" I don't know if this plant promoting growth agent can be eaten by people?

Ye Xiaochen's mind suddenly has an idea emerged, as long as he thinks about the material used in this medicine, he will not have the feeling to eat it.

But maybe it can be experimented on the animal.

Ye Xiaochen felt satisfied as he look at the bottle full of plant promoting growth agent liquid. Suddenly, a strong sense of tiredness came over him. Looking at the time, it is already two o’clock in the morning, he did not expect that he will take quite a long time.

He shook his head and packaged all the rest of the material, next time he can continue to configure.

After cleaning up the scene, he cleaned the boiler and put it back into the space.

Although he felt tired, he could not sleep. His spirit is very excited and keep on thinking about the effectiveness of the plant promotion growth agent.

He immediately wanted to go to Wang Shuisheng's villa in Yang Shi City and try it out on the two strains of tuberose.

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