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Chapter 204

Back at the farm .

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Ye Xiaochen took the refined immortal bean and operated the casting bean soldier technique, it suddenly turned into a big man .

This big man was no longer naked but was wearing clothes similar to the migrant workers .

It was just that the formidable breath was hard to ignore .

Naturally, the clothes were not real but were from the shape-changing ability .

Ye Xiaochen took the bean soldier and began to work on the farm .

Like weeding, loosening the soil, and picking vegetables .

What Ye Xiaochen did, this bean soldier repeated, it was not able to grasp the work properly at the beginning .

After Ye XIaochen’s patience training, the bean soldier quickly learned and finally became a skilled worker .

This was the strength of bean soldiers . As long as they master something, it would become their instinct . Any action would be as accurate as if measured with a ruler .

After instilling enough information into the bean soldiers, Ye Xiaochen observed it .

This bean soldier doesn’t know what was tiredness, it doesn’t know to complain and doesn’t pause for a second .

“Haha, it’s really good . This bean soldier is at least equivalent to several young laborers . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction, the bean soldier hasn’t made any mistakes .

The only problem now was the identity of the bean soldier .

After all, his parents come to the farm every day, the drivers who transport vegetables and the neighbors in the village, they all would come in contact with the bean soldier .

In a short period of time, it might not be a problem, but in the long run, trouble might arise .

It was better to give the bean soldier a proper identity .

In this way, a lot of trouble could be saved .

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The next morning .

Ye Xiaochen was sleeping, suddenly his mother’s shout came into his ears, “son, a thief has entered the farm!”

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes, and immediately asked, “where is the thief?”

“Look over there, there is a man on the field . I don’t know what he’s up to, your father has been staring at him with a shoulder pole . ”

Mother said nervously .


Ye Xiaochen was astonished and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . He understood that the thief his mother mentioned was actually the bean soldier .

When the two elderly people saw the bean soldier they didn’t know him and naturally thought he was a thief .

“Mother, he is not a thief . He is a worker I’ve hired from outside to help with the farm work . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .


Mother’s eyes widened and took a breath of relief .

Immediately, Ye XIaochen called the bean soldier over .

“Father, mother, his name is Dou Huangyi . He is a relative of one of my friends . He doesn’t like to talk very much and his head is a bit dull . However, he is a hard worker, so my friend asked me to take him to put in the farm work . ”

Ye Xiaochen had already thought of a good reason in his mind .

As for the name Dou Huangyi it was was the transliteration of immortal(xiān) bean(dòu) yellow(Huáng) one(yī)

“Oh, that’s how it is . ”

Mother saw Dou Huangyi had a big body but was silly . She knew that he was not smart .

“Mother, he works very hard . If you have any work to do in the future, you can just ask him . ”

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Ye Xiaochen said .

“Don’t make him work too much . People need rest . You can’t mistreat the salary part also . ”

Mother was a hard spoken but soft-hearted person . When she saw Dou Huangyi, she immediately felt he was pitiful . He was big but was not smart .

“Don’t worry, mother . I give him 2,500 yuan per month . Dou Huangyi, you start working . ”

Ye Xiaochen waved to the bean soldier .

All of sudden, the bean soldier, like an honest worker, got back to work .

“That’s okay, but don’t make him work too much . ”

Mother nodded .

Ye Xiaochen’s family became more relaxed since the bean soldier started working .

Dou Huangyi was too good at the work .

Twenty-four hours a day, there was absolutely no need to rest,

During the day, when his parents saw that Dou Huangyi was silently working without taking any rest, they got a little afraid, so they made him take rest and eat something .

Even the mother blamed Ye Xiaochen for letting Dou Huangyi do so much work .

Ye Xiaochen’s didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he couldn’t say that the Dou Huangyi was actually a bean soldier and doesn’t require rest .

There was no other way, during the day, as long his parents were present Ye Xiaochen would make Dou Huangyi take a break every three hours .

During this period, Ye Xiaochen had refined a few more bean soldiers .

However, these bean soldiers did not have souls . After all, it was not easy to find the Yin place easily .

And even if there was soul, the quality was not so good .

Ye Xiaochen wanted stronger souls .

Moreover, with his current divine energy, he could only maintain just one bean soldier .

He couldn’t use more bean soldiers at the same time .

Therefore, he thought of improving his cultivation .

In fact, Ye Xiaochen now feels a little regretful, why had he not chosen the immortal red bean as the first plant qi .

There was immortal fire stone to provide the immortal qi, which would have certainly met his cultivation needs .

Unfortunately, regretting now was useless, at the beginning who could have thought that he would get a fire immortal stone!

Nearly a week passed .

Fifty immortal yellow bean plants, a field of immortal wheat, the immortal radishes, and immortal carrots have smoothly matured .

It was a bumper harvest!

There was also another happy event, on the cane immortal grapevines, there were bunch blue fruits .

Each immortal grapevine had at least dozens of canes, totally there were 148 canes .

This was an immortal fruit!

Ye Xiaochen was a little excited .  I don’t know how an immortal fruit tastes?

As so many immortal plants have matured, the immortal land also became empty, Ye Xiaochen already had plans of what to do next .

The immortal radishes and the immortal carrots will be continued to plant, one hundred seeds of each .

He was going to wait a few more days, and the immortal carrots and immortal radishes could be used as seeds .

Then he would be planting the second generation seeds directly .

He would also continue to plant the immortal wheat .

Only in the immortal land, which he had previously planted the fifty immortal yellow beans, he was not going to plant the immortal beans .

He was going to plant more higher rank of immortal plants .

The immortal land was already the second level, planting all the lands with yellow grade first rank or the second rank was not worth it, the earning of the immortal yuan would be too slow .

These days he had been thinking about the plants he was going to plant .

After repeated screening and comparison, two new immortal plants were selected .

The first immortal plant was the “Fragrant immortal plant, yellow grade fifth rank immortal plant, this plant has only one function, to be used as material for making low-level immortal incense .

The immortal incense, not only has a strange and pleasant scent but was also good for cultivation .

It was said that the different levels of immortal incense have different effects on the cultivation .

During cultivation, because of all kinds of invisible illusion, it was easy to fall into a demon .

Ye Xiaochen needs to always be prepared for this .

The immortal incense was extremely precious . Ye Xiaochen doesn’t want to spend a large amount of immortal yuan to buy it, it was best grown by himself .

The second immortal plant was the immortal seven gourd vine .

Yellow grade seventh rank immortal plant .

It was said that after growing, it could produce seven gourds, which could be eaten or could become a specific container when the gourd grows old .

According to the characteristics of the two kinds of immortal plant, Ye Xiaochen bought 30 Fragrant grass seeds and 10 seeds of immortal seven gourds from the store .

A seed of the fragrant grass cost three immortal yuan .

The seven gourd seed costs 15 immortal yuan .

It cost him more than 200 immortal yuan to buy these two immortal seeds .

In addition, he also bought immortal fertilizer for these immortal plants, for which he spent another 200 immortal yuan .

It has to be said that if he doesn’t cultivate his own seeds and just rely on the store for the supply, then cost would only increase and increase, which would become a huge expense .

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